FilterCopy | When Millennials Become Parents | Ft. Anuj Sachdeva and Nauheed Cyrusi
Parents goals TBH ❤️
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Sejal Badala

Sripriya Yegneswaran

Aditya Chandiok

Assistant Directors
Priyankar Biswas
Esther Darlong

Ishani Roy
Swagatam Chakraborty

Executive Producers
Anant Kaushik
Dhruv Mohan
Karan Dev

Anuj Sachdeva
Divyam Banot
Nauheed Cyrusi

Junior Coordinator
Ravindra Suri & Co

Casting By
Pocket Aces Talent Team

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

Ayaz Merchant

Anuj Dabral

  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us what you enjoyed the most in this video😍 Give your body the nutrition it needs using Naturamore’s range of products. Click on the link to make it part of your daily routine

    • Phynix X
      Phynix X

      It's okk bro ...we'll support u

    • krishna veni
      krishna veni

      but i ddont think the concept of family and child upringing will be in those generations

    • Shadman abdulkalam Kalam
      Shadman abdulkalam Kalam Guys please Manisha Chauhan ke channel ko subscribe karo please 🇮🇳 India ki Best female prankster Manisha Chauhan

    • Jhanvi Kapoor
      Jhanvi Kapoor

      Nice...but a bit dumb too...butnice😂💕

    • Hitu Tank
      Hitu Tank

      Salo bahot hi bakavas...

  • Girija Devi
    Girija Devi

    🥴🙅‍♀️🤷‍♀️this is not true.

  • hobieclipsis

    Do y'all not realize most millennials ARE parents??????? Youngest millennials are about 25-26 tf?

  • Advay Madan
    Advay Madan

    The woman is turning on the controller while playing imaginary fifa with her husband

  • Ankur Jain
    Ankur Jain

    ds ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Halima Anwar Makrani
    Halima Anwar Makrani

    Like seriously 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 meme send krne se life partner milte ha 😂😂😂😂😂 Aur esa ha to most of the memer single kiu ha bhe 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • PRO GAMER Noobda
    PRO GAMER Noobda

    I was in kg when I got my first phone

  • Shahan Sajid
    Shahan Sajid

    Filtercopy is best and very funny

  • SAM - It - Yourself
    SAM - It - Yourself

    Worried to know know that there will still be exams in the future!

  • Vikram Solanki
    Vikram Solanki

    What is FLM

  • New Media
    New Media



    The mother looks like Kiara Advani.😄

  • Sunaina Singh
    Sunaina Singh

    Nauheed looks like kiara advani

  • Sakshi Patil
    Sakshi Patil

    I can't believe the actress is from maula mere maula mere song!❤️

  • Soniya Soloman
    Soniya Soloman

    From which angle ur looking father of a thirteen yr old😅

  • Aniruddha Dev
    Aniruddha Dev

    she looks like denni,I hate my mind....

  • Priyanka Christina Nandi
    Priyanka Christina Nandi

    Heyyy...Nauheed Cyrusi wtf! The 'Anwar' girl 💁 acting in this shit...this was the last thing I ever wanted to see

  • piyush kinekar
    piyush kinekar

    kitne bhi milennial ho jaye , parents ban jane par sabhi typical hojayenge 😂😂

  • everything films
    everything films

    Why they didn't have a dog in a big house

  • Mayank Batra
    Mayank Batra

    I must tell the future dependency on technology is scary, especially where children go out in the garden to play on a projected console screen. 😭

  • harshita

    *LoL* our parents revised 10 times, we can barely revise once due to distractions from technology. u think our kids will be able to even concentrate once on studies? 😂😂 how cute u think

  • Chapal Mosharrat Jahan
    Chapal Mosharrat Jahan

    I really liked the parents

  • Draco isnt Evil
    Draco isnt Evil

    Any gen z here?

  • DeMonic Dragon
    DeMonic Dragon

    I caught a mistake in the video. In the part where the parents are playing then you can listen that the sound effects we PUBG AKM and you can see that the PS4 are not turned on! GOTCHA FILTERCOPY

  • Dhananjay Kumar
    Dhananjay Kumar

    I was born in 2008 so what am i called??

  • Sahana Krishnan
    Sahana Krishnan

    Anuj sounds like HRITHIK right?>>

  • Ananya Shah
    Ananya Shah


  • Shaik abdul azeez
    Shaik abdul azeez

    What is the name of that girl

  • Mousumi Banerjee
    Mousumi Banerjee

    I hope my parents would be like this


    what the fullform of fml

  • Follow Sameeksha
    Follow Sameeksha

    I don't want to live like this

  • Khadija Rahman Sneha
    Khadija Rahman Sneha

    I wish I had a parent like them

  • Pranav M
    Pranav M

    The second controller wasn't connected

  • dr g balasubramanian ramesh
    dr g balasubramanian ramesh

    Middle class life and middle class parents are the best

  • Akansha. Sharma
    Akansha. Sharma

    Instagram at 13 😬

  • Sirajum Moonira
    Sirajum Moonira

    I barely get time two revise 1 time

  • Ujwala Sonawane
    Ujwala Sonawane

    Jo America main ho raha hain which sab future dikha rahe hain

  • megna stha
    megna stha

    FML ka fulfrom ka ha

  • Vidhi Shah
    Vidhi Shah

    i wish my parents are also so cool

  • Sneha Tom
    Sneha Tom

    Waise bhi fail hua toh tats not the end of the world...... Hope so my parents wld also say the same dialogue

  • Deba Mita
    Deba Mita

    my God...really? are Millennials' lives this boring?

  • Areeb Shaikh
    Areeb Shaikh

    The guy kinda looks likes Rajkumar Rao

  • Bilinta Benet
    Bilinta Benet

    impossible dreams that every Indian child sees lol

  • Will Newman
    Will Newman

    U mean gen z?🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Asghar Hussain
    Asghar Hussain

    God created Adam And Eve Not Adam and Steve if people are turning gay then how will the population grow?

    • Abhishek Shukla
      Abhishek Shukla

      @Asghar Hussain Accha adoption wale Bache toh aap jese he pada karte ho na

    • Asghar Hussain
      Asghar Hussain

      @Will Newman you are only alive rn because your parents weren't gay

    • Asghar Hussain
      Asghar Hussain

      @Will Newman ik about them because I read about them in my holy Qur'an Even if I have no proof then how did the population grow? With 2 gay people I think not And the population now will end within 100 years then humans will become extinct

    • Will Newman
      Will Newman

      WTF have u written?? You don't even have a proof for adam and Eve and talk about them😂😂 Population bahut badh gayi bhaii, aur log aapke jaise nahi chahiye iss duniya mein

  • Ambarish Jain
    Ambarish Jain

    We don't have these type of parents in india

  • Divya S
    Divya S

    PS4 isn't on😂😂

  • talk2reetu


  • Swati R Phadke
    Swati R Phadke

    The actress who played the role of mother looks like kiara advani ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Girija

    Meme se pyaar ho gaya😂

  • sunil kumar malhotra
    sunil kumar malhotra

    I a

  • Shokhi Sharma
    Shokhi Sharma

    No parents are really so cool with their kids using insta at the age of 13 (exceptions are always there)...though they can give kids their personal phones but for social media ,this age is too young...

  • Bharath

    the dad sounds like hrithick roshan

  • Bluestar

    1:02 playing ps4 without connecting to the ps4? great acting great acting

  • jeroby miles
    jeroby miles

    ha parents video gaming till 2am and can still afford that huge house and luxuries what kind of dream world is this...

  • Zahra Salman Ramsorwala II D
    Zahra Salman Ramsorwala II D

    Which type of watch in it

  • pranathi bethampudi
    pranathi bethampudi

    What is the brand and model of dat watch ? It's so cool

  • Rashmi Chopra
    Rashmi Chopra


  • Soumak sardar
    Soumak sardar

    At 2:52 she speaks bengali

  • Advaita Mishra
    Advaita Mishra

    her life is set yaar

  • Fish Cutting
    Fish Cutting

    She really liked the part where his daughter is gay (cacu and uncle) explained about. I hope everyone will learn to accept these things in the same way

    • Black Rose
      Black Rose

      @Asghar Hussain its not that persons fault if they are like this god created them that way accept that too


      @Asghar Hussain he/she is saying to the person who has commented not to you

    • Asghar Hussain
      Asghar Hussain

      @Aditya Singh what do I correct in that sentence ?

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh

      I think you have to improve your English

    • Asghar Hussain
      Asghar Hussain

      God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

  • *Eshal Uzair*
    *Eshal Uzair*

    When i wach filter copy i saw kaash mere mama baba bhi ese hote

  • Abina Basheer
    Abina Basheer

    This is not real!!!!

  • Anshika Gupta
    Anshika Gupta

    Umm..bye all

  • punya chawla
    punya chawla

    I have my French exam today ... it’s 7:30 am right now .... I haven’t done anything but got pumped after seeing this girl revising three times 😂

  • GirliNation

    Yaar agar millennial parents hain yeh log how come unki beti ne 3 Baar revise Kiya?!?! And they could put naturamore ad in another scene.. but they also had to show the millennial parents supporting the study.. Good vid though

  • arjun rajan
    arjun rajan

    Dad present phone for birthday is just a feeling.. But dad removes belt while showing report card is an emotion..

  • Devanshi Parasrampuria
    Devanshi Parasrampuria

    Was there Instagram 13 years ago ? 😂

  • Momina Mansoor Ali
    Momina Mansoor Ali

    Wtf tennis??

  • Abiha Mirza
    Abiha Mirza

    lets be honest, we will be the best parents

  • Antaris

    I wish all the parents on the world should be like that but Reality is Often Disapointing. 😣

  • sri vani
    sri vani

    She looks exactly like kiara advani.

    • Bhumika aneja
      Bhumika aneja


  • Akansha. Sharma
    Akansha. Sharma

    Actually I can't understand the concept

  • Akansha. Sharma
    Akansha. Sharma

    A 13 years having her own mobile

  • Parth Gupta
    Parth Gupta

    Guys with INlabel premium can not see this as it gives an ad free experience! Lol You get it anyone? Like it plz

  • Legendary hasnain
    Legendary hasnain

    I am still thinking whether i did 3 time revision ever 🤔😂😂 Because with people like me it feels so happy to complete the course and just if possible one time revision is likee..woahhh😂😂

  • Ragi Shah
    Ragi Shah

    I don't have any idea about millennials 😭

  • Jhum Ganguly
    Jhum Ganguly

    1:36 don't expect saying this from ur parents bcz l don't as even after revising 10000 times my parents this l don't do anything 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • Priyanshi Meena
    Priyanshi Meena

    Parents k decision glt ho skte h pr unki niyat ni.... Woh hr cheez hmre bhale k liye hi krte h....

  • Dhruvika Masti
    Dhruvika Masti

    what is the meaning of Millennials

    • Dhruvika Masti
      Dhruvika Masti

      @Anurag Patwal thanks

    • Anurag Patwal
      Anurag Patwal

      Born between 1981 to 1996

  • spiderbeetle studios
    spiderbeetle studios

    What does millenials means and what was this video trying to show I have no clue sorry 😅😅


    Is she Piya basanti song actress ?

  • Bella Swan
    Bella Swan

    Doesn't the mom look like kiara advani?

  • Aadya N
    Aadya N



    The way he explained to his daugther that being gay or being lesbian is no wrong ....❤❤

  • Ashlesha Singh
    Ashlesha Singh

    I love this family!!! teaches bout homosexuality, makes insta acc, clicks filter photos, has PS4 nights, teaches short forms gives her cash of 1000 bucks when she is thirteen, has a diet to keep her fit omg every kids dream to have this family

  • Shreyansh Anand
    Shreyansh Anand

    i wonder how were they playing with there controllers disconnected ......

  • Directioner Potato - Baby Army
    Directioner Potato - Baby Army

    The parents of next generation will be like this only

  • Siddhi Kenia
    Siddhi Kenia

    Nauheed cyrusi looks like future kiara advani .

  • Raushan Kumar
    Raushan Kumar

    What's that FML??🤔🤔

  • U ALiVe
    U ALiVe

  • Omar faruk Laskar
    Omar faruk Laskar

    Wish my mom dada had the same ideology

  • Neelam Rashmi
    Neelam Rashmi

    I wish my parents were millennials

  • jai hi
    jai hi

    Guess what I will make all those cool technologies

  • Brainz

    Mortal Kombat X is better than Mortal Kombat

  • nitin gupta
    nitin gupta


  • Anushka Kalra
    Anushka Kalra

    She looks kiara advani

  • Shukti Sarkar
    Shukti Sarkar

    This is just Boomer logic mixed with Indian stuff Give me a B Give me an O Give me an O Give me a M Give me an E Give me a R what is that? A BOOMER

  • ishaan balakrishnan
    ishaan balakrishnan

    Controller chalu karna bhul gaye

  • Aditya Mohire
    Aditya Mohire

    That girl is my classmate

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