FilterCopy | Falling In Love With Your School Crush Again | Ft. Aditya Deshingkar and Suhani Mardia
Mera pehla pyaar ❤️
We all have had a crush on someone in school. Check out our new video and tell us what you liked the most 😍.
Enjoy watching :)
Dekho Na Mujhe - Siddharth Gupta
Mixed, Composed and Performed by: Siddharth Gupta
Lyrics: Siddharth Gupta, Madhavi Jain, and Amitabh Gupta Recorded by: Chris Mathai
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Nabojyoti Chakraborty
Shaani Singh

Shaani Singh

Sripriya Yegneswaran

Executive Producer
Anant Kaushik

Cast (Alphabetically)
Aditya Deshingkar
Suhani Mardia
Vineeth Srinivasan

Ayaz Merchant

Parmjeet Singh

Color Grading
Vaibhav Lonkar

Sound Design
Hardik Desai
Harshvardhan Singh

Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu
Pocket Aces Talent Team

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

Music, Lyrics & Singer
Siddharth Gupta

  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us about your school crush love story 😍 Follow us on Tik Tok ➡️ Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • Priyanshu Srivastava
      Priyanshu Srivastava

      @Vibhuti 😂

    • Vijay Kumar
      Vijay Kumar

      Filtercopy not for single people 😅😅😅

    • Joel Khurram
      Joel Khurram

      Aise hi School ka crush is lockdown mein pataya 😂

    • Sarah M
      Sarah M

      @FilterCopy can you do when you fall in love with your online friend


      Remix songs chenal

  • Gourav Kumar.
    Gourav Kumar.

    Kon kon KV se hoo

  • Gourav Kumar.
    Gourav Kumar.

    Mai kendriya vidyalaya jhajha se huu tum log kaha se hoo


    In reality Me - hi , I am fazzal kaisa hai She - who is fazzal Me - your classmate She - sorry I don't remember you do you need something Me - no just wanted to talk with you She - sorry but I have a boyfriend and he masseg me so bye fazzal Me -😌😌😌 that's was reality

  • Divyansh Acharya
    Divyansh Acharya

    when i texted my crush i asked her to talk to me everyday after 1 week she left school XD

  • DropBack Mallu
    DropBack Mallu

    How to do a video call mahn? (Not technically/Physically)

  • DarKNiNjA x999
    DarKNiNjA x999

    Don't we think this vid is cringe afff!!!!

  • Vikash bhandari
    Vikash bhandari

    1:31 voice note itna chota sa or bta itna bda😜

  • Rishita Saxena
    Rishita Saxena

    Wtf!! Lol ...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ritesh Tiwari
    Ritesh Tiwari

    ❤ banaras

  • shivam upadhyay
    shivam upadhyay

    U dont belive on 13th of june 2020 i taxt her all my feel (crush of 5th class) N we really laughed on that we talk over that .... we r now in touch but moved ahade..... (sometimes u just need to express them just not to regret at the last moment of ur live i have done mine What about u?)

  • James vlogs
    James vlogs

    Aj mujhe rula diya yar. Bohut yad a raha hai😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • dev

    Ideal story, nt from this plant

  • Jyoti Chanuhan
    Jyoti Chanuhan

    When I was In 7th STD... Other : she/he is my crush🤗 Me:mooom! where is my socks yr.....😭 I'm getting late..I haven't done my homework yet...😂

  • Fatima Shahzad
    Fatima Shahzad

    My crush is v Bts Can never meet him

  • Swarup Grandhi
    Swarup Grandhi

    I married to my high school(9th and 10th) crush. But I texted 'hi' to my 7th std(1st to 8th home town school) crush, after seeing this video. Plot twist: 'hi' delivered to my wife. When mind do naughty things, heart always be with the right one. This is truth happened with me. Not for fun sake

  • New Media
    New Media

    I couldn't understand how the voice mail from Vedika lasted so long when it showed in phone for maybe 2-3 more seconds...

  • Promodit Adhikary
    Promodit Adhikary

    The way they show.. it's not that easy... If she is your crush , she must be many people's crush and in reality she might be with someone and not even reply you back.

  • Nitin sharma
    Nitin sharma

    I am watching this video because of my crush ....... So, that I can get a idea .

  • Uttarick Pal
    Uttarick Pal

    Bhai mera luck boht accha hai mai apne crush ko propose karne mein darta tha fir ekdin usne hi mujhe aake propose kiya main woh din ajj tak nahi bhula aur kabhi nahi bhul sakta. The date was 16th January 2019 the most loveliest day of my life 😙😘😚❤❤

  • Darwin Chacha
    Darwin Chacha

    Bc vo crush he kya jo bhav na kahai....

  • Vedika Adhikari
    Vedika Adhikari

    Vedika.... #lol

  • kanika Choudhary
    kanika Choudhary

    Girls school🙂...this video is not my thing🙂🙂🙂🙂


    MISTKE =5:42 they are talking but the mike is closed 😂😂😂😂😂😎😎

  • Neelam Nauni
    Neelam Nauni

    Such a cute friend

  • Xoxo Lo
    Xoxo Lo

    Mera tho 5 sall sei ek hi crush hai mery class mei hi h...... Uske allwa koi pasand hi nhi ata chumuu

  • Koel Bhattacherjee
    Koel Bhattacherjee

    0:15 sec, he is reading harry Potter and the cursed Child

    • Malinka De Silva
      Malinka De Silva

      just noticed dat lol😂😂😂😂


    Which app are they using.....

  • Jjoshua Pereira
    Jjoshua Pereira

    Pls don’t say omg

  • Lucky manjhi
    Lucky manjhi

    00:52 KV ? its my school name 😊

  • Arya Lal
    Arya Lal

    I too want to live this dream


    School crush are the best of all time

  • he she
    he she

    Mere birthday par dala


    Like kvians

  • Anurima Karmakar
    Anurima Karmakar

    6:01 girl is lucky ! Cause when boys say that really like someone to their friends that's awesome ! ❤

  • B M
    B M

    Omegle is really useless.

  • AX_YAN gaming
    AX_YAN gaming

    Who and all noticed mute button while they were talking😂

  • DeaDmaN

    Bechara Vineet


    Me who studies in a girls school.. 🙄

  • only only
    only only

    These guys getting their crush phone numbers be like I get cold water from the fridge.

  • Royal NIRANJAN
    Royal NIRANJAN

    I have also school crush.but my crush doesn't want to make boyfriend.we are now bestfriend.i just wanted to be with her forever

  • Sanjeevani Manik
    Sanjeevani Manik

    I m also from kv😄😄


    video was nice .........but not like the new actors ...................pehle ke actors achhe the

  • Venom Gamerz
    Venom Gamerz

    The girl is very cute

  • Helping Gamer FF
    Helping Gamer FF

    Awesome man

  • Secret Giggle
    Secret Giggle

    Kvians ❤️😂 everywhere

  • Chitta Priya Swain
    Chitta Priya Swain

    Don't perform these types of stunts at home..

  • Arnav Mudgal
    Arnav Mudgal

    Lag gave him a second chance to live..

  • Shreya Ghoshal
    Shreya Ghoshal

    Can someone give me the link of the video of Facebook , please please please


    I have one question for whole filtercopy team ....... How can I apply for acting ???

  • Tanuja Bhowmik
    Tanuja Bhowmik

    Idk why this grl irritates me without any reason

  • Abdur Rehman Khan
    Abdur Rehman Khan

    Meri crush ne to request hi nai accept ki😂

  • king 7718
    king 7718

    Ye sab chutiyapa hai

  • manya makkar
    manya makkar

    Hamein apne crush ko dekhker yahi mann mein aata hai ki chalo baal baal bache😂😂

  • Siya Srivastava
    Siya Srivastava

    Crush!! This word gives another level of satisfaction and that love wali feeling! 😂😂🖤

  • Abhilash Spartnax
    Abhilash Spartnax

    3:05 lol duaon mein Yaad rakhna

  • Falguni Singh
    Falguni Singh

    When i watch these kind of videos, I always think which app they use to communicate.

    • Krishna


    • Krishna


    • Krishna

      How are you

    • Krishna


  • Tanish Kumar
    Tanish Kumar

    I also from K v in noida

  • Rahul Dorai
    Rahul Dorai

    2 mins of silence for those who think any girl (even class mate) will just give her number and also video call after so long time 😂

  • Agnivo Dey
    Agnivo Dey

    I had a huge crush on one of my classmates since class 5. I used to come second in class and was a rather shy and introverte guy who rarely had guts to talk to a girl. She is beautiful maybe the most beautiful I have ever seen. We're good friends and our friendship strenghted in the later phase. We were in the same Maths tuition. I made sure I never miss it since it was the only place where I had courage to talk to her. Seeing that smile on her face just two days in the whole week used to light me up. I always wanted to convey my feelings to her but I thought maybe I'm not just good enough for her. One thing which used to discourage me was she was in a relationship with a senior guy who was probably one of the most good looking boy in the whole school. It continued like this. Later she broke up with that guy but still I couldn't muster up courage to go and speak to her. Later in class 9, a guy from our class proposed her and she accepted. I gave up all hope and focussed on studies. Topped ICSE 2K18 from my district with 98% and she was among the first person to congratulate me. Then came the worst phase of my life. I myself got into a relationship with another girl who was just not the right Person for me. My studies deteriorated I got distracted heavily. Still I could score 95% in ISC 2020. I've broken up with that girl and it has brought me inner peace. I'm still in contact with my childhood crush but it seems that maybe I've lost her. What I experienced from class 5 was the purest form of love. I believe I still love her. Currently I'm preparing for IISc ug and is not socially connected to anyone. If you are reading this , just know one thing that I still love you Titli😌.

    • Adithya Venkatesh
      Adithya Venkatesh

      heyy im also preparing for KVPY IIsc

  • Lavanya Nallamothu
    Lavanya Nallamothu

    Bhai plz aise videos mat dalo yaar🙏. Real life mein aisa kuch nahi hota hai🙌. Plz don't give false hopes to ppl😑

  • Agrima Here
    Agrima Here

    this is true whenever u tell your friends about your crush..they tease u a lot b saying how s jija ji etc.................and the amzing part is that instead of gettin gussa,,we always blush sayingg KUCH BHI

  • Shruti G
    Shruti G

    Most relatable line ever: Main toh apne ex ko text karne waali thi kyunki bore ho rahi thi🤣😂

  • Shagun Sharma
    Shagun Sharma

    Best part...😂 Dost ko mute krnaa 😂😂

  • Fancy nightwalker
    Fancy nightwalker

    🤣🤣🤣 aisa kavi nhi hota 🤣🤣

  • vijet kamat
    vijet kamat

    These kinda videos on utube makes me feel how single I am💔💔

  • Chandan Sharma
    Chandan Sharma

    I texted my crush after watching this, she blocked me instantly.

  • zafar khan
    zafar khan

    Who had a continous smile during whole video☺☺☺

  • Yash Gonnade
    Yash Gonnade

    if only people in real life responded like these and not at all judging you!!!

  • biswanath mahapatra
    biswanath mahapatra

    I texted my crush after a long time... Jus got to know ..shez married now😂

  • prasad rao
    prasad rao

    Recently my school crush had proposed mee a

  • Parth Boltoy
    Parth Boltoy

    Like always, Mast video!

  • Akhil pillai
    Akhil pillai

    she is so pretty yaar now i am actually starting to like her she is sooo cuteee cutipie i lover her

  • Nisha Joshi
    Nisha Joshi❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Preetam Baitharu
    Preetam Baitharu

    If I told my crush after a long time that she was my crush back then ... forsure she's gonna stop texting me nd one day she'll tell me that how a creep I was !!!😑😑😑 .... So the conclusion is THIS VIDEO IS ONLY FOR SHOW PURPOSE SO PLZ DON'T TRY OR TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!😂😂😂

  • Paranoid Patrick
    Paranoid Patrick

    𝙵𝚒𝚕𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚌𝚘𝚙𝚢 *𝙿𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚟𝚎 𝚟𝚒𝚋𝚎𝚜* 😊

  • Pratik Pable
    Pratik Pable

    so nice

  • Mian Zahoor
    Mian Zahoor

    My school crush used to go out with my cousin, asked him about me but when I text her she block me😏

  • Ajey Nager
    Ajey Nager

    Falling in love is not the difficult and most important thing staying in love is ...❤️😭

  • Bhavna Bisht
    Bhavna Bisht

    Don't ever try those stunts not even in the dreams ....maybe ur crush will block u or maybe u will be embarresed

    • Justin Justin
      Justin Justin


  • sunil singh
    sunil singh

    I think god made you to do the video calls only ....

  • Anuj Bhardwaj
    Anuj Bhardwaj

    Same thing happened with me

  • Bobby Dagar
    Bobby Dagar

    Pheli baat ,crush itni jaldi msg Nahi Karti hai😂

  • Preetam Baitharu
    Preetam Baitharu

    Kitna chomu launda hai !!!😂😂😂

  • kim Taehyung scott
    kim Taehyung scott

    How is their video call quality sooooo goodddd?!!!

  • Harish Mehta
    Harish Mehta


  • Saad Farooqi
    Saad Farooqi

    Girl is not cute ...

  • Rahul suman
    Rahul suman

    damn cute and why on earth am i feeling it

  • sc0ut


  • TP2HÜMÅÑ 78HD90
    TP2HÜMÅÑ 78HD90


  • Anus Anis
    Anus Anis

    What a straight forward guy

  • Nazareen Dias
    Nazareen Dias

    The moment the ringtone was ringing of the call, it reminded me of my tution's😁😁😁😂

  • imran mirza
    imran mirza

    Vineeth did not give chocolate.. I have such friends :) ek number ke kamine

  • The Indian boy
    The Indian boy

    bhai haam to photo dekh k hi kam chala rahe h baki ka to......

  • The Indian boy
    The Indian boy

    aesa sirf filmo me hota h haavaye chakl rahi h........ background music ........ by the way nice video for singles to dream that there relationships start from such a situation

  • Rashi M
    Rashi M

    hes reading harrry potter i love iy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tuhin Choudhury
    Tuhin Choudhury

    When 'tujhe' evolves to 'tumhe'


    That was so cute 😍😍

  • Harshad Mantri
    Harshad Mantri

    School crush ki yaad aa gai aabhi to vo reply bhi nahi deti 😅😂😂

  • Naveen

    I also met crush n guess she knws that I had crush on her ...

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