FilterCopy | Things We All Did In Our Childhood
Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons❤️
Do you guys remember and miss these moments from your childhood? Here's our new video on things we all did in our childhood. Enjoy this beautiful trip down memory lane😍
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  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us some beautiful moments from your childhood😍❤️ Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • Drishti Goala
      Drishti Goala

      I used to balance the switch and my brother used to find spiders so that he can become spider man .lol.

    • ENGLET

      Guys, This video is really relatable!

    • sandhya velagala
      sandhya velagala

      Learning time

    • Vaishnavi M
      Vaishnavi M

      Jab tak nahi giragi, jab tak cycle chalana nahi mom always says this🤣🤣🤣😘


      Why uploaded twice?

  • Mr artist 07
    Mr artist 07

    Legends are watching in 2021 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Harshita

    What can we do glucose powder is soo yummy

  • rupa chattaraj
    rupa chattaraj

    Im 12 years old aur yeh sab mei karti hu

  • Plumboy Gaming
    Plumboy Gaming

    1:51 the child asks she wants more siblings and the mother says to the father 'Bohot Maza aayega.

  • Janifa Begum
    Janifa Begum

    All are relatable...but specially the last one where d li'l girl made a l'il roti nd give her mom..that is something that touched my heart the I also used to do the same I forgot about dz.. totally..lekin aaj yaad dila d..

  • Muskan Yadav
    Muskan Yadav

    Who have ever said that ;Tere legs ke upar se gayi toh Tere legs ya height abhi nahi badhegi..????

  • deepankar g
    deepankar g

    Kinda cringe ngl

  • Mayank Seksaria
    Mayank Seksaria

    That cycle scene was copied

  • Shreya's Corner
    Shreya's Corner

    2:09 My name is Shreya too😀


    So cute yrr😊😊💗💗


    True yrrr❤❤


      @Krishna idk u...maybe...🤔

  • Rounak Dagar
    Rounak Dagar

    Aeeeeeee copyright dal Content copy krta h After realising it's their own channel : 🙄😁 Majak tha 😁😁

  • Rishi's Piano Covers
    Rishi's Piano Covers

    When you realise you are still doing it

  • Anushka Yadav
    Anushka Yadav

    Lol I still do it 😂

  • avika vashist
    avika vashist

    It's true and relatable

  • Rajesh Srivastava
    Rajesh Srivastava

    Yes always papa eat our first roti

  • Balaram Khamari
    Balaram Khamari

    2:20 I still do

  • Dark Faze soul
    Dark Faze soul

    U guys repost this vid


    Repeated video

  • #Imvenom

    Video jaise bhi .....I like it ......It remembered my childhood memories ! ....?.

  • Arnav Ghosh
    Arnav Ghosh

    This kids acts better than some starkids 👍.. 2:12 such a cute expression ❤️

  • Vini Tambe
    Vini Tambe

    F- Fantastic I- Innovative L- Lovely T- Tremendous E- Entertaning R- Romantic C- Comedy O- Outstanding P- Plesant Y- Yo

  • shivakshi vaishya
    shivakshi vaishya

    I still do that mai tere pair ke upar se gai thi teri height nahi badegi

  • shivakshi vaishya
    shivakshi vaishya

    That glucose thing hit me hard

  • Lizahvi Yepthomi
    Lizahvi Yepthomi

    This is a remake only true fans know

  • Florence Banklore
    Florence Banklore

    Fighting with my sister for remote to watch doreamon😂😂

  • dude fc
    dude fc

    All clips in this have been nabed from older videos

  • Mashrafi Fagun
    Mashrafi Fagun

    Didn’t u guys already posted this


    Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe

  • Iqra Shaikh
    Iqra Shaikh

    It's a remake

  • Simran Singh
    Simran Singh

    The equality in the last sketch tho....❤️❤️

  • Rutvik Naik
    Rutvik Naik

    This is an 1 year old video I have is before

  • Neetika Prasad
    Neetika Prasad

    Me : watching the video Ad : ye le bina skip button vaala ad

  • Ajay k.c
    Ajay k.c

    Why are you uploading your previous video again ?????

  • Soumyajit Dey
    Soumyajit Dey

    Bhai Sahab Maine toh sab kiya hai ! Childhood Life OP!

  • Shinchan Nohara
    Shinchan Nohara

    Is that chintu (white hat junior wala) at 0:39???🤔🤔🤔

  • Kunal Choudhari
    Kunal Choudhari

    Bro plz make part 2,3,4,5,....and so on because it's too beautiful video of childhood and better then be, Gf videos yaar


    1:51 hehe

  • Shreya Patil
    Shreya Patil

    Ae rcb ke ad medicine ki taraha ho gayi.medicine Jaise 2 ya 3 bar lena hota hai .isi tarah ye ad har video ke starting me aur end me zaroor ata. Irritating 😎😎

  • Pushpa Pushpa
    Pushpa Pushpa

    Who else found that it is a compiled version of old and new video by seeing the thumbnail??

  • Rajni Negi
    Rajni Negi

    The Horns part is So true😂😂

  • Vishnu Priyatham
    Vishnu Priyatham

    This is Present and Future too

  • Anshu Sharma
    Anshu Sharma

    Sorry but ours was more funny than theirs 😂

  • suman sharma
    suman sharma

    Same ye

  • Shiva the super labrador
    Shiva the super labrador

    Ye kya logic hai babies kaha se aate hai 😂

  • swapnesh jain
    swapnesh jain

    We the 90s kid away from mobile learn a lot on the field

  • Nainika Singh
    Nainika Singh

    Please don't remake the same vdos with little addition

  • Jaya Iyer
    Jaya Iyer

    Um, is it just me or did they upload this video before?


    Legends know this video is remaked


    Re make hai

  • smily queen
    smily queen

    I do all these in my childhood ❤❤

  • Lucky's Vlog
    Lucky's Vlog

    So comparitable 😁

  • Sagarika Ganguly
    Sagarika Ganguly

    Same video


    Is this 3 days ago,.............. Bcs............i watched it 2 years ago.....

  • Queen Queen
    Queen Queen

    Uploaded this video twice But i still love it


    This is remake 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Ridhima P
    Ridhima P

    Is this vedio remaked........I saw these scenes somewhere???? From where????? I don't know????? I don't remember I don't know what am I typing .....jokes apart Love your vedios Filtercopy

  • Insane Arav
    Insane Arav

    Legends know this video is remaked and compilated of 2019 video😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • prabhleen bhatia
    prabhleen bhatia

    Me:let us see some video INlabel : let us put an Virat kohli ad And this is a remade video

  • Vishakha Jagtap
    Vishakha Jagtap

    I do everything in my childhood ,who agree with me plz hit like

  • mahi Gupta
    mahi Gupta

    Filter copy : things we did in our childhood Me : Main toh abhi bhi Krti hu (especially the glucose one) 🤣😅

  • mahi Gupta
    mahi Gupta

    Hit the like button if you all did these things till now.... Just tell the truth 😂😂😂

  • Shaizah Ansari
    Shaizah Ansari

    Hahahaha I used to do all these silly things in childhood 😂😝..

  • Neeraj Kumar Gangwar
    Neeraj Kumar Gangwar


  • Shambhavi Pandey
    Shambhavi Pandey


  • Vijayalaxmi Nair
    Vijayalaxmi Nair

    Nice video

  • miss queen aru
    miss queen aru

    People who are reading this comment may God help them to become topper in there class 🤣🤣 Small youtuber here 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Abhay Physics
    Abhay Physics


  • Tamim Ansari
    Tamim Ansari

    In the last seen they were arguing for make ruties . And now if my mom says to make chai i reply to her ( am i looking like a girl ) but in my mind . 😂🤣


    This was already released earlier.Why uploaded the second time?

  • Barnali Adhikary
    Barnali Adhikary

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  • Vishnu Tata
    Vishnu Tata

    Did? I still do these things lol

  • Yam Ho
    Yam Ho


  • Khushi Ghosh
    Khushi Ghosh

    Dude it's so nostalgic..♥

  • Siddharth Singhal
    Siddharth Singhal

    Purani hai


    Almost all of the parts of the video are from the 2019 video Worst...Not at all hard work..hate your video

  • swabh marwah
    swabh marwah

    Dude you guys have aldready made a avideo like this called games we all played in our childhood.

  • Himani Parwani
    Himani Parwani

    Damn true✌️✌️✌️

  • Veerendra Patil
    Veerendra Patil

    isn't this repeated, this was also released long back, I still remember

  • Mehak Zeba
    Mehak Zeba

    Who is still in their childhood like here

  • Pavithra K
    Pavithra K

    Childhood are always the peaceful memories ❤️ No stress,no pain,no responsibility etc.., The real free bird💯 Cuteness overload-ed💙💛

  • Rohan Kumar
    Rohan Kumar

    1:55 bahut maza aaega

  • Shweta Tiwari
    Shweta Tiwari

    We all know you have compilaties 3 Filter copy Childhood Videos.

  • Darsh Sharma
    Darsh Sharma

    This content wasn't freshly brewed 😂 i still loved it

  • Divya Verma
    Divya Verma

    Children did a great job! When i wad of their age i used to freak out when i used to see a lots pf people Clearly Gen Z😀😀

  • Meghna Singh
    Meghna Singh

    I still believe in stupid superstitious 😂😂😂

  • i_ create01
    i_ create01

    Haa bhyi daal di purani video😂

  • Ebraheem Bambotia
    Ebraheem Bambotia


  • Rehhaa Khuranna Vlogs
    Rehhaa Khuranna Vlogs



    mene ye saari chize ki hai jo isme dikhai hai so beautiful video

  • Vimiuss Crimson Gaming
    Vimiuss Crimson Gaming

    This is a remaked vid Genius people Know I Have Something Good And blank in the bottom😂😂😂

  • Bindiya Jain
    Bindiya Jain

    Glucose powder toh hum itna shan sa khata tha jasa drug kha raha ho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Riddhima Singh
    Riddhima Singh

    Few scenes were repeated from previous videos

  • gunjan jain
    gunjan jain

    I thought I have seen this video by the thinnnail when I saw 2 days ago and was shocked that I have seen these videos Who else 👇🏻👇🏻

  • Hwbx Qjbxb
    Hwbx Qjbxb

    Oh remake

  • pandu kalagara
    pandu kalagara

    Filter copy team ayush and Bharka do live chat

  • Vihaan Sharma
    Vihaan Sharma

    Mind blowing

  • Manya Singla
    Manya Singla

    I still believe in that forehead horns superstition 😂😅

  • Aparajita Ghosh
    Aparajita Ghosh

    Only filtercopy and filtercopy fans know that this video is a remade video of 2019's🤘🤣🤣..But still I am a big fan of filtercopy❤💜💙

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