FilterCopy | Something Sketchy: When You Are A Clumsy Eater | Ft. Ahsaas Channa and Rishhsome
We all have that one friend who is a clumsy eater 😜🌭
If you are a clumsy eater then this video is for you. Check out this fun video and tell us what you loved the most 😍
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Vineeth Srinivasan

Keenan Burroughs

Assistant Director
Pranav Singh

Vaibhav Lonkar
Assistant Dop
Swagatam Chakraborty

Executive Producer
Richa Jaisinghani

Ahsaas Channa
Rishabh Rana

Featured Cast
Vineeth Srinivasan
Mrinalini Mathur
Junior Artists
Ravinder Suri & Co.

Costume Stylist
Shweta Puthran
Assistant Stylist
Nimisha Kanade

Wardrobe Courtsey
Lee Cooper
Being Human
Forever 21

Art Director
Abhishek Jadhav

Brand Solutions
Shivi Singh

Manoj Omre
Shreya Sethi
Arzoo Naqvi
Anuj Dabral

Color Grading
Vaibhav Lonkar

Sound Design
Harshvardhan Singh
Hardik Desai

Makeup And Hair
Janak Thapa & Team

Mahendra Dada

Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu

Camera Attendant
Ajay Kumar

Light Attendant
Santosh Dada

Sound Recordist
Jasbir Yadav

Pritam Kumar
Arvind Kumar


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    • Riffat Naz
      Riffat Naz


    • Jahanaraishak Binth mujeeb rahman
      Jahanaraishak Binth mujeeb rahman

      Editing mistakes

    • Rina S Narayan
      Rina S Narayan

      Godd I can feel her frustration literally 😂😂😂

    • dinu kumar
      dinu kumar

      Pls all malayalis pls tell you intro and where you stay in kerala NIVEDYA PILLAI

    • dinu kumar
      dinu kumar

      Ahas why did oye jassie stop pls tell in next video and how are you such a nice actor plss NIVEDYA

  • Jyoti Rathore
    Jyoti Rathore

    2:38 par cheek par jo mayonnaise tha... It disappeared!😯

  • Ayesha Faisal
    Ayesha Faisal

    So boring itna bhi bacha ni h very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very over acting

  • Uttam Pathani
    Uttam Pathani

    Ahassa is the best actress ever. Better than bollywood actress

  • Sanjay Kavathekar
    Sanjay Kavathekar

    Take a selfie and watch simple

  • khushi

    Bechari ahsaas 😂

  • Kevin v
    Kevin v

    Topics getting wierd lol

  • Shwetank Gupta
    Shwetank Gupta


  • Isneha Gurung
    Isneha Gurung

    Ahsaas is too cute😊

  • Sandhya Vinod Perkewar
    Sandhya Vinod Perkewar

    2:27 big stain's there 2:34 big stain dissappear 2:52 big stain reappears MAGICAL STAIN🤣

  • Sidhi Chadha
    Sidhi Chadha

    Ahsaas gets very angry

  • Mahak Pandey
    Mahak Pandey

    Why cant you make him wash face with water..😂

  • sriram abhyankar
    sriram abhyankar

    Faltu ladki ! Let him eat the tasty food n he'll clean it after eating

  • Chinmay Patade
    Chinmay Patade

    I love this pair 😂😂

  • Vishwa Pandya
    Vishwa Pandya

    Damn good acting ahssas diii


    Me in kindergarten *Being teached by my mom* Mom - what is 6-2 Me - 9 My mom - 2:04


    I know that not all clumsy eaters are stupid but when you are sitting next to such a pretty lady atleast you can try not to be clumsy 😃😃

  • Hannah Ali
    Hannah Ali

    Oh my Allah i laugh too much

  • Nikita Ghritlahre
    Nikita Ghritlahre

    Jab ahsaas jor se chillati h tab aas pass vale saare shant kaise rhte h.. Kisiko koi fark hi ni padta😳😵😂

  • Arghya Chakravorty
    Arghya Chakravorty

    Well ahsaas could have removed that herself. OR MAYBE THE *DOCTOR* 😅

  • Hardik Ahuja
    Hardik Ahuja

    Nice ........ Est

  • Onkar Gade
    Onkar Gade


  • Jiya Fulfagar
    Jiya Fulfagar

    Itna chillari hai phir bhi aas paas ke log are like...she's not bothering us😑

  • Sthitipragyan Dash
    Sthitipragyan Dash

    Damn funny 😂😂

  • Narendra Ingle
    Narendra Ingle

    Kuch b bana sakte ho ye

  • Gulshan Khan
    Gulshan Khan

    Ye real may besti lgty hn

  • Riya Khochikar
    Riya Khochikar

    I died laughing 😂

  • Anwesha Das
    Anwesha Das

    Sahi hai sahi hai😅😆

  • 4201_4C_Pankty Padia
    4201_4C_Pankty Padia

    Kuchh Bhi.. Huhhh

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan

    Dear yes Ahsaas IMRAN Yes

  • Refreshing Risha
    Refreshing Risha

    Irritating person

  • Shruti Mandekar
    Shruti Mandekar

    *5:13* Damn 😂😂😂 this part was hilarious 🤣

  • Sofiya Siddiqui
    Sofiya Siddiqui

    Missing old character's! Ayesha, barkha, ayush, banerjee, yashaswini, Rohan and many more!

  • Zarna Prajapati
    Zarna Prajapati

    This was so funny🤣🤣

  • Smeena Siddiqui
    Smeena Siddiqui

    Like the case of "I don't want to let go.....ever'

  • ##Tanvi Patnaik
    ##Tanvi Patnaik

    So irritating yaar 🤯🤯

  • Tuba Hussain
    Tuba Hussain

    I love ahsaas

  • Pooja Ben
    Pooja Ben

    What's the point of this video? It's title is wrong.. It has to be "WHEN YOU'RE STUPID AF"

  • ishan

    the video was too funny. ahsaas is a great actor

  • i love life
    i love life

    She can put mayo on his...but cannot clean it....Fuck😆

  • Arkaprabha Majumdar
    Arkaprabha Majumdar

    I understood nothing of this video actually

  • Sheza Ansari
    Sheza Ansari

    No one : Literally no one: Ahsaas( 2:04) : YE KAHASE AYAA!!!!

  • shop22shop

    Utimate.. haste haste pet phat gaya

  • Trisha P
    Trisha P

    Me: scrolling thru yt recommends and sees ahsaas Also me: instantly clicks on video

  • Shajia Rahamath
    Shajia Rahamath

    Ending scene was chakass.. 😂😂

  • Chandni Srikrishna
    Chandni Srikrishna

    That was scary outside Doctors chamber😕

  • Aliya Fatima
    Aliya Fatima

    They all should go to a mental hospital 😂

  • neha rai
    neha rai

    Best acting

  • Xavieer 2
    Xavieer 2


  • Aditi Sardesai
    Aditi Sardesai

    This video is full of anxiety. 😂😂😂

  • Kashvi madhu
    Kashvi madhu

    How many of u eat like this 😂😂👇👇👇👇

  • 03 Pratibha
    03 Pratibha

    Kya???? Matlab kuch bhi

  • Anuradha Kumari singh
    Anuradha Kumari singh

    We all have that clumsy eater friend 😂😂

  • Padaki's

    Umm....there is a mistake.... when Ahaas puts a bunch of sauce on his face and she tells him to wipe it clean, the sause isn't there and then in the doctors place it is there again

  • swarnna baranwal
    swarnna baranwal

    Or you could have used the camera 😂

  • Avinash Rajwanshi
    Avinash Rajwanshi


  • Aadya N
    Aadya N


  • MathsMantra by Shweta Bhargava
    MathsMantra by Shweta Bhargava

    plz visit and subscribe to my channel

  • Simrit Kaur
    Simrit Kaur

    Bruh they over exaggerated it but it was funny to watch😂😂

  • Rehan Shah
    Rehan Shah

    Our banao

  • diminie's wifeu
    diminie's wifeu

    This video doesn't make any sense . Really didn't expect that from filtercopy tho

  • Hruthik gowda
    Hruthik gowda

    Watching this video only for ashaas

  • Kadesh Hatti
    Kadesh Hatti


  • Priya Chelian
    Priya Chelian

    What ???????.........

  • Sidak Makker
    Sidak Makker

    My anxiety level - ↗️

  • Prinkle Narula
    Prinkle Narula

    Senseless video.....

  • Rahul Sunger
    Rahul Sunger


  • ##Tanvi Patnaik
    ##Tanvi Patnaik

    She would be feeling so irritating

  • Neil Dwivedi
    Neil Dwivedi

    Khud hi poch deti na...Itni mehnat kyu?

  • Neelima Singh
    Neelima Singh

    thiS videO waS

  • s jayadevan 10
    s jayadevan 10

    I was going to dislike this video...but i liked it because of ahsaas😬

  • Ayesha Kaiser
    Ayesha Kaiser


  • Vaishali S
    Vaishali S

    Yeh wala video pakau hai

  • niks bro
    niks bro

    That's OCD.

  • Aparna Abhilipsa
    Aparna Abhilipsa

    I just can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    Can someone explain??

  • DraGon


  • Atiya Khan
    Atiya Khan

    Do u still remember one jessie

  • Venkatalakshmi

    They need not have done this much bro

  • Venkatalakshmi

    You should have just wiped it with your hands by using a tissue

  • Code Lyoko Fan 10
    Code Lyoko Fan 10

    She should've held his hand and shown where

  • Diya Nandi
    Diya Nandi

    Their is no point of making this video.... Totally useless

  • Jayaswi Singh
    Jayaswi Singh

    Everyone is telling what's the point in this video.. that's why they name it "something sketchy"...something that doesn't happens in real life.. Its just a kind of imagination and a sketch

  • Mukut borah
    Mukut borah

    Bande pe bht gussa aya tha Yaar 😂

  • The Pratik Show
    The Pratik Show Do watch

  • Rushika Nellore
    Rushika Nellore

    The worst part is that it is not removed even after the video is done..I was hoping for it to be cleaned 😵

  • Jestina Kalita
    Jestina Kalita

    Very funny yar

  • KA Gaming
    KA Gaming

    Please apload bshind the scene

  • Lupa Mudra
    Lupa Mudra

    The title should have been: When you're dumb af.

  • Lachimolala

    You guys rock

  • Nandita Mishra
    Nandita Mishra

    I got so irritated ! This was so unsatisfying and gross.

  • Shreya Kesavan
    Shreya Kesavan

    For the first two minutes, it looked like.....:- A mom or dad teaching a 2nd grader how to solve a math sum when the kid is repeatedly doing it wrong and sobbing for help 🥺🥺🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol

    • Ginny Weasley
      Ginny Weasley

      I felt the same

    • Ginny Weasley
      Ginny Weasley


  • Altia Shah
    Altia Shah

    Fact :- U r seeing this video in half screen

  • Preety Shaw
    Preety Shaw

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ohh my god

  • राधा रानी राधा रानी
    राधा रानी राधा रानी

    Risssshhhhaaaaabbbbbb it's on your right

  • Garima Singh
    Garima Singh

    Very irritating video on filter copy ever

  • Birsana Subba
    Birsana Subba


  • Jagruti Bamnote
    Jagruti Bamnote

    I was irritated

  • Aditi Waghmare
    Aditi Waghmare

    Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh....I got so irritated after watching this...

  • Preety Pankaj
    Preety Pankaj

    So irritating n boring