FilterCopy | 2019 Me VS 2020 Me | Ft. Aakashdeep Arora
2019: Sits on couch all day
2020: Sits on couch all day
Some things never change 😂
In 2019, you thought that 2020 will be your year but 2020 so far has been the worst of times.
Check out our new video and tell us what you liked the most. Enjoy watching :)
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    • Ghhijjk Pathan
      Ghhijjk Pathan

      Yhi ki 2019 sucks

    • Rabiya Khatun
      Rabiya Khatun

      It was just the truth but I miss School the most

    • Crazy Brothers And Sisters
      Crazy Brothers And Sisters

      I am missing my school too much...

    • Ammu ammuzz
      Ammu ammuzz


    • Dark Phoenix Gaming
      Dark Phoenix Gaming


  • Shamima Shabnam
    Shamima Shabnam

    Imagine the video upload date change to August 2019.🤯😯😧 That's 2021

  • Harshdeep Singh
    Harshdeep Singh

    2019 sucks but 2020 fucks

  • dhanvi desai
    dhanvi desai

    I wish I had 2020 me to warn me in 2019,but watching this in 2021 so if things are better again. N

  • Amish Kapoor Cubes
    Amish Kapoor Cubes

    Why didn't you told me that you did add shot with paresh rawal dominos old add

  • Sreya Mm
    Sreya Mm

    the last scene hit on different level

  • Kailash Kapoor
    Kailash Kapoor

    I also so go to goa at 20 19 And after 2 days corona

  • Zainab Fatima
    Zainab Fatima

    I felt so emotional when the scene of Irfan khan came, I literally felt his feelings, Love u forever Irfan khan!

  • Anushka Kalra
    Anushka Kalra

    I love 2019 i hate 2020

  • Zubaida N M
    Zubaida N M

    Who is here in 2021

  • Raman Chawla
    Raman Chawla

    2020 me VS 2021 me kab arraha hai ??

  • Vasudha Selokar
    Vasudha Selokar

    2019 lovers ho toh ek like kar kar jauoo

  • infinity time
    infinity time

    Who is watching in 2021

  • Creative Synthesis
    Creative Synthesis

    Who all came here because your video is loading🤣

  • manjula kenganur
    manjula kenganur

    2021 someone?

  • Eman Aslam
    Eman Aslam

    Tomorrow is new year

  • Sarasij Das
    Sarasij Das

    Let's say 2020 Good bye and say hi to 2021. Hope this year to be better than 2020.

  • Dia Bangolae
    Dia Bangolae

    Now December of 2020 has come and this horrible year is coming to it's end!

  • why did i do this
    why did i do this


  • 《 C Y R U S X G O D 》Gaming
    《 C Y R U S X G O D 》Gaming

    2:43 When you get caught for murder

  • Rush bush.
    Rush bush.

    Traffic ki awaz aur pollution ki mehek😂😂😂

  • Chaotic KpopFandom
    Chaotic KpopFandom

    this year is almost over tho XD

  • Riddhi Wagh
    Riddhi Wagh

    2000 : guess what ! I m going out of town ! 2010 : guess what ! I m going out of India ! 2020 : guess what ! I m going out of my house !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarthak plays
    Sarthak plays

    2019 : I was happy

  • nivedita verma
    nivedita verma

    Well both year sucked for me

  • szubinmehta

    I keep watching this video only for the background score of 2020 person 😂😂

  • Arnav Srivastava
    Arnav Srivastava

    We also irrafan sir

  • aniruddha sreekantham
    aniruddha sreekantham

    Best actor❤️😂

  • Kartik Suneja
    Kartik Suneja

    Only people in 2020 can relate

  • keshav Kansara!
    keshav Kansara!

    2020 ne duniya hila di

  • keshav Kansara!
    keshav Kansara!

    we in 2019: konsa day h Wednesday ya thrusday🙏 we in 2020: konsa month h November ya December 😏

  • Sahil Dargar Xl A
    Sahil Dargar Xl A

    👍👍 The best one 😂😂😂 Plz take out part 2

  • Euphoria love
    Euphoria love

    A whole year is gonna pass and even corona birthday will also come😢 Still we aren't out of this quarantine 😭

  • Anahi Ortega-Romano
    Anahi Ortega-Romano

    this is sad.. the virus hasn't ended yet :/

  • Roshni mukundan
    Roshni mukundan

    This me right now

  • Motiur Rahman
    Motiur Rahman

    Good content dude


    The traffic sound ahhhhh owhhhhhh ahhhhh owhhhhh 😂😂

  • Samidh Bhaskar
    Samidh Bhaskar


  • MAlhar Deshpande
    MAlhar Deshpande

    Sound quality not good

  • Priti Agrawal
    Priti Agrawal

    I was just missing the part of Sushant Singh 😥 that missing in this video

  • Roll Mosses
    Roll Mosses

    2019 Me: I’ve been out for 4 nights this week. I’m so done with socializing. Not gonna head out at all next week. 2020 Me to 2019 me: get the fuck out


    Who all saw irfan khan scene😭

  • Malhar Nagapurkar
    Malhar Nagapurkar

    Rona he kyuki corona he

  • Priyansh Joshi
    Priyansh Joshi

    mast video h

  • Samriddhi Vikrant
    Samriddhi Vikrant

    This video still gives me chills

  • ROMEy anish
    ROMEy anish

    Loved this video , watching this the 12th time 😁😄...

  • Aditi verma
    Aditi verma

    The irfan khan part just touched ......😑😑😑😑

  • Areesha Ahmed
    Areesha Ahmed

    Who want second part of this video? If yes so like and if no so comment with a reson.

  • My Music
    My Music

    And we thought 2019 sucked lol yaha tho ghar se bhar hi nahi nikal sakte lol

  • nisha tiwari
    nisha tiwari

    This video is awesome love you guys

  • Kritika Neupane
    Kritika Neupane

    0:37 he tell the name of virus hum corona hai

  • 9B_19 Abha Tiwari
    9B_19 Abha Tiwari

    4:04 aadha nhi pura 2020...😑

  • Kalpna Mittal
    Kalpna Mittal

    Bro u didn't tell us u have worked in an advertising of dominos I saw u on that

  • ARUSH : The Dancer's
    ARUSH : The Dancer's

    Grand salute to the editor


    There should be a part 2

  • Hassan Kanon
    Hassan Kanon

    2019 sucks😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Just original
    Just original

    Please make one 2020 me v/s 2021 me😂

  • Hemanth Thiyagarajan
    Hemanth Thiyagarajan

    So apt!!!

  • Henri Rainbow 07
    Henri Rainbow 07

  • NTFUM 123
    NTFUM 123 👉👈💜

  • Serene

    This video is really real.. little bit funny too, but at the same time, donno y I had tears in my eyes watching it.. we were soo happy and free in 2019 and we didn't have any idea about what's coming !!

  • Byun Bacon
    Byun Bacon

    Me, 2019: "It's the Love Shot! Na na na na na na na na. Na na na na na na na na. SEVENTEEN right here! Kinchana Kinchana- Me, 2020: It's the Love Shot!! Na na na na na na na na Aye~ Na na na na na na na. SEVENTEEN right here! HOME;RUNnn!! My mom: I don't see any difference 👁👄👁.

  • Jerusha Mathew
    Jerusha Mathew

    2019: Be away from negative people 2020: Be away from positive people

  • john reubens
    john reubens

    I could feel that 1.55

  • arsh puri
    arsh puri

    3:08 🥺

  • AARAV JEET 2005180194
    AARAV JEET 2005180194


  • Sis Star
    Sis Star

    The end part gave me spine chills 🔥

  • Bangladeshi Fahim
    Bangladeshi Fahim

    This video is soooo well made 👍

  • Tamoshree Dey
    Tamoshree Dey

    Wo traffic wala part was so relatable....😭😭😭😭

  • Puneet Sharma
    Puneet Sharma

    This can be the best discription of 2020 . The ending is likedamn good . Hats off to u guys Its totally relatable

  • Anurag Panda
    Anurag Panda

    Akash bro you look like Mr bean

  • Ujan Biswas
    Ujan Biswas

    2:40, that creepy look, for a moment gave me a shiver, subtle acting.

  • Sarthak Garg
    Sarthak Garg


  • Abhishek

    2:12 my fav scene

  • Mainak Chakraborty
    Mainak Chakraborty

    Perfect video in the History of videos

  • kunja bihari sahani
    kunja bihari sahani

    Literally no one - in a comment video every one was saying" Aakash deep is a chhota bacha" Now me - wah he has beared now hahahahahahaha Thanks for click here like Pls


    3:02 made me cry

  • Shruthi

    I love this video too much...

  • Shahinaaz Mujawar
    Shahinaaz Mujawar

    The best background music 🎶 loved it 😍😍

  • ankit raj
    ankit raj

    Plz make 2nd part of it how 2020goes

  • S.S.CREATION Bellary
    S.S.CREATION Bellary

    I wish

  • PiTNicS !
    PiTNicS !

    Students in 2019 will be like : When will school close Students in 2020 will be like : When will school open

  • Mihirsinh yadav
    Mihirsinh yadav

    Background music was next level

  • Abhishek

    2:07 my fav scene 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Ananya Raghuwanshi
    Ananya Raghuwanshi

    Video inspired from an idea by Julie Nolke

  • Oishy Murshed
    Oishy Murshed

    Best acting, best background music, and mind blowing concept..

  • Gamers Punch
    Gamers Punch

    Hey there i am from 2060 I remember when we lived on earth oh man

    • Miraculous Crazy
      Miraculous Crazy

      Hi I am from 2005 and What is happening in 2020????

  • Vedanshi Sahay
    Vedanshi Sahay

    The video was itna perfect that l was actually feeling that it was shot in 2019.🤗🍂

  • Ashwin Kumar Mathura
    Ashwin Kumar Mathura

    It was best of times, It was the worst of times.

  • Sugandha Puranik
    Sugandha Puranik

    This video is best 👍🏻😂❤️

  • Husna Zannat Peu
    Husna Zannat Peu

    that Irrfan Khan moment 😔

  • Saidakshin S
    Saidakshin S

    Didn't know akash could do a hand stand

  • Aditi Bhatia
    Aditi Bhatia

    Concept is so damnnn goood

  • robot boy deban
    robot boy deban

    0:21 WUT WIN 7 !!!???

  • Pawan Agrawal
    Pawan Agrawal

    You copied Julie Nolke's video... Atleast you could've done it properly 😂🤦‍♂️

  • 42 Shrishti Anglo
    42 Shrishti Anglo

    How can you bloody forget pubg yaarrrr

  • Jarvis

    2020 is for the people who wanted 6 months vacation twice a year...

  • vikram ghoshal
    vikram ghoshal

    3:03 reaction only a legend can understand

    • awesome Zain
      awesome Zain

      Irfan khan 😭😭

  • Namit singh
    Namit singh

    Good. Loved it

  • mukta vaidya
    mukta vaidya