FilterCopy | Things Arts Students Are Tired Of Hearing | Ft. Akashdeep Arora and Viraj Ghelani
This subject has no scope in India 🤦🏼‍♀️
Are you an arts student? If yes, then you will face no end of silly questions from people and this video is for you
Enjoy watching :)
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Nabojyoti Chakraborty

Shaani Singh

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Manish Kharage

Sripriya Yegneswaran

Swagatam Chakraborty

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Anant Kaushik

Cast (Alphabetically)
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Naveen Kaushik
Paromita Chatterjee
Viraj Ghelani

Sushant Singh

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Vaibhav Lonkar

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    • Muskan XI - F
      Muskan XI - F

      @KHUSHBOO SAYED Yup I totally agree with u cuz I am also a humanities student and despite of scoring fairly good in board exams I chose humanities bcoz it's where my interest lies...

    • Abhipsa Abhyarthini 01 XI A
      Abhipsa Abhyarthini 01 XI A


    • Abhipsa Abhyarthini 01 XI A
      Abhipsa Abhyarthini 01 XI A


    • Abhipsa Abhyarthini 01 XI A
      Abhipsa Abhyarthini 01 XI A

      Anwesha Srijani

    • Anam

      Looking forward to more such videos

  • Vanshika Jain
    Vanshika Jain

    This is very wrong 😞😞😞how can anyone judge someone on the basis of stream?? I scored 92% in 10th but then too I took humanities.... Logo ko samajhna chahiye ki hum unke nahi apne career ke hisaab se stream choose karenge 😠😡🤬

  • Thunder Of Thor
    Thunder Of Thor

    Art has No scope absolutely NONCE U know what when we work hard & get the job , go out to a bar we order a drink & Guess what the guy who serves it says ? He will tell that he is working part time cuz he found no job in arts A.I & computer engineering & C.A is the future only or doctor as well L.e.a.r.n t.o t.a.k.e i.n.t.e.r.e.s.t in THESE SUBJECTS This is the reason our parents act like the way they do They are practical & realistic . If u have negative interest or get panic attacks from these streams then pray to god for the best .

  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar

    My aunt still gives me wired looks as i have committed crime by taking arts why everyone thinks that arts is all about teaching like seriously , i mean science mein bhi toh ratta hota h na chemistry mein atleast famoust toh hote h na arts wale

  • Nida Khan
    Nida Khan

    Sir barabar hai i am also from arts aisa mujhe sunna padta hai😰😨😨😢

  • Maithli sharma
    Maithli sharma

    I am not performing good in science so my parents are forcing me to take arts but my interest is in science ,actually i got great marks in my social science when i was in 10th standard that's why everyone thinks that if i will take arts i will perform good but i am not interested in arts because my aim is different......😊

  • Nupur Malhotra
    Nupur Malhotra

    Finally koi relatable video mila. Arts ko koi kuchh samajhta hi nahi....

  • Nitya Telang
    Nitya Telang

    "Arts is all about cramming."this is the worst misconception P.s. it's called Humanities now

  • jagdish jasuja
    jagdish jasuja

    Arts students to science and commerce students :- Tumhari padhai padhai humari padhai ehsaan 😂😂😑

  • Mousam shanu
    Mousam shanu

    Realatbale X100😂😂😂

  • Prateeksha Has Fun
    Prateeksha Has Fun

    In two years I need to choose my stream. Science - very hard for me Commerce - my grandma is a commerce teacher so that may be a choice Arts - That is good ! Like if I get a degree in :- History : I can be an historian Psychologist : I can be a psychologist Legal Studies : Lawyer Sociology : I can be a sociologist So with this I would like to conclude. Arts have a LOT MORE scope than the other Fields. Also as the other two fields have so much competition what is the chance that you will get into the streams you want. Nothing is more than the other. Now tell me is Arts that bad ?!!!

  • Mandavi Mishra
    Mandavi Mishra

    Don't hate me , but my heart will always be with science ...I have taken humanities to prepare for competitive exams (my parents were very adamant on me taking arts!) I got in 80s in science in my boards , but they believe that one should be very good in the subjects one takes (well , hist and geog. of class 10 , 95 is average marks in these!) Therefore , they were skeptical over me cracking neet in 1st attempt(definitely no gap , that was the their condition)..In due course , I too got discouraged and took up arts .. I take studying Humanities as my duty ....But the heart yearns for what it yearns🖤 I wish I had taken an initiative and had strength of will to agree to their condition ....It is better not to think about it . Ps:I have yet to see a humanities student without a provoking undertone in almost anything they speak . Personal views..

  • Paulami Das
    Paulami Das

    Arts sirf Ladkiyan leti hai ka kya matlab???? Lagta hai science wali Ladkiyon se kabhi mile nehi chutiyee.....

  • Shyama Yashitha P
    Shyama Yashitha P

    Arts are not a joke . I may sound crazy but I have decided that I will take either science or arts but not commerce 😊. Anyone like me

  • Shyama Yashitha P
    Shyama Yashitha P

    Yahaa bhi Ananya Pandey 😑. If she sees this

  • Jyoti Yadav
    Jyoti Yadav

    Litmus paper pr essay 💀

  • Chotu channel
    Chotu channel

    As a arts Student I have proud feeling

  • I am Abd
    I am Abd

    I can relate much....I got 98% in 10th grade but selected arts,and everyone was saying things like this!

  • Niki Joseph
    Niki Joseph

    I related with this except for the parental pressure part. I was lucky enough to have parents who let me choose the subject I wanted❤️ but thanks for giving voice to the plights of us arts students

  • Aradhya Sharma
    Aradhya Sharma

    Yr yeh arts liye yeh sb sun kr na gussa aa rha h mujhe kya yeh bhi ek accha stream h aur sb se jyada job opportunities is hi m h

  • Saji Mon
    Saji Mon

    Exactly my life.

  • Irshita Rawat
    Irshita Rawat

    Who is a science student here

  • LeoØP _
    LeoØP _

    3:23 sciences student pehle MBA karte hai phir nokri karte hai🤣 Science mai MBA kon karta hai🤣

  • Nibha Burnwal
    Nibha Burnwal

    Are yar mere marks achhe the 10th m pr maine arts hi chuna😂😂😂

  • Bhagesh Biradar
    Bhagesh Biradar

    Arts is emotion 🥺😘

  • mysterious world
    mysterious world

    Hmm science leke science ata hai lekin poem ka pronounce bhale hi na ate ho😐

  • mysterious world
    mysterious world

    BC Art's b ek stream hoti hai 🙂

    • mysterious world
      mysterious world

      @2859 Dhruv Khandelwal Peheli baat koi padhai easy nhi hota apne apne jagha sab difficult or different hai toh ye katai mt bolo Art's easy hai abhi b history ka 1% b nhi ata hoga bht logo ko toh easy toh kucj nhi hai or I'm a home science student isme toh 90%only science hi hai okay not khana banana n all padho fir bolo Bhai kuch easy na hai

    • 2859 Dhruv Khandelwal
      2859 Dhruv Khandelwal

      @mysterious world 10th pass ke baad bhi history geography padreho aur usme bhi fat rahi hai thats is the real talent of arts student and all of us know that students take arts stream for just easy studies for 11 and can easily pass 12 thats only they don't care about future if anyone wants to be ias or lawyer it is good stream else it is a waste stream

    • mysterious world
      mysterious world

      @2859 Dhruv Khandelwal At least tym toh pass hota hai for you kind information usme v padhai hoti hai History ka ek v questions puchte hi G**nd fat jayegi tym pass hai Meri jutiii

    • 2859 Dhruv Khandelwal
      2859 Dhruv Khandelwal

      Arts ek timepass hai

  • Rashmi Sapkota
    Rashmi Sapkota

    0:53 what a player , dude

  • Niharika Rawat
    Niharika Rawat

    Arey uncle, political science parte hain..jyotish vidya nhi, jo bata denge ki election kon jeetega 😂😅

  • Format Gaming
    Format Gaming

    People are always curious about OLD things right Engineer studies came 400 years ago Btech and Sciences studies came 200 years ago Arts came when the earth was existing That's why we love Arts and Studying Arts 😍 in fact we are curious about old things and Humans behavior not machines and vehicles One day Artificial intelligence destroys all the jobs as well as machines(Engineer) but they can't break Arts

  • Ripan mahapatra
    Ripan mahapatra

    Sala agur science walai logo ko arts itna he easy lagta hai toh civil service kar kai dikhao jab itna saara yad kurna padhega Na tab gaad sai dhua niklega

  • Shritoma ghosh
    Shritoma ghosh

    When Akashdeep talking in sanskrit... It kill me 😂

  • Bhaskar Seram
    Bhaskar Seram

    What kind of idiot thinks that Arts has no scope? 😂😂


    Mendel bhi marne k baad famous hua tha for your kind information

  • Sunny

    Arts Science Commerce matter nhi karta... India ke sabse ameer insaan (Dhirubhai ambani) to sirf 10th pass the aur sabse Successful... F Grade Students are Ministers and MLAs

  • Mohit Prajapati
    Mohit Prajapati

    arts student aur sci,comm student ko face karvao pata chal jaayega science_ plumber, cable man, electrician, arts _Naredra modi ( PM) BA Manmohan singh ( former PM) MA economist Sheela dixit ( F. CM of delhi ) MA Deepak rawat (DM of haridwar) BA, M.phil😎😎😎😎😎😎 no one become ias without arts

  • KesarAli JB
    KesarAli JB


  • Arshdeep Kaur
    Arshdeep Kaur

    Indian society being Indian society!!

  • Dance Fusion
    Dance Fusion

    I am taking arts but don't know what to do with these situations.. Everyone is saying don't listen to everyone but hose everyone are parents and we should listen to parents.. What is this yaar... 😤😤😤😢😢😢😢

  • Swagatika Ray
    Swagatika Ray

    Gone r those days when sci and maths used to be king subj . Private IT jobs are being left and after corona let's see how many have the guts of being a doctor

  • Swagatika Ray
    Swagatika Ray

    Very relatable

  • a b
    a b

    Sirf ladkiyaan arts nahi lete yaar🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ aisa kyun kehte ho?????

  • Krystal Min
    Krystal Min

    Lingerie 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mridul singh
    Mridul singh

    Mai to school student hu class 8😅

  • Princy Joycy
    Princy Joycy

    Artist can become rich I am dislikeing you😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Sukshiti Patil
    Sukshiti Patil


  • Saswat Mohanty
    Saswat Mohanty

    Yeh sunke mujhe bohot hassi aayi "political science padhte hona, toh chalo batao is bar election kon jitega"

  • Yashaswee Kavale
    Yashaswee Kavale

    A very harsh reality 😭

  • Yashaswee Kavale
    Yashaswee Kavale

    Although I am gonna take pcm but I tooo like social studies equally.

  • Ricky Chaudhary
    Ricky Chaudhary

    Ananya Pandey ki tarah struggle karega 😂😂

  • Dhruv Gupta
    Dhruv Gupta

    2b or not 2b

  • Dhruvi Patel
    Dhruvi Patel

    Finally someone understand us And by the way Arts is not eassy subject

  • Archana K
    Archana K

    Ananya pandey ke jaisa struggle karega 😅😅😅

  • Kaal Inertia
    Kaal Inertia

    My parents told me many times to take arts instead of science and commerce 😅😅so weird according to me but i took science coz im interested in sci Medical aspirant

  • Vanshika

    My school doesn’t even have an Arts option :( there is just science and commerce, also which one should i take? i want to take science but im worried I’ll fail and will have to repeat :(

  • Shinchan Nohara
    Shinchan Nohara

    Lucky you got to take arts😔

  • Aarohi Singh
    Aarohi Singh

    My sister is a humanity student and she is wants to be an I. S officer..

  • Md Ashif Ansari
    Md Ashif Ansari

    I always wanted to take arts as i love Geography and History From core of my heart But i wasnt able to Those who wanted to take it and took it Congratulations Mate

  • piyush keni
    piyush keni

    Plz I am in 9th and I am confused plz some help.

  • The East Artist
    The East Artist

    Conclusion: Every Stream deserves Equal Respect.

  • Meenu Chaubey
    Meenu Chaubey

    how could this channel make this much relatable videos !!!! amazingg !!🤩🤩

  • Saksham Singhal
    Saksham Singhal

    Finally someone remembered that we art students exist too. I'm an art student and my parents support me truly with it.

  • divika Uppin
    divika Uppin

    Finally 🌏❤ arts is the best

  • Raghav Chawdhry
    Raghav Chawdhry

    I get confused akashdeep arora and Rohan shah

  • Aarya Fulkar
    Aarya Fulkar

    Thank you very much for thinking about us 🥺😭

  • simum 7
    simum 7

    To all parents stop telling science student are forever successfully and art student are loser , Do you know how much pressure we face in both streams , both are hard But can't we take those thing we like , At least their will be one hope to continue study , that we take the subject we love Do you know how much sucidel we become at the end of the year, Just because pass wale sharma ji ka beta take science doesn't mean we also have to , Ow bat our hai at the end of year , we attend his funeral At why you are so obsessed with science , Oh wait it will set life Aji ghantaa Fist 10 years be a book warm Second 5 year internship After all of bullshit exam and bullying By the last panny of your Father porcket A fucking job , that we don't even want to Aur iske bat vi life jineeki 1% vi hope ko tum log hai khake mar dete ho Ki bete you could you better Nahi hota , the whole time no one ask what we want to be , we are just want to be a proud reason for our parents Pur nehi hota , cause at the end of the end we just feel depressed , suicide, and just wanna make everything stop forever ,we can't even say it , or our parents will think it was there fault No ,it's society fault , they are the one make those rules , that if you are science student you are smart if you are art student you are foolish, Every day we lost a lot of talented artist Just because this fucking rules Half of them commit suicide and half of them life a meaningless life , I will definitely choose science because I love ath and other subjects but what if I love arts , history , and other languages I may found the answer of the math problem but I will never find the answer of continuing this bullshit life And yeah at the end of year we got a lot of money , . But it was near by us when we are liying on our deathbeds I swear to god ,just let us do the thing we are really passionate about ,you will proud of us one day , it may take a bit time ,but it at least better to counting the worthless life And yeah "Every science students isn't a scientist And every art student isn't made to be a delivery boy"


    NYC video

  • chantelle cabral
    chantelle cabral

    One more frequently asked question " arts mai kuch padhene hai kya ?" And "what do youll even study in arts its so simple "😶😑😢

  • Ryan Matthew
    Ryan Matthew

    I have 4 siblings, all of them chose sciences. Choosing business or arts in my family would result in me being kicked out of the house 🤭

  • Rudrakshi Saikia
    Rudrakshi Saikia

    This is the reason India can't succeed. For the development of a country, all the three streams of the country's education system must develop at the same rate. But here, in India, Not a single stream is developing; Indians aren't doing nothing except over rating one stream and undermining the other. Science ain't really developing in India. If it was developing, there would have been hundreds of Nobel laureates in India. Also, the Mangalyaan mission would have been successful. Science students acting like Marcus Aurelius and undermining Arts students, and society laughing, parents forcing students to take Science. We complain about not having proper political ministers. But to know proper politics, students need to study Politics, which is in Arts! Students with 85+% must study science, because, according to some primitives, Only intelligent people take science. Weak students must take Arts. Even in top educational apps, only Science and commerce is given importance. I know you'll argue with me, filling my reply section with logic of your own, but deep inside, you know I spoke the truth. No need to write hate Replies My Brother and Sister are Arts students. They work very hard, and are now inches away from becoming university professors in their respective subjects. I feel bad when someone say Arts is easy, because it is a crime to devalue hard work of a person. I'm also going in the path of my siblings and I will shut people's mouths. My neighbors used to laugh at 'em, and now, those douches have their mouths shut

  • Ankitha Surisetty
    Ankitha Surisetty

    This was released on my birthday

  • Sheehan Roy
    Sheehan Roy

    1:40 imagine the art student's feeling after this question

  • Little Creations
    Little Creations

    I can relate! Totally! Being a young free lancer isn't easy! So with all due and respect stop commenting on my interests!

  • Aayushma Adhikary
    Aayushma Adhikary

    who noticed that its Ahsaas voice at the end?

  • Fawn Status
    Fawn Status

    I also have arts or mujhe sab bolte hai ki tunee arts kyu lii😓😓 ptaa nahi mera kya hoga😭😭

  • Bhagyashree De
    Bhagyashree De

    Arts mein jyada scope hai

  • Pratikshya Rout
    Pratikshya Rout

    Yrr sahiii khaaaa🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥

  • Chintan Bhagwat
    Chintan Bhagwat

    The only problem with arts is, it is not given enough career prospects and opportunities. If given, arts might become on par with Science and Commerce. And as it is our P.M. is breaking these rigid stream systems through NEP so people can study whichever subject they want.

  • Common Commenter
    Common Commenter

    Did ananya pandey became an actress after struggles?I know, the nepotism wala struggle kiya iss star kid ne also kjo is also a struggler right? Killing others and spoiling others ssr

  • Anoushka Lalitha
    Anoushka Lalitha

    Akashdeep and Ayushmann Khurana look alike ❤️❤️

  • RiyaP World
    RiyaP World

    Very true

  • Urja Vashishth
    Urja Vashishth

    2B or not 2B🤣🤣🤣

  • Dev Pathak
    Dev Pathak

    Painting shunting ....Krte ho n tum log 🤣🤣

  • Gaius Cassius Longinus
    Gaius Cassius Longinus

    "There is no scope in India" Because your worthless generation didn't pay attention to us. Agli bar agar bola ki arts mein padhai nehi hoti he, tab genocide kardunga science aur commerce waalo ka

  • Bad Dude
    Bad Dude

    No...we don't disrespect any stream. All stream all subjects are necessary. But u guys have to agree that ARTS SUBJECTS ARE FAAAR MORE EASIER THAN SCIENCE.

  • suma ms
    suma ms

    Arts is a sub where you can learn languages and that's really fab, being a teacher does not indicate poverty 😎

  • Asis Chakraborty
    Asis Chakraborty

    I am arts student, and I am doing PhD in economy in cambridge university.

  • Faizah Laskar
    Faizah Laskar

    Guys could you PLEASE make a video on commerce... PLEASE

  • Shantanu Pratap Singh
    Shantanu Pratap Singh

    Arts has huge much scope. Bas chutiyon ko nahi pata.

  • Harshini Kishore Kumar
    Harshini Kishore Kumar

    Thats why , think ur work at school itself

  • Bushra

    My sister scored 89% at her boards exam and still i encouraged her to took arts.

  • Soni Jain
    Soni Jain

    Last line was the best part 😂😂 Mom : Samay, aa TV theek kar de Samay: Aaya mummy Mom: Chal rehne de mai bhul hi gyi thi , ki tu *SCIENCE* se nhi hai LOL ROFL LMFAO😂😂😂

  • Yashvi Parikh
    Yashvi Parikh

    Since when is geography a part of arts

  • safe subs
    safe subs

    I feel pity for people who think humanities is easy 🤦‍♀️

  • adrish basu
    adrish basu

    i met an aunty she asked me which stream I was in , I said commerce she asked if I got low marks in 10th I told her no I got 99.3 % in my boards she asked me why didn't I take science I replied I thought of NEET , JEE , LSATs, CLAT but finally boiled down o getting a finance major from us and become a stock trader she asked me kitana kama loge engineer see kam na? i told her that senior bankers in bulge bracket banks like Goldman Sachs or morgan stanley get payed over a million dollars a year she said to me that she would not send her daughter for JEE and instead prepare her for SATs to become a investment banker 🤣🤣🤣

  • adrish basu
    adrish basu

    my mom was an arts student now she is a post doctoral professor at UT Austin

  • Monika Kargeti
    Monika Kargeti

    I took arts after 10 and my friends who took science are now studying with me in BA😜 😜 so I didn't understand why they took science after 10.

  • simran jayant
    simran jayant

    Pata nhi Yarr arts main sabko problem kya h😑😑😑

  • Siddhi Kadam
    Siddhi Kadam

    Arts Students जिंदा बाद Me bhi ek Arts Student Hu 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  • Ashruf Shaikh
    Ashruf Shaikh

    Ya every one thinks that arts has no career but it's a talent 😅