FilterCopy | Things Teenagers Are Tired Of Hearing | Ft. Revathi Pillai, Shagun, Sandhya and Ajay
Your generation is so spoiled and lazy!
Do you also get tired of listening to the same old thing over and over again? Here are a bunch of things teens are tired of hearing. Enjoy watching it :)
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Anil Janoti

Vineeth Srinivasan

Assistant Director
Esther Darlong

Sripriya Yegneswaran

Executive Producer
Richa Jaisinghani

Revathi Pillai
Ajay Mehra
Sandhya Sandeep Kute
Kartik Krishnan
Gayatri Nagendra
Shagun Kazania
Vineeth Srinivasan

Visual Supervisor (Dop)
Swagatam Chakraborty

Visual Execution
Revathi Pillai
Ajay Mehra
Sandhya Sandeep Kute
Kartik Krishnan
Gayatri Nagendra
Shagun Kazania
Vineeth Srinivasan

Jaicy Mathew

Voice Over
Savya Narang

Parmjeet Sond

Color Grading
Ajinkya Pandit

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Hardik Desai

Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu

Pooja Pillai

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Gunjan Saini

  • FilterCopy

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    • Saniya Khan
      Saniya Khan

      Filtercopy please please please keep on making videos on teens i swear bohot views aayenge pleaseeeee

    • Shyama Yashitha P
      Shyama Yashitha P

      Please make a video on teenagers problems in lockdown. We are mentally suffering many of us. Depression anxiety future worries , recollecting past experiences bad often. Unable to meet our friends/unable to maintain contact with school friends . Struggling in online classes, homework , exams , distractions at home. Unable to meet our friends.

    • Sahilpreet Singh
      Sahilpreet Singh

      Your all videos are best

    • Sona Tayade
      Sona Tayade

      Tiktok 😜😁😁😆😆

    • Show _stopper
      Show _stopper

      TIK TOK ban hai

  • Aditya Rathod
    Aditya Rathod

    1:09, the most relatable., anyone agree?

  • This is Sid
    This is Sid

    I don't know why but this video triggered me sooooo much

  • Naamjeev Singh
    Naamjeev Singh

    Same with me 😞😞

  • phani raj
    phani raj

    I loved this video!!! It really describes the same in my life 🆒♨️

  • Yashas

    Papa phone dilado Papa be like : You are still a kid Also Papa : kya chote ladkon ki thara khel rahe ho, tu bada ho gaya hain padai kar


    Here i can relate😂😂i wanted to take commerce but i got good marks so my family told me to take medical and now am a medical student 😒🙄🙄i hate science arggghhh

  • TheHollistic

    Ye sony max band karwao yarr😂

  • biswajit sarkar
    biswajit sarkar

    Seriously yar it's so true my life is so like that stereotyped

  • Mahi Raj Singh
    Mahi Raj Singh

    Yes teenagers have so much struggles in the life

  • SAM E
    SAM E

    Indian Parents just want grades they don't give a fuck about our mental health 😔

  • Ganga Dharan
    Ganga Dharan

    Comparison is the worst matter that hurts a lot to a teenager

  • Smokïn Demon
    Smokïn Demon

    2:42 Too many things to count

  • Parinaaz Sidhu
    Parinaaz Sidhu

    This happens to me everyday 😭😭😭😭😭bas itna hi to farak hai ke baad me paida hue hain☹️

  • Aman

    39 rnt sirf 😭

  • Gayatri Prabhune
    Gayatri Prabhune

    Seriously this situation face every tennger

  • Vanessa Leone
    Vanessa Leone

    Too relatable...... My parents made me choose subjects what they wanted me to study..... They told me all these shits told in the video. And I believed them. Now I'm finding way to get out of that field😒😪

  • Tanuja Dixit
    Tanuja Dixit

    whenever my mum calls me and I don't respond she says pakka phone mein Lagi Hogi even if I am studying this is so frustrating part as a teenager


    I was thinking in the whole video that they are scolding me

  • Deepti Ojha
    Deepti Ojha

    i can totally relate on subject choosing after 10 i wanted to study commerce but no one in my house supported me now i am studying at 12 science.....


    2:24 ohh man! Why everyone react like this when hearing Arts stream.. Don't they know it's too helpful In every govt. Competative exam.. It's required..... Those narrow minded...🙄🙄🙄

  • Khushi Khushboo
    Khushi Khushboo

    Most Worest age iz teen age

  • Khushi Khushboo
    Khushi Khushboo

    Ya sb ki problem hai😢

  • Aryaman Rajvanshi
    Aryaman Rajvanshi

    who all here don't even have a phone even when u r a teenager........PLZZZZ TELL i the only one who doesn't have a phone????????

  • Bhawani Singh Naruka
    Bhawani Singh Naruka

    arts Vala was so true

  • Jack Slyder
    Jack Slyder

    So true

  • sarah sarah
    sarah sarah

    I am pretty sure i have heard all of that

  • Shreya Apte
    Shreya Apte

    2:20 so true

  • Poonam Sharma
    Poonam Sharma

    These problem of teenagers are only solved by bts......................... That's why I love them because they understand the problem.............

  • Sharar Diya
    Sharar Diya

    Ahhhhh I'm tired of hearing all these.... I also said that I won't take science, but their silence made me take it. Whenever I try to speak my heart out, "kenchi ki tarha zubaan chalti hai"!!! Just tired 😩😩

  • Priyanshi Rohilla X-E 19
    Priyanshi Rohilla X-E 19

    Sachi yrrr😕😕this all happens😟😟😟

  • Srishti Queen
    Srishti Queen

    That saliva scene is so true 🙄

  • Monjuman Begum
    Monjuman Begum

    Thanks to filtercopy for taking the advice

  • Aryaveer Rakesh 23
    Aryaveer Rakesh 23

    So friggin true

  • Supreme Penguin
    Supreme Penguin

    1:25 her laugh xD

  • Dhanushree N
    Dhanushree N

    Situation: when got lower marks in entrance and didn't got into the preferred university Them(parents and others) be like: just like that sitting with the books for name sake doesn't make you score. U know how much she/he scored. U r capable of nthng. ..... Bla bla bla... U distorted our dreams🤬(when we got into that out of our own interest) They are never ever gonna understand us, our efforts nor our pain - the sad truth

  • SharkYT CODM
    SharkYT CODM

    Sirf 39

  • punita khandagale
    punita khandagale

    me: defends myself my parents: so you've chosen death

  • Mitalee Borah
    Mitalee Borah

    Why our parents are like this🤧🤧

  • Techno Smart
    Techno Smart

    Haa Par Hamare Age Ke Bachho Ko Jyada Choot Dene Se Wo Parents Ke Sar par Hi Beth jate He.... Or Bachhe Galat Fayda Uthate Bhi he

  • Rama Kant Gubrele
    Rama Kant Gubrele


  • palak rohilla
    palak rohilla

    Absolutely correct👍👍👍

  • Gracy Saluja
    Gracy Saluja

    Ohh god!!!; We all have same kind of parents 😂...

  • Gracy Saluja
    Gracy Saluja

    Baghban movie 😅😅

  • Mariya Khan
    Mariya Khan

    1:35; I went to do a check-up of my eyes and the doctor said that I have spects My grandfather advised me that do the same at early morning [THING SAID AT 1:35], and my reaction was the same ... After 3 days when I didn't wear aspects and my doctor asked me for the reason, I said him loudly that all patients were starring at me, doctor accepted his mistake and said that you don't have any spects And my grandfather then was like...

  • ꧁༒Im a Psycho Gurl༒꧂.
    ꧁༒Im a Psycho Gurl༒꧂.

    Well anyone else who is a teenager here

  • Fotolaa kundan kumar
    Fotolaa kundan kumar

    Mere parents bhi her baat mai "Bagwan" ghusa dete gain 😃


    Teenagers are not lucky at all

  • 아누쉬카

    So relatable ........😓


    actually, in india, you're treated like a teenager even if you're in your early twenties... unless you find a job and move out.

  • Melody and Harmony
    Melody and Harmony

    I'm glad internet exposure hasn't brought up this generation too to be blind and brainwashed by elders.

  • Sangeeta Dwivedi
    Sangeeta Dwivedi

    I think dislikers are our parents

  • Priyanshu Dubey -9D
    Priyanshu Dubey -9D

    Really it's true yr 😂😂😂

  • F209 Rumaisha Farhad Ayshi
    F209 Rumaisha Farhad Ayshi

    By the way, all of these are not bakwas. Some of them are actually correct.

  • Kakali Guha
    Kakali Guha

    Choosing Arts over Science, although I had good marks..... My relatives are still worried for me😂. But my parents support me.

  • Hemant Verma
    Hemant Verma

    I just want to tell these people one thing..... “AABEY BHAAAAkKK”😈😈😈

  • Lakshmi Nandana
    Lakshmi Nandana

    I feel like I watched the story of my life.....

  • Aaditi

    Totally relatable 🙌😂

  • Sonia Dennis
    Sonia Dennis

    Yeh video dekh ke samajh aata he ki duniya me sabse jyada gyaan teens ko baata jaata hai😵😵

  • Jui Chandgadkar
    Jui Chandgadkar

    This video is so relatable that even I got frustrated when the dialogues were being said🤣😂😅

  • Poorva Bangali
    Poorva Bangali

    relatable 🙁😐😥

  • Manya Jhamb
    Manya Jhamb

    over all our life is jhand😂😂

  • Ratan lal Sharma
    Ratan lal Sharma

    Too epic, that's true 😟😟😟

  • Sanjana J.R
    Sanjana J.R

    Revati was awesome

  • Thanmayi Manoj
    Thanmayi Manoj

    Finally! The truth is out! But arts stream is not so much discouraged nowadays.

  • Shaheen Targar
    Shaheen Targar

    These all things happens with me everyday😣....parents always wants to control our life

  • Aman Raj
    Aman Raj

    Im 17 it is true❤️

  • Zara Khan
    Zara Khan

    The lambay balon wala😳😳😳

  • Airas Ahmad
    Airas Ahmad

    God!zamana is the most used word in every father-son argument!😣😂

  • Atanu Ghosh
    Atanu Ghosh

    This is relatable AF

  • Himanshu Rajora
    Himanshu Rajora

    Choosing stream was fun.😂😂❤️❤️

  • Suravi Faiza
    Suravi Faiza

    Yeh bilkol thik he art lene ke baat karnese parents aisa hi karte he

  • Kanishk Anand
    Kanishk Anand

    this is sooooo true

  • Priti Chawhan
    Priti Chawhan

    I am also facing same problem , who else yet is too facing?

  • Priti Chawhan
    Priti Chawhan

    Really toooooooo , true , I love it !!!!

  • Aditi Das
    Aditi Das

    Can't they stop comparing us with others?

  • Khaja Moinuddin
    Khaja Moinuddin

    Same yaar meku b art lena tha lekin science lena pardha😭

  • Kavya Reddy
    Kavya Reddy

    Everyone will say teenage is the best thing. But the people who say that they only make us depressed 😭😭

  • Aaditri Agarwal
    Aaditri Agarwal

    Is the girl with yellow t shirt playing a mad character

  • 2020

    i can't even show my mum this cause it would be 'disrespectful'

  • sunita mahato
    sunita mahato

    When responsibility comes -u are elder now When own decision comes- u r a child u don't know anything

  • Aparna Gongala
    Aparna Gongala

    Yaar...I can totally relate...I had to take science because arts wasn't available for me😂... although I am happy doing medicine now....

  • Aparna Gongala
    Aparna Gongala

    Yaar...I can totally relate...I had to take science because arts wasn't available for me😂... although I am happy doing medicine now....

  • Abhijeet Katharwani
    Abhijeet Katharwani

    oh god I can relate to this completely

  • Sabrin Mohamed
    Sabrin Mohamed

    I miss ayush yarr

  • Nandini Sivakumar
    Nandini Sivakumar

    This video is so extrapolated. I've never faced such things in my life.

    • shrinikhaythan VP
      shrinikhaythan VP

      @Nandini Sivakumar oh... Ok👍

    • Nandini Sivakumar
      Nandini Sivakumar

      @shrinikhaythan VP That's cause I don't have such close relatives...also my parents aren't so nosy

    • shrinikhaythan VP
      shrinikhaythan VP

      Which means you are lucky

  • Nirmala.viiib.lisha. Ahire.7765
    Nirmala.viiib.lisha. Ahire.7765

    Sahi hai agar kuch sahi kehne jao na toh bolte hai ye dekho mujhe ulta javab derahi hai.....ab bole toh bole kya😂😂😂😂

  • Nirmala.viiib.lisha. Ahire.7765
    Nirmala.viiib.lisha. Ahire.7765

    It's all real😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kashvi Arora
    Kashvi Arora

    I experienced each and everything in my teenager life.... Tho I am still... In fact, more than these, I am tired of hearing everything.... Do that! Don't do that! But Whyy all these stereotypes???

  • Poonam Chandane
    Poonam Chandane

    Through this video I have lot to say. Ik that sometimes parents are right and they tell us for our good but this doesn't mean that we are not able to think for us.The worst thing is that when someone says that I want to take arts not science and everyone thinks that it is the worst side to take. Everyone just keep in mind that not a percent of our education goes waste and all the sides are best.Many a times society becomes worst. So I would only say to all parents and other people pls first listen and understand your child and not to listen to others(the society). A special thing to tell the society that first see what's going in your house in your family and not to peep in others life.And there is also a big issue regarding we say to our girls don't go here don't go there, there are not good people but instead we should say to those who all create these issue that DON'T DO IT. Just read it guys and understand it and tell it to everyone

  • Rajanya Biswas
    Rajanya Biswas

    So relatable I am 14 years and I have to hear stereotypes comments .

  • Ramicha Khatun
    Ramicha Khatun

    Ekdmm sahi

  • vinod sagar
    vinod sagar

    I share this video to my 10 friends ✨

  • Gunjan goyal Gunjan
    Gunjan goyal Gunjan

    Teenager girls ko to bhut problem Hoti h

  • Reena Sharma
    Reena Sharma

    1:53 Proud to be Kotallian

  • Gulnar Ali
    Gulnar Ali


  • Anushka Kalra
    Anushka Kalra

    Acha nhi hai video

  • ๛Xayan๛ Gaming
    ๛Xayan๛ Gaming

    Launde lele mere

  • sonal bhatia
    sonal bhatia

    Ohhh no this happens every day yesterday I studied 5 hours then nobody came in my room then I thought to take break for 5 minutes and the moment I picked up the phone 📱 My mom entered Tujhe padna likhna to karna hi nahi hain Har wakt phone mein ghusi rahti hain bass Me- mumma yaar morning se work kar rahi hu abhi to liya hain phone Mum- main tujhe jaanti nahi hu kya ! Me- mumma par sun to lo... Mum- achha abh mujhse jabaav degi Yahi tameez sikhai hain na Me - mumma yaar maine kya kiya ? Mum - chal phone de abh aur books utha le Phone - yaar koi mujhe bachao Me - 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • KJ's Tech
    KJ's Tech

    Teenagers are so underrated 😪

BB Ki Vines- | Ask BB- Episode 7 |
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BB Ki Vines- | Ask BB- Episode 7 |
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