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  • Sahana Bindal
    Sahana Bindal

    Why do you need clothes when you are wearing BTS merch?

  • Minakshi Porwal
    Minakshi Porwal

    Holi pe nasha karke rabbi ne Charas fooka 😂😂😂😂

  • the Paul's
    the Paul's

    Well it's all happen to me

  • Reva Gokhale
    Reva Gokhale

    I definitely believe that grand parents are always the best friends...I also have. But, while being the best friends of your grand children every grandparent should take care that you are not portraying your daughter/son/daughter-in-law a villain or a person against your little one's happiness and should be parallel to the parents of the children.

  • Vanshika Jain
    Vanshika Jain

    This is very wrong 😞😞😞how can anyone judge someone on the basis of stream?? I scored 92% in 10th but then too I took humanities.... Logo ko samajhna chahiye ki hum unke nahi apne career ke hisaab se stream choose karenge 😠😡🤬

  • Pruthvi __
    Pruthvi __

    I wish someone would also give me home food with lots of gee ...

  • Yaashwanth Pirasath
    Yaashwanth Pirasath

    That guys just threw Nokia 1100. Damn laughing af.

  • arshia Kohli
    arshia Kohli

    They mixed two old videos and re-uploaded

  • Yash B.
    Yash B.

    Mere class main to aisa kabhi kuch ni hua 🙄

  • Kapil #Punisher
    Kapil #Punisher

    I have no sister so feeling sad by seeing this video 😔🙂 tears fell down by seeing this video 😭

  • Hira Fatima
    Hira Fatima

    My name is also Hira❤️❤️😍😍👍👍

  • Dewi Gangga Puspita Retno Pertiwi
    Dewi Gangga Puspita Retno Pertiwi

    to have a husband like that it's impossible! hahaha Love from Indonesia

  • Bhumika Das
    Bhumika Das

    The way tht guy laughed after telling his lame jokes😂🤣

  • saurav goswami
    saurav goswami

    Reaploaded.... Only true fans will know

  • Sikha Sinha
    Sikha Sinha

    I need part. 2

  • meenakshi suryawanshi
    meenakshi suryawanshi

    Your brother like a carry minati

  • Edu guru Pragati pandey
    Edu guru Pragati pandey

    I am a big fan of filtercopy😍😘

  • Just Us
    Just Us

    Wow Shruti ma'am on Filter Copy

  • K.Raghuram Chakravorthy
    K.Raghuram Chakravorthy

    Liked after seeing the first 10 seconds. Omg so relatable!!!

  • manisha sawant
    manisha sawant

    Second one always happens with me 😕 Every single day 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trisha Hegde
    Trisha Hegde

    Madhu is that girl who wears BTS merch for harry potter video 😂😂😂

  • Indraneel Ganguly
    Indraneel Ganguly

    Fantastic video, but if anybody born in UK or USA, he is an British or American , not Indian . his or her origin is indian but he or she is not Indian , accept this troths .

  • Sinister Joker
    Sinister Joker

    Arre koi wo waala toh add karo - "Meri Ex ka Instagram hack karke bata toh mai maanu..." They just don't get enough😂😂😂


    Do the one finger challenge with your dogs

  • memes reel 4 U
    memes reel 4 U

    Great acting. Both did great. But She is jobless or she don't want to go office (where is office sene? )

  • Sinister Joker
    Sinister Joker

    Bhai video accha thaa lekin please Pirated movies aur games detect karne waala program mat banana please. Pair pakad ta hu tere😂😂

  • Abhinav M
    Abhinav M

    Single pasanga...(bgm)😂

  • Thummar Milan
    Thummar Milan

    Natural acting. 10/10

  • Beast Gamer 4589
    Beast Gamer 4589

    This is actually my life style

  • Usha kiran
    Usha kiran


  • Vineetha Venu k
    Vineetha Venu k

    Love from Kerala ❣️🥰

  • meera pinky
    meera pinky

    My dog is dead 😪😪😪😪

  • sharmila poranki
    sharmila poranki

    What if you're short and fat like me with a smaller than average neck and larger than average breasts. Laddu.

  • Swathi

    I don't hate kpop because of their face or music. I hate kpop because of the crazy fans.

  • Anshuman Shukla
    Anshuman Shukla

    Bollywood se seekh😂😂😂😂

  • Preeti Kumari
    Preeti Kumari

    Single hood is the best👍👍👍👍😉😉😉😜😜😜

  • Tabassum A
    Tabassum A

    Any one from Bangladesh

  • ragini guleria
    ragini guleria

    Very relatable

  • Dinara Arefin Promi
    Dinara Arefin Promi


  • K Vishaala Rao
    K Vishaala Rao

    3 :26 I am from amdaman only and it also have so many places for destination wedding 💒

  • Samhita Banerjee
    Samhita Banerjee

    Got reccomended in 2021 by youtube by an amazing video!!😁😁keep it up filtercopy ❤️

  • Imtiyaz Mansuri
    Imtiyaz Mansuri


  • Priyanka singh Tomar
    Priyanka singh Tomar

    mere hair bhot lmbe the ..itne tou ab ho gye mere ktwaane ke baad 😝😝... pucho mt kitni tkleef hoti thi..... from Himachal

  • sharmila poranki
    sharmila poranki

    Atleast hers is straight and silky. Mine is long, curly and frizzy.

  • Ads Sharma
    Ads Sharma

    Save nature 🌿 save Jungle 🌳🙏

  • Zaini Rubabi
    Zaini Rubabi

    Kim Namjoon ! 💜 Min Yoongi ! 💜 Kim Seokjin ! 💜 Jung Heosok ! 💜 Park Jimin ! 💜 Kim Teahyung ! 💜 Jeon Jungkook ! 💜 BTS !!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Ads Sharma
    Ads Sharma

    Please 🚫 ban manufacturing of polythene in India 🙏

  • j-hope's dior outfit
    j-hope's dior outfit

    1:17 "HAPPY HOLI!! meri gujiya kaha haAII"

  • Anindia

    Doesn't he look like the sanam guy?

  • Thunder Of Thor
    Thunder Of Thor

    Art has No scope absolutely NONCE U know what when we work hard & get the job , go out to a bar we order a drink & Guess what the guy who serves it says ? He will tell that he is working part time cuz he found no job in arts A.I & computer engineering & C.A is the future only or doctor as well L.e.a.r.n t.o t.a.k.e i.n.t.e.r.e.s.t in THESE SUBJECTS This is the reason our parents act like the way they do They are practical & realistic . If u have negative interest or get panic attacks from these streams then pray to god for the best .

  • Jayanta Pradhan
    Jayanta Pradhan

    My crush sunny Leone ❣️


    It instantly cheered me up.. caught up grinning 😁❤️..haha

  • krishnanivedya P.S
    krishnanivedya P.S

    Enta ponno eniku vaya malayalies everywhere 😅😅😅😁😁😁

  • Neha

  • Neha

  • Srivatsav Chatti
    Srivatsav Chatti

    Bird 🐦 Sounds vs Dialogue

  • Sakshi Ranjan
    Sakshi Ranjan

    Love marriages are the best💕

  • yeetri

    As a non-vegetarian, I apologize to all vegetarians who get forced by their non-veg friends to eat meat. What food you eat is your choice, don't let anyone force you to eat or not eat any food.

  • Swarangi Jayade
    Swarangi Jayade

    *How was the wasbroom* 😂😂😂😂

  • ashutosh bambawale
    ashutosh bambawale

    It's fucking irritating when someone gives you constant instructions while you are driving.......!!!

  • Tanvi Mayekar
    Tanvi Mayekar

    It's true that we all have a kind heart but a complicated brain to understand!.

  • Let's have fun
    Let's have fun

    Best part 4:51😂😂😂kitna sahi dialogue mara.....😂😂 Aur last me from 5:08 - 5:19😁😂I just love Ahsaas yrr😍she acts really well


    Single hoon ye thik hai,, Bohot relax jindagi spend hoti hai❤️❤️❤️❤️ but kuchh logo ko maje Lene ko kuchh to chahiye 😂😂😂😂

  • sham kolap
    sham kolap

    My first video is Fier and I search v as Chinese hero v

  • Saurav Siddharth
    Saurav Siddharth

    Re-uploaded.. 😡😡

  • Ann mariya m p
    Ann mariya m p

    💜Any BTS fans from Kerala💜

  • Rohini Banerjee
    Rohini Banerjee

    Did you just combined the 2 videos?😉😉

  • Vanita Shetty
    Vanita Shetty

    Who is after scam 1992 from K madhavan

  • Vaishnavi pardeshi
    Vaishnavi pardeshi


  • Viccy Umahiya
    Viccy Umahiya

    Mujhe toh vo teddy bear ppe bohot daya aa rahi hai 😂

  • Dark Punk
    Dark Punk

    most Millenials i know already are parents

  • Bimal Kumbhar
    Bimal Kumbhar

    Dil se accha laga....

  • Pratham Pachauri
    Pratham Pachauri

    Manchurian 😕😕😕

  • Bharathi Manju
    Bharathi Manju

    Akash Deep u have a role in uri:surjical strike

  • Bimal Kumbhar
    Bimal Kumbhar

    If Corona was a person......

  • PoPricH Gaming
    PoPricH Gaming

    We knew that we are watching old vids but filter copy love made us watch it again.

  • Jesper Sandhu
    Jesper Sandhu



    1:07 Himika is looking so beautiful

  • Arya Zope
    Arya Zope

    When I saw that white and green combination I suddenly remembered Kim taehyung<3

  • Preet Kaur
    Preet Kaur

    Honestly speaking its very intricate to concentrate on studies at phone,tv...u just cnt do it...!!!