FilterCopy | Something Sketchy: Brain VS Heart | Ft. Ahsaas Channa and Rishhsome
Brain 🧠: Be patient.
Heart ❤️: Until when?
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Preksha Khanna
Keenan Burroughs

Assistant Director
Pranav Singh
Ishani Roy
Executive Producer
Richa Jaisinghani

Ahsaas Channa
Rishabh Rana

Featured Cast (In Alphabetic Order)
Aayushi Shelat
Nipun Madan

Costume Stylist
Shweta Puthran
Assistant Stylist
Nimisha Kanade

Wardrobe Courtsey
Lee Cooper
Being Human
Forever 21

Art Director
Abhishek Jadhav

Brand Solutions
Shivi Singh
Vrinda Arora
Manoj Omre
Shreya Sethi
Arzoo Naqvi
Anuj Dabral

Color Grading
Vaibhav Lonkar

Sound Design
Harshvardhan Singh
Hardik Desai

Makeup And Hair
Janak Thapa & Team

Mahendra Dada
Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu

Camera Attendant
Ajay Kumar
Light Attendant
Santosh Dada

Sound Recordist
Jasbir Yadav

Pritam Kumar
Arvind Kumar

Keenan Burroughs

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      Puja Kumari

      @KATIL GAMER , op jrkkEow

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      Ved Sen

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      Brother , ye kaab me haddi wali baat ho gai , because, extra log ki needs nahi thi , extra log ne kachra kr diya😀😂

    • Ben Chaturvedi
      Ben Chaturvedi

      I didn't even see the name, just saw her face

  • Tanvi Mayekar
    Tanvi Mayekar

    It's true that we all have a kind heart but a complicated brain to understand!.

  • Let's have fun
    Let's have fun

    Best part 4:51😂😂😂kitna sahi dialogue mara.....😂😂 Aur last me from 5:08 - 5:19😁😂I just love Ahsaas yrr😍she acts really well

  • Pratham Pachauri
    Pratham Pachauri

    Manchurian 😕😕😕

  • Aleema Radwa
    Aleema Radwa

    Ahasaas luks soo cute without makeup.....

  • Miss. Mau
    Miss. Mau

    It's always a treat to watch ahsaas acting 💜

  • Sayyed Aziz zehra
    Sayyed Aziz zehra

    Ahsas : kaise manhoos hai re tu 😂😂

  • Gourav Sharma
    Gourav Sharma

    2 nd hand embarrassment 🤣🤣🤣

  • Srileakshmi Prem
    Srileakshmi Prem

    Omg Ahsaas is my first fav among this group... Want her more videos.....

  • Kreetika Chhabra
    Kreetika Chhabra

    Me stuck between heart & brain Mom: U have brain??

  • Meghana Bayyavarapu
    Meghana Bayyavarapu

    Isn't the guy in the thumbnail looking like Nivin Pauly?? 🙄

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    Learn Spanish with Swati

  • Dhara Mishra
    Dhara Mishra

    Ahsaas Channa's acting is on another level ❤️

  • Divyanshi Thakuri
    Divyanshi Thakuri

    ahsas channa is awesome she isy favourite 😘❤

  • Himank saini
    Himank saini

    Manchurian 😂😂

  • Chandni

    here olly for Ahsaas

  • ARt *_-
    ARt *_-

    I love that part 'Kaisie manhush hare🤣.'

  • savita rani
    savita rani

    4:46 my fav part ❤️😂

  • Shamin pathu
    Shamin pathu


  • Bhaagyashree Rai
    Bhaagyashree Rai

    Ahsaas channa and rishsomes combinations is good maybe your good friends.

  • Bhaagyashree Rai
    Bhaagyashree Rai

    OMG 😱both of your acting is just mind blowing🤯. You guys are just awesome.

  • Nandini prajapati
    Nandini prajapati

    Kaisi manhus hai re tu favourite part ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mahaa Vigneswari
    Mahaa Vigneswari

    i love it

  • Swati Singh
    Swati Singh

    ❤ Can I get a ❤ heart

  • SHRIYUT Տᕼᗩᖇᑭ ՏᕼOOTᗴᖇ
    SHRIYUT Տᕼᗩᖇᑭ ՏᕼOOTᗴᖇ

    Ahsaasss is so cutee

  • Bhagya Sri
    Bhagya Sri

    Claps of ahsaas in beginning 😂😂😂😂😂

  • amey suryawanshi
    amey suryawanshi

    This idea is superb man

  • Gayathri shaney
    Gayathri shaney

    awsome vdeo

  • SharxD

    This is good😂😂😂

  • Kritika Jaiswal
    Kritika Jaiswal

    After watching this i realized that i have only brain. 😅😅


    Ahsas channa is looking like bhumi pednekar

  • Damini Mehrotra
    Damini Mehrotra

    Only for channa

  • captain Krishna
    captain Krishna

    Girl is quite right, though 😂

  • A J
    A J

    Ending was awesome 😂

  • kanchi sharma
    kanchi sharma

    How many people are going to judge Manchurian after this video? 😂😂😂

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    Rohit Kakade


  • Laiba Faisal
    Laiba Faisal

    hamara bhi dil or dimag aisa he hai😂😂😂

  • Laiba Faisal
    Laiba Faisal

    omgggg😂😂it was helllll gooddd guys♥️😂

  • Tushant Saini
    Tushant Saini

    They have shown the right thing as I feel... A girl as brain🧠 because they always play games... And a boy as heart because they love heartily...🖤🖤

  • Danah

    The brain part is so DAMN accurate... I can't even-😂😂😂

  • Ambika Dangi
    Ambika Dangi

    Manchurian .......😉😜

  • Fnc Abhishek Gaming
    Fnc Abhishek Gaming

    The person said : u look different from the insta pic Lady:................................................................................................................2000 years later . Yeah but different in wht manner like u know different is a very non specific word The other person : u use internet explorer Lady:yeah how did u know that

    • Rashi Gupta
      Rashi Gupta

      She won't get it cut she lame ass

    • Rashi Gupta
      Rashi Gupta

      Man nice hahahhahaha

    • 01Anushka

      Hate comments hate comments hate comments ....

    • 01Anushka

      Ur so weird

    • 01Anushka

      Ew like dude go see a physiatrist

  • Isha B
    Isha B

    Ahsaas is just sooooo amazing....she is BAE..woww her acting 😍😍 amazing

  • krishnaveni madiwalar
    krishnaveni madiwalar

    Work of heart is just to pump the blood to keep us alive N That's it

  • # SAM SINGS!
    # SAM SINGS!

    You confused me to death!!!!

  • Aditya Dubey
    Aditya Dubey

    To Brain and Heart:- " Aham Bhramasmi " ⚡⚡✨✨

  • Shadab Quraishi
    Shadab Quraishi

    Ahsas's line "kaisi manhus h reee tuuu" is literally justtt awesome🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • anujna suvarna
    anujna suvarna

    Now I m addicted to Ahsaas's acting!💯

  • Om Sethi
    Om Sethi

    Aisha from Oye Jassie

  • Bts Fan9990
    Bts Fan9990

    Ahsaas is really good actor she needs to be in Bollywood

  • Pijitha Ande
    Pijitha Ande

    That heart person pants are funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • priyanka sarkar
    priyanka sarkar

    4:47 was amazing

  • Rini Thomas
    Rini Thomas


  • august

    Bruh they're more awkward than I am when I am socialising.


    Heart is an organ that pumps blood.. It has nothing to do with emotions.. Brain is the organ that makes your life constructive or destructive.. It all depends on your choice of thoughts.....

  • Lakshmisree

    Now i realised that i have no heart.... Only brain

  • nick hindusthani
    nick hindusthani

  • Puja Biswas
    Puja Biswas


  • Smiley Buddy
    Smiley Buddy

    "Hai re kitni manhus hai re tu"....bestest line with all the needed emotions

  • Ps Daima
    Ps Daima

    Mene khola video sabse pehle brocola ka ad aayega 😐

  • Arunesh Srivastava
    Arunesh Srivastava

    2:26 MANCHURIAAANNNN 🤣🤣🤣 lol

  • Satya Narain Singh
    Satya Narain Singh

    Meanwhile ayush in the vedio be like... " Bhai chahte kya ho tm teen bhai..? "

  • Abhilash Banerjee
    Abhilash Banerjee

    Yeh rishhsome kitna overactor hai

  • Akshay Kakade
    Akshay Kakade

    I really love your channel

  • Arnav Ghosh
    Arnav Ghosh

    Ahsaas should be in bollywood , she is far better than some bollywood actresses ❤️

  • Vishwajeet Anand
    Vishwajeet Anand

    ahsaas is ❤❤❤ her acting at 4.45 .😁😁👌

  • R. P Saraswat
    R. P Saraswat

    I only watch AHSASS and forger about the video 🎥🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Lots of love di ❤

  • Harshit S
    Harshit S

    Heart suggesting dating tips, le her heart before pumping blood : ha ye karlu pehle 😆

  • Melissa McKnight Health Care Advocate
    Melissa McKnight Health Care Advocate

    What's up with numb nuts calling girls/women bro and or dude...don't understand gender association. Bro and dude is for boys and men. Never for girls and women...get it right numb nuts

  • Rucha Jani
    Rucha Jani

    Most irritating ad that stupid girl enacting Jhansi wali rani!

  • Vijaya G
    Vijaya G

    #Filtercopy Sahi jaa rahe ho..kafi mast.. new content 🤩🤩

  • Srishti Singh
    Srishti Singh

    Lit Ahsaas Channa🔥

  • Riya Raksha
    Riya Raksha

    Kaise mahanoos h re tuuuuu😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was 🔥

  • Sohini Dutta
    Sohini Dutta

    So unique content. Love it

  • Tamanna Rana
    Tamanna Rana

    Brain - kaisi mahoos hai re tu....😂😂😂😂😂 best one

  • Anjistha Sarkar
    Anjistha Sarkar

    My brain always to me : "Kaisi Manushh Hain Reh Tuu!!" awesome dialogue..

  • ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ ɢɪʀʟ
    ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ ɢɪʀʟ

  • Muskan Singh
    Muskan Singh

    Ahsaas didi ki acting is of next level ! She totally gets into the character she is playing !! Dil Khush ho Jata hai sach me... 😊


    Does the girl only have a brain and heart

  • legend xzark
    legend xzark

    Manchurian khaege

  • meghna gajeshwar
    meghna gajeshwar

    Matlab kuch bhi bna do log Ahsas ko dekhne to aa hi jaenge🙄

  • Diya Dennis
    Diya Dennis

    I almost thought that was Nivin Pauli in the thumbnail 😅

  • Fariha Tasnem
    Fariha Tasnem

    Ahsaas rocks every time!

  • Alyssa Arpita
    Alyssa Arpita

    That curious laugh when they say "Manchurian"😁😁😆😆

  • Sara K
    Sara K

    Ahsas was so funny😂

  • Himanshu Bharuka
    Himanshu Bharuka

    Ehsaas never fails to impress with her acting 🙌🙌🙌

  • Kashish Shetty
    Kashish Shetty

    The ahsaas looks like bhumi Padnekar.

  • Harshit Thapliyal
    Harshit Thapliyal

    Listen to brain heart sucks

  • Dwight K Schrute
    Dwight K Schrute

    Is Ahsaas Channa gonna marry Jaby Koay?

  • Shriya Sawant
    Shriya Sawant

    4:50 I was almost dead laughing when Ahsas said KAISI MANHUS HAI RE TU 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Homo sapiens
    Homo sapiens

    Heart : .....overthinking se fursat kaha hai My brain : * rolls eyes* This is me 😭 Edit : actually whole video is completely relatable to me . Feeling better now idk why

  • shreya srivastava
    shreya srivastava

    Omaggo turu lob

  • nitin gupta
    nitin gupta


  • Mamta Chauhan
    Mamta Chauhan

    Damn : kaisi hain re tu manhus...😂😂😂

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    Shafaq Noor

    ehsaas wow👌👌👌👌

  • Shafaq Noor
    Shafaq Noor


  • Mahi Soni
    Mahi Soni

    Rishisome is so underrated INlabelr. Atleast he doesn't use abusive language in his videos.

  • Roshni Behera group IV
    Roshni Behera group IV

    Loving ashass dialogue delivery 😂😂😂

  • Geeta Joshi
    Geeta Joshi

    here brain has heart and heart has....;*

  • Aparna

    Ahsas's shirt is just Awsm🔥

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