FilterCopy | When You Are Single And So Are Your Friends | Ft. Gagan, Kritika, Anjali & Yuvraj
Life is better with friends especially when all of us are single ❤️ 😜
Hey guys,
This friendship's day thank that one yaar who has made these times more bearable, by giving them a tight squeeze digitally - that is a Virtual Hug. And don’t forget to say cheers with the new McDowell’s No1 Original Whisky with that yaar. #TheNewNo1
Happy Friendship Day!❤️

Jackie Thakkar
Sejal Badala

Pallavi Kedia

Sushant Singh

Assistant Director
Esther Darlong

Sripriya Yegneswaran

Executive Producer
Shagun Kazania

Visual Supervisor (Dop)
Swagatam Chakraborty

Anjali Barot
Kritika Avasthi
Gagan Arora
Yuvraj Singh
Visual Execution
Anmol Wadhwa
Nishit Bhatia
Bhumika Yadav
Harshita Yadav
Yuvraj Singh
Disha Thakur

Brand Solutions
Prakhar Jha
Shreya Agarwal
Kuntal Bhoir
Vishwanath Shetty

Pocket Aces Talent

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

Parmjeet Sond

Antara Anand

Color Grading
Ishani Roy

Sound Design
Hardik Desai

Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu

  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! The most requested video is finally here! Kaisa laga batao! 😍 This friendship's day thank that one yaar who has made these times more bearable, by giving them a tight squeeze digitally - that is a Virtual Hug. And don’t forget to say cheers with the new McDowell’s No1 Original Whisky with that yaar. #TheNewNo1 Happy Friendship Day!❤️

    • Neeta Pabari
      Neeta Pabari


    • Ishita Shrivastava
      Ishita Shrivastava

    • Aditi Saharan
      Aditi Saharan

      @Aryan Sinha happiest FRIENDSHIP day


      Last one was goid

    • Aadil dossa
      Aadil dossa

      😀👬⛴🌞 happy friendship day

  • kiya Soni
    kiya Soni

    Bestest one i have ever seen 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Mr. Cj
    Mr. Cj

    In my mind: nobody loves me Can you prove me wrong ?

  • ahindri banerjee
    ahindri banerjee

    I just wonder how much shit one can put along that they make such a content 🙂

  • Shahina Firdaus
    Shahina Firdaus

    Hii filtercopy.... We want your help....I LOVE THIS CHANNEL AS IT GIVES MORALS AND ENTERTAINMENT....but the same we love EDUMANTRA ..... PLZ HELP THEM...WE NEED OUR COLLABORATORS ....and your channel is trustworthy...plz ...plz...I am a student ....and being a student we want to help our teachers....PLZ SUPPORT THEM...AS WE CAN CONTINUE TO LEARN IN LIFE ......PLZ GUYZ 😞😢🤲🏻🙏🏻 AS YOUR SIBLINGS , KIDS AND NEICES WOULD ALSO STUDY ....SO PLZZ....🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Maharshi Pandya
    Maharshi Pandya

    No one noticed the editors name in description it is SHUSHANT SINGH...😭❤

  • Parna Chowdhury
    Parna Chowdhury

    Nothing greater than frndship 💕👀

  • Techno Harry
    Techno Harry

    Yeh toh jyoti bhabhi hai na

  • stha anup
    stha anup

    Champion league ❤❤❤

  • Eimaan shah
    Eimaan shah


  • Shreya

    It's not common dude,!!

  • Riya singh
    Riya singh

    Samajh nhi aaya 😑😑😑

  • vaishnavi vaish
    vaishnavi vaish

    I love being single and I also remember the great friends I had in my old school and my present one. I'm also glad that I have good friends

  • Illogically Logical
    Illogically Logical

    and then the betrayal when your friend suddenly hits you up saying they started dating a girl/guy/whichever way they swing

  • harish mehla
    harish mehla

    @FilterCopy Guys i appreciate your work. But just get your video content checked with legal. Advertisement of alccohol is otherwise prohibited. Social media may be a grey area but it might get you into legal muck. Just an advice.


    5% of people who are watching this comments, I wish their parents still Alive for more than 100 years 👍 God bless u and u r family

  • Prithi Prangya
    Prithi Prangya

    Is that girl a lesbian

  • mayank maurya
    mayank maurya

    The red top girl looks Apoorva to me in thumbnail....and surprise

  • simran ganesh
    simran ganesh

    My name is simran

  • shristi Singh
    shristi Singh

    They are same as my frndzz Love you guys

  • Tenzin Yankee
    Tenzin Yankee

    Yuvraj ✨💓

  • Taksham Arora
    Taksham Arora

    Nashedi aurata 😠😠

  • 51 Sharook Muhammed
    51 Sharook Muhammed

    Which is that last song?

  • Debjani Bayen
    Debjani Bayen

    Anyone noticed...the boy with yellow t-shirt...he was in kyy season 2....Maddy...

  • Anurag Singh
    Anurag Singh

    Champions League one was so true ❤️

  • 51 Sharook Muhammed
    51 Sharook Muhammed

    That game was superb😂

  • Md Minhaz
    Md Minhaz

    The irony is that singles don't do as per ur preferred shitty video. We do complicated tasks like hiking, party, future plans, sports, PUBG ....and so on activities for benefits.

  • Nikki G
    Nikki G

    Kritika looks like Saoirse Ronan in the thumbnail

  • jack Debbarma
    jack Debbarma

    4:59 sponsored by daru haha nice yr

  • jack Debbarma
    jack Debbarma

    1:07 tharki sala 😂🤣😂

  • Lalita Chaudhary
    Lalita Chaudhary

    The person karan is from girls on top as "azhar khan"😍

  • nidhi kini
    nidhi kini

    When he broke the fourth wall 😂

  • shubham kant
    shubham kant

    Anjali's expressions at 4:02 ❤😜

  • Prerana Samanta
    Prerana Samanta

    Real truth- I also cried like a baby when champions league was postponed

  • Nitesh Chimurkar
    Nitesh Chimurkar

    Anand (आनंद)

  • Harsha Sharma
    Harsha Sharma


  • gaming gamer
    gaming gamer

    i am the person who turned the comments from 2019 to 2020 but of course i did not change the year this is the 2020th comment same number comments same terrible year

  • Ariyana Hossain
    Ariyana Hossain

    I can't understand who's gf is sherya 😶

  • Radha Raman Keshari
    Radha Raman Keshari #support_the_doctors This is a case of NSCB medical college, where doctors are being humiliated by attenders. It's a high time now please

  • Bhavna roy
    Bhavna roy

    Want more videos with yuvraj thakur ❤

  • ajay chauhan
    ajay chauhan

    Plz dont promotes alcoholic beverages .... For money 😠😡😠😡

  • Ranjan Pandey
    Ranjan Pandey

    It hurts🥺 name is shreya too🥺🥺

  • Kriti Paul
    Kriti Paul

    Did u notice Gagan saying 'aur kuch utube channels ne bhi' at 4:33 - 4:36 satire that Filtercopy often shows couple dating videos 😂😂.... Great work.... Kudos Filtercopy 👏👏👏👏

  • a hakeem mabof
    a hakeem mabof

    I heard jaane tu ya jaane naa and I went yahhh in my head because I just looove that movie 🥰🥰


    you promoted whiskey really? many school students may be watching this..??? young people will do anything for money and fame..UNSUBSCRIBING

  • Munna Tripathi
    Munna Tripathi


  • Om shah
    Om shah

    Bc whiskey (daaru) ki ase ad kon karta he chutiyapa 😂😂🤯🤯

  • Kaushika

    Yuv's "chaar single buddhe" cracked me up idk y🤣🤣🤣🤣💓

  • Rose Feng
    Rose Feng

    Wowwww...they r breaking the norms this subtly💜💜💜💜

  • Makhan Rakkar
    Makhan Rakkar


  • gaurav sharma
    gaurav sharma

    you should not advertise for drinking alcohol...many youth and even teenagers are following you...just a humble advise...😀

  • Ishwar Gupta
    Ishwar Gupta

    daru aise pee rhe jaise juice ho

  • Sufiyan Khan
    Sufiyan Khan


  • Manav Philip
    Manav Philip

    How many of you here wanted to write comment but when you came here it was already written

  • Sagarika Deb
    Sagarika Deb

    Yuvraj 😳😍😍😍😍😍

  • Acoustic_Deep

    Abe jhuthe logo McDowell pi h kabhi itni kadwi hoti h na aur khud kabhi peete honge nahi itni sasti wali bus paise ko liye kuch bhi advertisement

  • Yash Devani
    Yash Devani

    From promoting unacedamy and a whiskey,filter copy has come a long way

  • Harsh Bhatia
    Harsh Bhatia

    Harsh was here

  • Stuti

    It's not everytime that singles have friends like these😐

    • Ashima Yadav
      Ashima Yadav


  • pubg pro
    pubg pro


  • ujjwal bhawalkar
    ujjwal bhawalkar

    second question i took a sip

  • Ayush Soundalkar
    Ayush Soundalkar

    Champions league is back❤️

  • Nayana Sharma
    Nayana Sharma


  • Kaivaly Daga
    Kaivaly Daga

    Please don't fall for that money trap. You have a huge following, don't use it for promoting alcohol

  • Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma

    Does anyone else get the feeling that this whole video was made to advertise McDowell's?

  • Aditi Mehta
    Aditi Mehta

    Kaveri mistry mere 70 Saal ki Nani🤣😂

  • Sinu King
    Sinu King

    Next virus: binod Next pm: binod Cure of corona: binod Neet postponed: binod Hi: binod Khana khaya: binod 🤣

  • Kushagra Srivastava
    Kushagra Srivastava

    Bhai pure video me daru ko highlight Kiya hai

  • tripti arora
    tripti arora

    The song touched me 💝💝

  • Priyanka Kaith
    Priyanka Kaith

    Bhot pyari vid thi yar..i shared with my single friendss😊😆😆😄

  • Amrita Singha Ray
    Amrita Singha Ray

    Mere doston ne mujhe dhoka de diya🙁🙁 banda miltehi bahen ko bhul gayi 🥺🥺

  • Amulya Pokhrel
    Amulya Pokhrel

    Yuvraj🔥 Want to see barkha and yuvraj together in a video 😍

  • FF Semonty
    FF Semonty

    I'm seeing Yuvvraj after almost 2 years!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!

  • Mudita Upadhyay
    Mudita Upadhyay

    Finally filter copy made a single video for such ppl like me thnx lol😂✌

  • santhoshi


  • Abdullah Kazi
    Abdullah Kazi

    Are Bhai ! Sahi me CHAMPIONS LEAGUE postpone ho rahi he kya Bhai?? Please batao naaaa.........

  • SRJ - Life Uncut
    SRJ - Life Uncut

    watched every video of you Gagan...yaar bhai sahi me SWAG TERA DESI HAI you are great....wish I could meet you you bro...& also love you all....

  • Ekta Ghosh
    Ekta Ghosh

    I can't tell ki kitni jealousy wali feel aa rhi h..I don't have frnds like this..You guys are damn lucky.. :(

  • Khiladi bhaiya
    Khiladi bhaiya

  • Soham G
    Soham G

    Single Drunkards be like 😆

  • Mohan Paul
    Mohan Paul

    Public ko nashade banao baas!😠😠

  • Shivam khare
    Shivam khare

    *Drinking is injurious to health*

  • Aman m
    Aman m

    Her face at 4:01 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sagar Sambhav Mishra
    Sagar Sambhav Mishra

    Abe sarapiyon Kitna nashe karoge


    Wtf man it's not Shreya it's SHREYAS!!!!

  • Jennifer Addison
    Jennifer Addison

    Isme kyu nahi likhti drinking is injirious to health😝🙄😆

  • Adyasha Samal
    Adyasha Samal

    Wohhh that disss😂😂😂😂

  • Lovee Teddy
    Lovee Teddy

    I wish I had friends lol 😕

  • Sahil Qureshi
    Sahil Qureshi

    Kasam se yaar McDowell ko ad karne ki zarurat hai?? 😌😌😣

  • Prakash Desai
    Prakash Desai

    This is the only girl who has 10 many friends

  • taekook subunit
    taekook subunit

    Living for LGBTQ+ content . I'm a bisexual myself.

  • Koyena Dutta
    Koyena Dutta

    The last part💃💃❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Topic Brief
    Topic Brief

    Guys find a job

  • Nick Ray
    Nick Ray

    4:34 konsa INlabel channel ?

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma

    Girl or bhabhi mujhase dosti karane ke liye mere is whatsapp number par turant message kare 9058821080

  • Sreejita Saha
    Sreejita Saha

    Wowww.. soo nice

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    Alcohol consumption causes lung cirrhosis Bad for health...

  • shreyakiran Bhuyan
    shreyakiran Bhuyan

    My name is shreya and am bi so this entire vid i was just laughing so bad

  • Abhijeet Katharwani
    Abhijeet Katharwani

    Guys why are you promoting alcohol

  • Aftab Siddique
    Aftab Siddique

    ye kya chiz ko promote kr rhe😠

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