FilterCopy | Awkward Situations With Mom | Ft. Ahsaas Channa and Kulbir Kaur
That awkward moment when your mom tells all your embarrassing stories in front of your friends 😅
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

Aashish Thanawala

Aditya Chandiok

Ahsaas Channa
Kulbir Kaur

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Aanchal Chandiok
Aditya Chandiok
Kartik Krishnan

Ishani Roy

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Aditya Chandiok
Ahsaas Channa
Kartik Krishnan
Kulbir Kaur

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Dhruv Mohan

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    • gordon

    • GOLPER JHULI Bengali Audio Story
      GOLPER JHULI Bengali Audio Story


    • Sweta kumari
      Sweta kumari

    • Tysmsirsocuwl Dh
      Tysmsirsocuwl Dh

    • Tysmsirsocuwl Dh
      Tysmsirsocuwl Dh

      @Trish Palia


    Sabko nahi milti essi mummy

  • Srinithi Srinivasan
    Srinithi Srinivasan

    3:17 Ahsaas: this is DisGiestingg instead of disgusting lmaooooo

  • Abdullah Abid
    Abdullah Abid

    4:03 pachaas rupay kat overacting kay

  • abhijiet kumar
    abhijiet kumar

    I love this girl ❤️

  • sepia pink
    sepia pink

    First one was epic 😂

  • Divya Singh
    Divya Singh

    Yeh reality nhi h bs expaction h

  • Monami Sarkar
    Monami Sarkar

    5:00 was the most funniest part🤣🤣

  • Hemang Shekhar
    Hemang Shekhar


  • Brilliant Bcrrth
    Brilliant Bcrrth

    I like both ac and dc

  • Prosenjit Banerjee
    Prosenjit Banerjee

    How did Shaurya came here? I don't know mom, he doesn't seems to be a good guy.😀😀😀

  • Damsel Not In Distress
    Damsel Not In Distress

    4:50 🥴

  • Sahana Sahana
    Sahana Sahana


  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar

    Miss's aaaka nam KY h

  • Sudip Maity
    Sudip Maity

    Ac-Dc ....awwwww .. channa ji ❤️

  • gowri gowri
    gowri gowri

    Error 404 This mummy is not found in india

  • Sarvajeet Kumar
    Sarvajeet Kumar

    हजारों फेरे लगाये थे उसके मोहल्ले में, कोई सिर्फ सात फेरे लगाकर ले गया... I miss you S..🤩😂

  • Prakash Sarkar
    Prakash Sarkar

    Foreplay 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Ash Da Panda UwU
    Ash Da Panda UwU

    Luckily- I take my mom as a best friend, I once had a crush on a boy at out school. I told it to my mom XD and she was like "Its normal in this age :D" and I was shook she didnt scold me and stuff, and me and my mom gossip XDD I once even told her "Mom, that guy over there is cute XD" and was like "Hmmm- :O he actually is :o" and once again I was shook XDD

  • sravani naidu
    sravani naidu

    "Mujhe tu apna friend samaj" this is very tricky question , never fall for this consequence kuch bhi ho sakte hai.😎😎😀😀😀

  • Priyanshu Rajputana
    Priyanshu Rajputana


  • Padmanabh

    Shaurya, the lucky bastard

  • Ardra V
    Ardra V

    The fact that she wears really short dress in home and outing makes this more unrealistic 🙄🙄

  • Pratibha Dagar
    Pratibha Dagar

    Bhaiya tum kha se aa gye.... 😂😂

  • sharma ki tally
    sharma ki tally

    ऐसा लगता है कि ये लोग को पहले स्पॉन्सर आते है तब उसी के लिए वीडियो बनाते है

  • NG Harpreet khalsa kaur
    NG Harpreet khalsa kaur

    Too good 👌✌️😇 #NGHarpreetkhalsakaur

  • Dare Devil
    Dare Devil

    If our moms come to know about our bf/gf she is gonna kill us😜😜😂😂If not kill us then there must be one dialogue, We will very soon fix your marriage. I hate this blackmailing, I hope I also get mother like this but sadly not. 😓😓

  • Ananya Jena
    Ananya Jena

    Funny 🤣


    Ahsaae ko ye ahsas hona chahiye ki vo radhika Apte ban chuki he

  • Revanth Alex kumar
    Revanth Alex kumar

    She sounds like sridevi

  • india tour
    india tour


  • Nikunj Chitalia
    Nikunj Chitalia

    I had been with my teacher in the mall thought that mom won’t be coming and was watching a love story that time me and my teacher we were dating, but I didn’t knew that my mom would be there sitting on the third row and me and my teacher sitting on the top left corner as a couple. 😂😂😂😂

  • Jay Shetty
    Jay Shetty

    It all looks cool bcoz people like it but no one show how to grow🙏

  • saanvi shree
    saanvi shree

    I really can't stop laughing 😂😂🤣🤣😭


    Nice but sexy chat is not cool for those mom and daughter whom relationship is very respectful. Please don't forget our SANATAN culture and don't follow the with Western culture.

  • Sheetal Dhotre
    Sheetal Dhotre


  • prasad kamath
    prasad kamath

    Both are best actress in crime patrol..... Great Jodi mom and daughter

  • prasad kamath
    prasad kamath

    I neither smoke nor have drinks... But in 2004 I tried smoking for curiosity. But some how my mom caught me and she was upset. That was my last smoke I had in my life.. And recently I had been for official trip (3days) to kerala and my colleagues forced me to have a sip of bear and vodka.. I felt guilty of the same and conveyed the same to. Mom.. This time she warned me saying it's up to you how u you handle things in life...

  • luring wind
    luring wind

    If indians parents were like in this video indians would be so happy

  • Anubhav Clasher
    Anubhav Clasher

    **Everything happening here appears to be of noob level once you open Apple Pie in front of your whole family.**

  • sky stars
    sky stars

    She reacted at 3:13 is awesome....

  • Varsha G Acharya
    Varsha G Acharya

    Ahsaas mom is so controlling. Anty bicharicho choddho.

  • V_il_en Àrsīl
    V_il_en Àrsīl


  • Mrunal Vinod Bhalerao
    Mrunal Vinod Bhalerao

    Ahsaas 🤣

  • Mayank Gwari
    Mayank Gwari


  • uddam Kumar
    uddam Kumar

    TVF keh Chutiyape seh 1000 times better.

  • Jack Hudson
    Jack Hudson

    i really Love ahsaas such a cuteness

  • Adeeb Sultan
    Adeeb Sultan

    Natural to hai🤣


    2:46 was hilarious😂😂

  • Vinothini Vishnukumar
    Vinothini Vishnukumar

    The conversation between ahsaas and Kulbir aunty are sooo real. They are the same in real and reel life. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Akshita Sharma
    Akshita Sharma

    This is how many people knows that they both share a relationship of real mother and daughter 😀😀😀😀 👇👇

  • JAY Sharma
    JAY Sharma

    Bilkul bhi relatable nhi tha

  • Beautiful Creations
    Beautiful Creations

    I wish meri mom bhi itni cool hoti


    Oh, such a mother cannot be of India, once something similar happened to me, I came home at 8 in the evening, I went to the friend's house as an excuse.

  • 09 Prachi Mistry
    09 Prachi Mistry

    3:51 ..... SO HILARIOUS 😂😁😂😂😂😂LOL

  • Anshika Tripathi
    Anshika Tripathi

    Kuch bhi match ni ho rha ...iski mmy bhul kaise jati h or chillati b ni 😟

  • Rahul Bagade
    Rahul Bagade

    She is great Actor

  • Sanvitti Sharma
    Sanvitti Sharma

    Does anyone here knows that the main characters are a real life mother daughter duo

  • geethu. jrvnl
    geethu. jrvnl

    Ahsaas is too pretty😘❤️

  • Park jannat
    Park jannat

    2:17 what's that

  • The Ashish
    The Ashish

    What is foreplay can anybody tell me

  • Ayan Majumdar
    Ayan Majumdar

    why is the girl wearing ac/DC t-shirt ? it is insulting to them

  • Joya Das
    Joya Das


  • devendra sharma
    devendra sharma

    The face reaction 4:08 was amazing

  • Shaily Galriya
    Shaily Galriya

    3:05 Dream...😂😂😂

  • Sandhya Jindal
    Sandhya Jindal

    Ye maa beti hai sach me muje to pta ni tha

  • devendra sharma
    devendra sharma

    What was the playing on the TV and what was that noise coming......

  • Zahir Junejo
    Zahir Junejo

    Everytime i see radhika aapte in a video i m like, aaayyyy asaas china.

  • Sweta kumari
    Sweta kumari

  • H Susmitha
    H Susmitha

    If my mom knows about all these I would rather dig my own grave than getting slaps and beatings from my mom 😭🙏🏿

  • Parul Rawat
    Parul Rawat

    My whole life is awkward with her

  • Rahul Rawat
    Rahul Rawat

    One day i was shoked when i went on cinema to watch movie with my gf and suddenly watch my pop with unty sitting in front or my seat

  • Chandni

    I love you guys, so natural! better than that koli!! you are awesome Ahsaas!!

  • Golden Wings
    Golden Wings

    Haha Please click on the link and press the heart button and write a comment as your support will help me in qualifying this competition.🙏🏻🙏🏻 Please share it to all your contacts.

  • Pratik Jaisani
    Pratik Jaisani

    Guys I know her boycott the channa girl please boycott

  • Pratik Jaisani
    Pratik Jaisani

    Guys please boycott the channa girl please boycott

  • jaya durkai
    jaya durkai

    I mean like come on, she is dead already

  • Jagriti Sinha
    Jagriti Sinha

    You know what my mom and me are really best friends....we share everything 💓💓💓💓buy it's better to search for earphones first when your friend calls 😉😉

  • Avinash yadav
    Avinash yadav

    Avinash ke baad wala..


    Yaar ye ladki crime patrol mein nhi aati

  • Ankur Jain
    Ankur Jain

    I wanna know one thing that on alright youtube channel at maa ka youtube channel video she said she is the single mother of ahasaas and here she said tu apnai papa sai pooch liyo script problem h bhai locha h locha 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • Rajam Balabaskaran
    Rajam Balabaskaran

    Ahsaas looks like shruti sharma 😍

  • Kapil Malhotra
    Kapil Malhotra

    4:50 was so funny 😂😂

  • Naboneeta's itu-hitu-bohutu
    Naboneeta's itu-hitu-bohutu

    Free advice parents k sath bagbaan movie kabhi mat dkhna 😁

  • Hacking Master
    Hacking Master

    So Awkward situation

  • TriMaxSteel

    3:50 Mummy Wo Mein Filtercopy Ki Video Dekh Raha Tha 😭

  • Anik Das
    Anik Das

    mere sath bhi aisa hua tha jab mai....

  • Praveen KC
    Praveen KC

    3:10 😂😂😂😂

  • Sunil n
    Sunil n

    mumbai..bhabi mom call kre 9892807517

  • macy lefon
    macy lefon

    What a family!

  • Indian lovers
    Indian lovers

    U guys realy funny😂😂😂😂


    U look like radhika apte

  • Harikrishna P
    Harikrishna P

    This girl was in best of luck Nikki named as riya

  • Gigs Z
    Gigs Z

    Jai Shree ram

  • Aadi Soni
    Aadi Soni


  • BTS ARMY forever
    BTS ARMY forever


  • Nishtha Raj Garg
    Nishtha Raj Garg

    Every mummy best friend smjh😥😥

  • Juma Das
    Juma Das

    It's so awesome

  • Vanshika Somani
    Vanshika Somani

    Woah!oh ! When she says that I was Literally laughing 😂

    • Lost& Love
      Lost& Love

      @Vanshika Somani so what's up What are you doing now.

    • Vanshika Somani
      Vanshika Somani

      @Lost& Love hmm..☺️

    • Vanshika Somani
      Vanshika Somani

      @Lost& Love so nice of you

    • Lost& Love
      Lost& Love

      @Vanshika Somani np means no problem ☺️

    • Lost& Love
      Lost& Love

      @Vanshika Somani ohh no I'm not trying to avoid this conversation. I would love to connect with you


    Baki sub toh badiya tha par 0.03 ko deakhte he muad kharab ho gaya scam baba

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