FilterCopy | 7 Everyday Struggles Of A Student | Ft. Mihir Ahuja
I'm pretty much 3% human and 97% stress.
Here's our new video where we show everyday struggles in a student's life. Enjoy watching and share it with all your friends :)
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      Very frustrating

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  • Gopika Sathiajith
    Gopika Sathiajith

    Very relatable

  • Ritadip Sarkar
    Ritadip Sarkar

    *4:09** what a productive time table!*

  • Nagasree Lakshmi
    Nagasree Lakshmi

    My parents won't come while I am studying but they will come when I touch my phone 😣😣😣😩


    The green t-shirt guy was looking like beastboy shub👍

  • Vini Babbar
    Vini Babbar

    Me studing from 2 hours : mom doesn't give a fuck Uses phone for 2minutes : mom starts shouting

  • Chithra Shree
    Chithra Shree

    Me watching the video like nobody and hearing my name in the last!!! Also me: a mini heart attack and feeling my name is the only weird thing someone can say!!!

  • Swathi R Nayak
    Swathi R Nayak

    Everything is so damn relatable !!! 😂

  • Ashvin Joshi
    Ashvin Joshi

    Phone wala bahut sahi 😂

  • Rohan Ramamurthi
    Rohan Ramamurthi

    mihir: omg this phone just dies whenever mom: which phone do you want mihir: *takes out his dead phone to send the link*

  • •Lavender_ Cherry•
    •Lavender_ Cherry•

    Me I am student - my chapters remaining to complete 🥺

  • Muna Baral
    Muna Baral

    I read the time table😏

  • Saket Kumar
    Saket Kumar

    bhai sach bolu to phone ke wajah se hi hum students padhai nai kar paate 😔 aur online studies toh aur bhi study nahi karne deta tha 😭

  • Mukund Lath
    Mukund Lath

    Who saw that the actor real name was Mihir ,

  • Tanishqa Sharma
    Tanishqa Sharma

    The phone part😂

  • Bindu Shaju
    Bindu Shaju

    Who all knows that this is scripted and directed by vineeth srinivasan💪🔥🔥

  • Ananya Doshi
    Ananya Doshi

    just pause the video at 4:08 and look at the "timetable"

  • Jiten Purswani
    Jiten Purswani

    student video without unacadmey app promotion😂😂

  • ༺ʝɨʏǟ•14༻

    What teachers think we do: ●Study the whole year ●Do revision before one month of exam. ●Gives the exam ●Also study in the holidays. What we actually do: ●Play and have fun whole year. ●Finish the whole syllabus the day before exam. ●Never dare to have any revision ●Gives the exam ●Forgets everything and again start playing and having fun.😂🤣

  • NooB GuYs
    NooB GuYs

    Time table says rasode mein kon tha ? tum thi main thi kon tha? khaali cooker gas pe chada ke aayi . Konkilaben . Kya chal raha hai bhai

  • Garima Nayyar
    Garima Nayyar

    Plz make the video on struggles of board students during this lockdown.😊😊😅😅

  • Nayanshree Mishra
    Nayanshree Mishra

    That curly haired boy is so cute❤️

  • Addite Rajvaidya
    Addite Rajvaidya


  • Arrownith.

    OK . I'm that idiot person who never study a bit , but score more than friends , and what they say me ... Topper kamina .....😂🤣😂

  • Arrownith.

    U can close the door , right? ... 😁😂🤣

  • Shravani Bedarkar
    Shravani Bedarkar

    Hahahhaa ...that time table..😂🤣😂😂lol. ! I've never seen this before😎😂

  • Ayushi Srivastava
    Ayushi Srivastava

    Bro same condition h...ekdum same..🤣🤣jb padho tb koi nhi dekhega...jaise mobile jaa rhi ho🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aarshiya Singh
    Aarshiya Singh

    I don’t know how our moms just come at the time when we are using our phones while studying..just how!!??🥵🥵

  • XC 42 Hetvi Purohit
    XC 42 Hetvi Purohit

    Aur vo Monday kabhi bhi nai ata 🤣🤣🤣

  • homo sapein
    homo sapein

    Anyone pause and watched time table tuesday wala song likha h🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Divyanshi Sahu
    Divyanshi Sahu

    no one literally no one me: paused the video and saw the time table.......... the timetable is must to see

  • Ishan Dhamanikar
    Ishan Dhamanikar

    Timetable is very funny 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Humera Khanum
    Humera Khanum

    I like Mihir he is really a good actor 👍

  • Miss Flairy
    Miss Flairy

    4:09 see the timetable for Tuesday so funny

  • Jashanpreet kaur
    Jashanpreet kaur

    The Last one is me 🤪..."arre maa subah se timetable bna rha tha"


    😂❤️ students life sucks !

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  • Aditi Joshi
    Aditi Joshi

    Others :- abhi padhai kaise karu kal exam hai?? Me:-Yeh mey kar leta hoon tab tak aap dream 11 pe jaake team bana lo... 😂

  • fromScratch

    Fact: U studied for 6 hrs( No one comes to check u out) Scam: U use Mobile Phone For 5 Minutes( Padh le beta!)

  • love india
    love india

    When he says ki koi nhi main phone ko maar maar k hi chala lunga His mom: hum bhi tujhe aise hi chala rhe h Lol 😂

  • Vibhuti Mehta
    Vibhuti Mehta

    That's literally me everyday "abe aadha ghanta time table banaya na ab thodi der netflix fir padhai" ....also me freaking out a the day before exam

  • Mokshita Telu
    Mokshita Telu

    I never knew we made seperate time slots for washroom !!! Just loved the timetable 😅😅😅


    Two min silence for those who paused their video in4:09😂...woahh what a timetable

  • myT mythresh!
    myT mythresh!

    The time table was so accurate

  • Nafisa Linda
    Nafisa Linda


  • Sristi Roy
    Sristi Roy

    Who else paused the video to saw the time was hilarious 😂😂😂 tum thi....and more

  • china town
    china town

    me peacefully watching this video no one , literally no one, my brother: '' oye yeh toh voh 5 star wala hai na?''

    • Pervez Akhter
      Pervez Akhter

      Bhai sahab ki yaad das🔥🤣🤣

  • Angel Pragya Minz
    Angel Pragya Minz

    this was relatable af

  • Angel Pragya Minz
    Angel Pragya Minz

    Intro me naam ni likhte.. acknowledgement me likhte h

  • Subhash Chandna
    Subhash Chandna

    How many of you noticed kokilaben's dialog in his " productive time table" ?😂😂

  • silent eyes
    silent eyes


  • Siya Mishra
    Siya Mishra

    This is so relatable...............❤

  • Life Goes On
    Life Goes On

    Har ladki ka 96% nhi ate bcoz I'm so a girl and I'm also fully happy and satisfied with passing marks

  • Sanya Kanojia
    Sanya Kanojia

    90% vla thouu yrrr indeed 😂😂❤

  • Rujuta Kulkarni
    Rujuta Kulkarni

    Saari mummy ghoom phir ke mobile pe hi kyu aati hai 😅😅

  • Tanmayee K
    Tanmayee K


  • Komal Singh
    Komal Singh

    Last wale scene me agr meri mummy hoti to kehti.. "ye coffee hai.. Monday ko pina!"

  • sujal parajuli
    sujal parajuli

    lol timetable at 4:09😂😂😂

  • Gungun Dagour
    Gungun Dagour

    Thats amazing!!! 100% relatable yrrrr....

  • Amjadbinghalib Ghalibbinamjad
    Amjadbinghalib Ghalibbinamjad

    Any one read the time table?? I did😂😂😂

  • Toiba A
    Toiba A

    Who is here who makes time table every day and say to her/him self "Monday sa start Kara ga"

  • Shhiven Duggal
    Shhiven Duggal

    Synthesis reaction does not yield two compounds lol, 2 elements give 1 compound lol at least make it realistic

  • Geet Panjwani
    Geet Panjwani

    Phone is the cause of every problem..... Parents understand ---- Your taunts and strictness is the cause of every problem 🤣😂😂

  • Chitral Shah
    Chitral Shah

    I just got to know that when some one write the time in the comment like for example 4:08 and if you will click on it The video will start from taht time MUST TRY 🚫🚫 MAGIC!!

  • Shanti Jalwania
    Shanti Jalwania


  • Sheethal Viswanath
    Sheethal Viswanath

    Same thing is happened in my life too😁

  • Neev Goyal
    Neev Goyal

    Almost 8 million !! All the legends watching this during school, hit the like buttin

  • Celestial body
    Celestial body

    Kbi kuch na krke b dekho - Mihir

  • Manan Yadav
    Manan Yadav

    Did anyone notice the time table😂😂😂, Rasode mein kaaaauuun tha

  • You know me Right?
    You know me Right?

    That phone -mom part was lit and true😂😂😂😂😂

  • Revathi Manjunath
    Revathi Manjunath

    That Monday of our life never 🙅 comes before the exam

  • Hari Vyas
    Hari Vyas

    Sir you have taken my Name

  • Khushi Malik
    Khushi Malik

    Has anyone seen timetable? 😂😂

  • Mishthi jain
    Mishthi jain

    Did anyone noticed the time table 😂😂 padhai kam h insta snapchat Facebook chill time rasode mein kon tha 😂 kokila ben Rashi ben washroom (1ghanta ) jada h 😂 if u noticed give a like

  • c s
    c s

    Time table shown here is for LEGENDS Follow it and you will ROCK!!🤣🤣😆

  • Shalmali Kadlak
    Shalmali Kadlak

    Dyslexia issues

  • Shreya Ponkshe
    Shreya Ponkshe

    'TIME TABLE' & 'Monday se shuru karunga padhai' is so much relatable 😂 Great content Filtercopy 👍

  • VenZara ElliSon
    VenZara ElliSon


  • VenZara ElliSon
    VenZara ElliSon


  • Thejashree S
    Thejashree S

    Oh god!!........ Mom's entry when u pick up Ur phone is so very trueeeeeeeeeeeee......😅😂😂

  • SIDE Lyrics
    SIDE Lyrics

    My channel name is side lyrics .I am not telling you people to subscribe to my channel. Just telling that it is only and only my channel.😁

  • Akshita

    Being student itself is a struggle there is no need of adding struggle before students 😂😂😝

  • Ayushi Pal
    Ayushi Pal

    "Monday se achche se shuru krenge padhai."..yhi socha tha yr pr Tuesday aa gya😭😭

  • Taprico Singh
    Taprico Singh

    When we study : no one literally no one When we use phone : literally every one notices us and scolds us to study

  • Artika Thakur
    Artika Thakur

    Kabhi kuch na kr k dekho 😂😂😂eat 5 star


    Who all got this to Recommend

  • akx_edits

    I can relate everything in this video

  • Haritosh Mishra
    Haritosh Mishra

    Me :- mommy bhuk lgi hai. Mom:- aur chala phone!

  • Tanisha Shaikh
    Tanisha Shaikh

    Seriously? Time table banane mei kya problem hai? Studies ke liye hi toh kar rahe hai...

  • Bushra Khan
    Bushra Khan

    Timetable one so true always happens with me 😅

  • Maharshi Tripathi
    Maharshi Tripathi

    mere boards mai 94 hai sala lauda kuch farak nhi pad rha usse

  • Lokendra Sharma
    Lokendra Sharma

    3:28 the subtitles are high.. When you notice it.

  • Bleszzz 03
    Bleszzz 03

    the productive timetable was indeed the best unproductive time table (4:09)

  • Sn Modi
    Sn Modi

    Parents be like* Studying whole day-Kabhi padhai nahi Karta. 1 Min of phone-Din bhar phone

  • Devansh Laad
    Devansh Laad

    4:10 😂

  • swayam Shreya Dash
    swayam Shreya Dash

    At the end the Monday never came🤣🤣

  • Harvir singh
    Harvir singh

    Yrrr tu schai dkhai aa

  • pawan sattawan
    pawan sattawan

    Who else stopped the video for seeing the time table.... that's so funny rasode mein kon tha

  • I M V3NOM
    I M V3NOM

    Por.. Wala

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