FilterCopy | Awkward Moments On Office Video Calls | Ft. Aayushi, Pulkit, Viraj, Raunak and Raviza
Hate that awkward moment when the call ends and I am struggling to find the hang up button😭
As we all are working from home, there have been so many meetings on video calls. Here's a fun videos full of awkward moments on office video calls :)
Enjoy watching!!
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Anil Janoti
Shashank Varma
Sripriya Yegneswaran

Executive Producer
Richa Jaisinghani

Cast (Alphabetically)
Aayushi Shelat
Pulkit Kochar
Viraj Ghelani
Raunak Ramteke
Raviza Chauhan

Vickesh Khare

Manoj Omre

Color Grading
Ajinkya Pandit

Sound Design
Hardik Desai
Harshvardhan Singh

Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu
Priyankar Biswas

Pocket Aces Talent Team

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

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    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us some awkward moments that you came across on video calls 😂 Follow us on Tik Tok ➡️ Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • deepak tyagi
      deepak tyagi

      The girl with the curly hair when ever she speaks her face looks like rhat her face is divided into 2 part

    • Nimish Joshi
      Nimish Joshi

      Boring video...

    • Asif Khan
      Asif Khan

      Bohot achha, funny tha, thank you

    • elegant woman
      elegant woman

      Awesome video😂😂😂

    • Tharun Kumar
      Tharun Kumar

      Talk about someone digging his nose during a video call when he thinks he can't be seen on the video 😂

  • Arup Dana
    Arup Dana

    My daughter's name is also sreeja.

  • Third Eye
    Third Eye

    The best feature of this video was the Minecraft music in the background.

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    itzz devil69

    0:01 aila kangna

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    Pushpa jain

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    Mostly Insane

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  • Santa Biswas
    Santa Biswas

    My name is also the end when Jackie said "Hi Sreeja" I felt he could speak to people through videos also

  • Adam Baba
    Adam Baba

    That guy who said "sunaaye nahi dey raha hey all-over video" 😂🤣😁😅

  • Dipti Risbood
    Dipti Risbood

    My name is PRANALI!!!!

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    Fareeda Faiz

    The teacher was so nice to the students

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    Ruponti Dey


  • Girish Benjarge
    Girish Benjarge

    How many of you notice shree krishna photo

  • Agamdeep Singh
    Agamdeep Singh

    Varun's part was the funniest

  • Rupkatha Sarkar
    Rupkatha Sarkar

    1:04 this girl with the curly hair looks like Kangana Raunat ♡


    Omg I love filtercopy to much and this was the most needed one !!😝😎😎🤗🤗😁😁

  • Sudha Natu
    Sudha Natu

    Nice video can you please give me a heart

  • 1087 Shaikh Kaif
    1087 Shaikh Kaif

    Sreeja looks like Kangana Ranaut


    My name is also sreeja I thought that it's a unique name😂 My brother was watching this video and suddenly I heard that hi sreeja

  • Debayan Mitra
    Debayan Mitra

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  • Wordicted Wanderlust
    Wordicted Wanderlust

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    All Rounder Sreeja

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  • TheAnonymousG

    best filter copy video i have i ever seen

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    Vikas Arora

    Viraj look when he remembering something. And Jackie dhang Internet package lele

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    Samidh Bhaskar


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    Saranya Das

    Jackie was awesome 😂

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    Rachel S

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    Sreeja Nunna

    my name is sreeja too and after hearing Sreeja,sreeja i started creeping out😂😂

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    Rewa Anam

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  • Mystical Islam
    Mystical Islam

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    Siya Gandhi

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    Sreeja Pakala

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  • Gamer Naman
    Gamer Naman


  • Kalpshree Mishra
    Kalpshree Mishra

    It's not awkward movement it's actually every day problem for students and this teachers don't understand 😅😠😠

  • Shradha Harbhajanka
    Shradha Harbhajanka

    Jackie always has poor connection

  • B D
    B D

    I think Jackie is draxx here He is sitting still 😂😂😂😂

  • Shalini Verma
    Shalini Verma

    Really over dramatic

  • Tiaa Menezes
    Tiaa Menezes

    I absolutely love the filter copy on the title awkward moment 😉😂

  • Harkamal Jit singh
    Harkamal Jit singh

    I thought she was Kangana Ranaut

  • Manya Manoria
    Manya Manoria

    at a point i thought my wifi is again not working...😂

  • zxcvbnm zxcvbnm
    zxcvbnm zxcvbnm

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  • Sanatan Ghosh
    Sanatan Ghosh

  • im Hobi's wifeu
    im Hobi's wifeu

    Poor guys. Couldn't get an appraisal cuz the network was weak. ✊😔

  • Pratha parekh
    Pratha parekh

    My name is also Pranali

  • Rakhi Verma
    Rakhi Verma

    last line of jackie was exactly true line that we get to hear from all poor network users!!


    Wow Awesome #Dance video #zarathehro Song.👇🏻 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    varun abe salae fl;ush kyu nahi kiya haha in middle of a meeting wtf

  • ritu prabha
    ritu prabha

    When we had a video call and my father came behind me wrapping a towel around him.☹️

  • Parth Mhatre 9E
    Parth Mhatre 9E

    Wow gall la bend hote he wish I had them too

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    Anirudh P Anand

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    Hukam Chand

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    this same goes for students like me in online classes.

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    Shubha Subbu

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    Abhishek Pathak

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    Rishima Kar

    even me I forget to flush the toilet sometines

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    Jackie left

  • china town
    china town

    Le me - going to school after lockdown and online classes teacher- kanishka tell me what did we studied last time me- maam network issues

  • KingofSnipers

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  • Agastya ORIGINAL Abhishek
    Agastya ORIGINAL Abhishek

    Noone talking about the quality of video call🤪🤣 I mean video quality

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    Gouri Sankar Sil

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    Varsha Parab

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    Rochelle Lobo

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    Vinita Vidwans

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    Vinaykumar Parakota

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    Bhavana C

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    Vishesh Sethiya

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    gladson mathew

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    rishi kumar

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    Vinod Sharma

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    Jafezeious ivlerida 5

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    Janhavi Singh

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    harish kumawat

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    L Z Creation

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    L Z Creation

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    Rekha Ishwar

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  • Samuel # Ps R 5:8
    Samuel # Ps R 5:8

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    Ama Samarasinghe

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