FilterCopy | Break-Up Ke Stages | Ft. Aditya Pandey and Gunjan Saini
Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together ❤️
When a relationship ends, healing can take time. Here's a video on break-up ke stages. Enjoy watching :)
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Karthik Menon
Sejal Badala

Aditya Chandiok

Sripriya Yegneswaran

Jaicy Mathew

Assistant Directors
Esther Darlong

Executive Producer
Dhruv Mohan

Shot By
Vishal Sharma
Usha Pandey
Anusha Pandey

Gunjan Saini
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Chandiok
Aanchal Chandiok

Special Thanks
Gunjan Saini And Family
Aditya Pandey And Family

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

Saswat Mahapatra
Shreya Sethi
Manoj Omre
Anuj Dabral
Arzoo Naqvi
Parmjeet Singh

Color Grading
Ishani Roy
Sound Design
Harshvardhan Singh
Pocket Aces Talent

Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu

  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Have you ever gone through a break up? Follow us on Tik Tok ➡️ Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • Rashmita Nanda
      Rashmita Nanda

      Video is amazing. I am re-watching it after having a heartbreak!💔💔💔. So relatable..

    • Sunflower

      Part 2 chahiye❤

    • Kakali Bhose
      Kakali Bhose

      It's not always like this, things can be worse...

    • Shadman abdulkalam Kalam
      Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

      Really nice good to watching

    • Yeswin S
      Yeswin S

      Fuck reunion

  • ramninder llb
    ramninder llb

    totally relatable --- from denial to depression to overcome and loving yourself...... Do check letter left behind blog for guidance and

  • Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar

    Mera to kat gya tha end m😂😂 but still she is a very good memmorie for me

  • Queen saf
    Queen saf

    I loved him Since he was in college Shares memories,dates **1year later*** He becomes the CEO of a IT COMPANY* Leaves me for a girl he just met 😭💔

  • hello desi
    hello desi

    Fuck relationship Single is better 😒😒😒

  • Aparna

    I want to know what u guys will call this feeling ...i know him only for 1 week..and we are totally in sync...and i liked him and moreover i was comfortable around him. He was actually supposed to marry me (arranged marriage) And i never got this much sync with anyone *literally no one)...but something unexpected happen it didnt go is been 3 weeks still cant get over

  • Ankurjyoti koch
    Ankurjyoti koch

    To whoever's reading this may you know that everything's gonna be alright in the end, God's with you and you're strong enough to move on and live the most wonderful life! Have a good day!


    The end is too filmy. .... In real it will not be like that....

  • Santosh Kumari
    Santosh Kumari

    bro anyone help me I still can't move on

  • the 90s kid
    the 90s kid

    Missed much of the solo dramas

  • Adarsh Bera
    Adarsh Bera

    The song is -"it should have been u" by lvng calliber

  • Aayushi Gulati
    Aayushi Gulati

    Aisa dikhane me asaan hotaa h lekin real life me it's not easyyy

  • Sahil Anand
    Sahil Anand


  • Shadman abdulkalam Kalam
    Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

    Every video of filter copy is really awesome

  • Umesh Herkal
    Umesh Herkal

    Kya tha ye ?


    All in relationships: yaar ye filtercopy wale bina kyu ye video bana the hai yaar aankho mein aasu aa rahe hai yaar 😭 Me and singles:yaar agar koyi mujhe future me love karke breakup bolana to main bhi eese ohi karungi 😂

  • STYLIST #1d
    STYLIST #1d

    02:06 i got it... She's talking about new rules... 😂 😂

  • RAVEN_24

    The change of colour to show happy and dad was amazing


    വിട്ടുകളയണം മിച്ചർ

  • Rutu Joshi
    Rutu Joshi


  • Tapomita Ghosh
    Tapomita Ghosh

    Why is this man always featuring in break up and moving on then to friendship types of videos? He was the one in that one sided love story right?

    • Tapomita Ghosh
      Tapomita Ghosh

      @Shaikh Ajmal

    • Tapomita Ghosh
      Tapomita Ghosh

      @Shaikh Ajmal Haven't you seen the "one sided love story" by filtercopy? There's he been starred as this same kind of role..

  • 1 %
    1 %

    Didnt have the punch in the breakup very flat...

  • Arya a cappella
    Arya a cappella

    Only legends ll understand dua lipa ko bura lag jayega 😂

  • Aŋısʜ Ʀʌj
    Aŋısʜ Ʀʌj

    Subscribe my channel I need your support 🥺💝plz

  • Maulik Vyas
    Maulik Vyas

    Abe saalo. . In every video, emotional scene pe english song dal dete ho. . . Bahot hi bhadda lagta hai. . Woh bhi aese english songs jo sirf filtercopy ke staff k 2-4 log hi sunate hai. . .

  • Anushka Sharma
    Anushka Sharma

    to be continued............. likhna chahiye

  • Riyas Ahamed
    Riyas Ahamed

    The way you choose to convey with colours n BW is really super..

  • FAQ with K. R
    FAQ with K. R

    Fuck lovers & marriage persons 🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕👺

  • Sohni Kudi
    Sohni Kudi

    Seriously so stupid

  • FunwithArt

    nice video

  • Sambhav Jain
    Sambhav Jain

    1:02 maarenge bhi hum aur bachaaenge bhi hum!!🤙🤙

  • Siddhartha Sunom Parasar
    Siddhartha Sunom Parasar

    Liked the transitions from colour to black and white

  • Anisha Singh
    Anisha Singh

    What was that song

  • Ulta Pulta
    Ulta Pulta

    Kasam se CHUTIA lag rha hai

  • Ambike Chaudhary
    Ambike Chaudhary

    Philosophy fact that boys hurt more than a girl from breakup .....strange but true 🤪

  • student student
    student student

    Where is Aisha and yashswani and mithlia 🤨😶

  • Sai Rohit
    Sai Rohit

    Dua lipa would be disappointed. Lmao xD 😂😂

  • Live To Laugh
    Live To Laugh

    Chutiyapa, koi achi cheez dekhni h toh mere channel pr jaake dekho ....maa kasam maza aaega

  • Manish saini
    Manish saini

    gunman is saini I am also saini

  • Abhigyan Jain
    Abhigyan Jain

    Who ever likes filtercoy channel and their content Like👇 And please watch my video Video link

  • Home Chéf Ivy
    Home Chéf Ivy

    This guy kinda looks like harsh beniwal 🤔

  • Somashree das
    Somashree das

    Ryt.. Time heals everything 🙂

  • 20BCT051 Sreegar R
    20BCT051 Sreegar R

    While playing pubg .. he's beein a simp 😂

  • Mainak

    How the hell can someone be friends with someone u had feelings for ?

  • Ritiki Singh
    Ritiki Singh

  • Callista Dias
    Callista Dias

    Filtercopy I need you to make a video on thoughts while in a long distance

  • R.P. Namdeo
    R.P. Namdeo

    2:07 Dua Lipa♥️

  • Gaurav Shukla
    Gaurav Shukla

  • Priya pallavi
    Priya pallavi


  • Sandhya. Vinod
    Sandhya. Vinod

    When you are late af..and don't even know what to comment***being single 😎😎😎

  • ashu ahuja
    ashu ahuja

  • Anil Raj
    Anil Raj

    Yup, breakup tho sahi se karlethe hai


    Quite nice ❤️❤️

  • Yash Kumar
    Yash Kumar

    Anybody know which song is used in BG??

  • Supritha Pochiraju
    Supritha Pochiraju

    I may sound selfish but I never EVER want people to break up with their partners that shit hurts without experiencing it too😭

  • luchang borgohain
    luchang borgohain

    Single anyone??

  • Mahendra Singh
    Mahendra Singh

    The video was in black and white to match the lightening of both the places... what a idea..!!

  • The Majestic AuRA of Music
    The Majestic AuRA of Music

    *We screw up in our relationship* _breakup to sahi se karte hai_ *Gunjan an **-intellectual-*

  • Sumesh Koyikkal Suresh
    Sumesh Koyikkal Suresh

    As expected , another urban based crap video from Filtercopy ... Don't have guts to touch any real life subject of middle class or rural people ...

  • Simran Singh Saluja
    Simran Singh Saluja

    Tatti acting 🤢

  • Pallab Pal Chowdhury
    Pallab Pal Chowdhury

    R 6 months is enough for forgot your love , your relationship ??? 10 sal v enough nehi hota hay . And i proud about it .

  • Aswajith K Babu
    Aswajith K Babu

    What the hell? Just broke up today and soon after, you guys posted this video on the same date. Manh the coincidence 😅🤦🏻‍♂️

  • aniket mane
    aniket mane

    Why is the video incomplete?

  • Shivu Navalimath
    Shivu Navalimath

    ye RAWKNEE kab se filtercopy join kiya

  • Princekumar Mehta
    Princekumar Mehta

    ese chutiyape karte hai log.... yukk...

  • Mohammed samiullah
    Mohammed samiullah

    Part 2 with same guys plz🤗🤗

  • Namrata Thakur
    Namrata Thakur


  • Apurva Parte
    Apurva Parte

    Ladkiyo ka yahi scene hota hai. Ek toh khud hum bande call kare, tabh bhi nakre macho har kuch h

  • Divya Shajith
    Divya Shajith

    Good one

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    Asap Games

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    Mahapara Muntaqa

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  • Dharmik Somani
    Dharmik Somani

    This is after breakup video...!🙄

  • Vishnu Prasad K G
    Vishnu Prasad K G

    If you truly love someone you cant be friend with cant even forget her untill death..2 yrs before She break up with me but still i am in love with her... people may think i am a looser.. but atleast for my love i am genuine 😍

  • Mayank Jain
    Mayank Jain

    Which song is used here? Loved it!

  • Souryadeep Singha
    Souryadeep Singha

    So relatable

  • Rajnish Dutta
    Rajnish Dutta

    U guys r having gfs for breakups 😅😅

  • TSE vines - The scribbling engineer
    TSE vines - The scribbling engineer


  • Coolest Gamer
    Coolest Gamer

    Hatts off to you guys yaar.. in this kind of difficulties also u guys r making our lockdown amazing.. thank you so much filter copy😊😊

  • Satyajit Pati
    Satyajit Pati

    If you're not dating to marry, you're moving towards a heartbreak. Let that sink in.

  • Hiranya Das
    Hiranya Das

    Kitna ajib hota hai na.. breakup 😅

  • Puneet Vashistha
    Puneet Vashistha

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  • Abhipsa Chakraborty
    Abhipsa Chakraborty

    Should have shown what happens in the party,,,,cause no matter how long it has been,if it was your true love ,,u can never forget him/her...u will still blush when u hear his /her name,,u will still stock their social media accounts,,u will keep a watch..

  • sakib ansary
    sakib ansary

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    Manish Kumar

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  • Lipsa Mohanty - 1321
    Lipsa Mohanty - 1321

    I think as if all these episodes r coming in a sequence for me, though it's my 3rd time of brk up bt I can remember when the episode of How I fall in love with my best friend came tht time i had the same story as tht..n nw after one yr we broke up..n this is why m watching me,kinda surprising naa🙂🤔😔

  • Pearl Das
    Pearl Das

    "Dua Lipa would be so disappointed" Lolll m dying here🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

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    Anurag G

    In Filtercopy world, Carryminati is the only single😂😂

  • Deep Sarkar
    Deep Sarkar

    We can all see the real face of a girl, she fucking was seconds away from unblocking him but as soon as he calls she fucking shows attitude... Bro, shits real, a happy women is a myth.... Get a dream in life and run behind it, chasing a girl is harmful for both your future and your self esteem.

  • shubham awasthy
    shubham awasthy

    Hey adi .. Super cool editing man..👍 . i injoyed...but pahle wala concept jyada mazedar tha darling....but I know you do every time your level best. God bless you adi🎬

  • Kevin Ruben
    Kevin Ruben

    Is there going to be part 2.

  • DoFlamingo

    What, did Corona gobbled-up all the singles in this world? Looks like saala me hi single banda hu dharti pe. 😤

  • Archit Arora
    Archit Arora

    Pyaar mohabbat sab dhoka hai Padh likhlo ab bhi mauka hai!!!

  • The Tycoon
    The Tycoon

    Filtercopy viewers - Singles : 99.99% Couples : . 1% Videos : 100% couple based.

  • Yazhini Oli
    Yazhini Oli

    nice one!!But pronounced DUA LIPA a lil badly.Still a nice one

  • Santhosh K.R
    Santhosh K.R

    Love the saturation part

  • kuldip raythatha
    kuldip raythatha

    Those changing color schemes 😍

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    pragya narayan

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    Bang Mike

    Love the way adi expresses all his feelings !!!

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    ashish kumar

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    Lyrical World

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