FilterCopy | Awkward Moments With Girlfriend | Ft. Shreya Gupto and Rohan Khurana
Let's be awkward together ❤️
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Sejal Badala

Keenan Burroughs

Assistant Director
Manish Kharage

Sripriya Yegneswaran
Executive Producer
Anant Kaushik

Cast (Alphabetically)
Shreya Gupto
Rohan Khurana
Ajay Mehra
Vidushi Gaur

Visual Supervisor (Dop)
Vaibhav Lonkar

Visual Execution
Shreya Gupto
Rohan Khurana
Ajay Mehra
Vidushi Gaur

Sushant Singh

Manoj Omre

Color Grading
Vaibhav Lonkar
Sound Design
Harshvardhan Singh
Brand Solutions
Shreya Agarwal
Shivi Singh
Somya Matta
Kunal Langer

Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu

Antara Anand

Pocket Aces Talent Team

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us some awkward moments you have experienced with your partner 😜 PokerBaazi's Indian Micro Poker Series is on! Buy-in starting just Rs. 100 & win from a total prize pool of Rs. 1.5 CRORE across 120 tournaments between July 13-26. Download now:

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      ValSum Gaming

      FilterCopy duh sahi

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      Hell boy Lucifer

      Singles like here.✓✓

    • Penguin vbos
      Penguin vbos

      Shiny object syndrome

    • Sagar Sachdeva
      Sagar Sachdeva

      Not that great, not able to convey things properly. Expected a much much better one. Actors were looking cute

    • Suyash Agrawal
      Suyash Agrawal


  • कर्मयोगी


  • SharxD

    4:10 if you tell your friends about personal things like this you then most disgusting person imo. I genuinely hate people who do this and it's just disgusting.

  • Sweta Singh
    Sweta Singh

    Ye filter copy bahar walo ko yeh believe kyu karva raha h ki lndia mai live in relationship common h 🙄😂😂

  • Sejuti Das
    Sejuti Das


  • Rolling The Dice With Us
    Rolling The Dice With Us

    Khanna jaldi banta hai

  • mello mash
    mello mash

    Micro poker series huh 😂

  • Salinder Manhas
    Salinder Manhas


  • Ruma Chakraborty
    Ruma Chakraborty

    Rohan iss sho cuteee🥰🥰

  • Mridushri Bharadwaz
    Mridushri Bharadwaz

    You guys are really dating or what?

  • Tanya jain
    Tanya jain

    My name is also Tanya and Tanu both

  • Mesmerizing Nature
    Mesmerizing Nature

    Did anyone noticed that she said her father uncle in flow

  • Gulnar Ali
    Gulnar Ali


  • AsH NA-!R
    AsH NA-!R

    This is sexist man

  • Sreeja Kv
    Sreeja Kv


  • Payel Mondal
    Payel Mondal

    Hr filter copy me Rohan lrko ka naam kyi hota hai yrr me apne ex ko bhula hi nhi pati

  • N. Jerry
    N. Jerry


  • Neel Shah
    Neel Shah

    Singles are still watching these 😂😂

  • Durga Shaw
    Durga Shaw

    I guess ritu fits with lavanya more... 😅😋

  • P Gray
    P Gray

    The open relationship part wasn’t even funny, it was sad and disgusting

  • Gayathri Santhosh
    Gayathri Santhosh

    Missing old filter copy... Mainly Ayush and Veer🥰🙃

  • Abhirath 2941 Dadhwal
    Abhirath 2941 Dadhwal

    uncle looks like amitbhai

  • Malek Muskan
    Malek Muskan

    Singles ke liye video samjhna mushkil hai...

  • Sarmistha Saha
    Sarmistha Saha

    Have anyone notice that sreya's neck there is মান o my god I never know tht u r a Bengali 🙄

  • vipin kumar
    vipin kumar

    Ye ganjedi kon hai 😂😂

  • Khushi S Anand
    Khushi S Anand

    0:17 how many of you didn't see his eyewear 😀😂

  • RoHan Bhatia
    RoHan Bhatia

    Whenever I see my name on videos... Me to my gf(jo abhii tk nii h)... Where r u now? 😅😂😂😂

  • Faheem Ali
    Faheem Ali

    Do you make any other type videos 😂 You only made awkward videos It became a habit of insulting. #awkwardfilter

  • Ishani Mehta
    Ishani Mehta

    The only reason I'm not liking this video is that it is promoting online gambling. Anyway, if that's where the world is headed and this is an acceptable thing to do (not even talking about legality here) then so be it. Just leaving this comment if it might make a difference.

  • Zaiba Imran
    Zaiba Imran

    Pehli baar maza nahi aaya🙁

  • cult gold
    cult gold

    Who else thought there would be fart moments when you read the word "awkward"?!

  • Surbhi Agarwal
    Surbhi Agarwal

    Promoting poker? Seriously! How low are you guys gonna go.

  • Shubham Rathod
    Shubham Rathod

    Cute gf yr😍😍

  • Ashish rawat
    Ashish rawat

    "good" for beautiful girls 💕 "good" for beautiful girls 💕 "good" for beautiful girls 💕 "good" for beautiful girls 💕

  • Jayesh Dayal
    Jayesh Dayal

    He looks like Mo Salah 😂

  • Shivam photoshoot
    Shivam photoshoot

    Next episode kab aara he

  • Ázd

    He is Mo Salah Lite

  • Sanskriti Dhoot
    Sanskriti Dhoot

    Ad Mein do baar punjab kyu bola?!

  • Himanshu Shrivastava
    Himanshu Shrivastava

    Yaar koi rohan ko razor do aur shaving karne ko bolo.. gf chodne ke baad daaru peke pada hai vaisi shakal hori hai iski

  • Reema Sehgal
    Reema Sehgal

    Any army here?💜

  • jyotiraditya Pawar
    jyotiraditya Pawar

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Filtercopy promoting poker

  • Aprajita Verma
    Aprajita Verma

    Really bad content expected much from filter copy

  • CR7 FanClub
    CR7 FanClub

    It so reminds of my lovely relationship.... with my hand..

    • Kaynat DAV
      Kaynat DAV

      @An International aRMy saranghaeyo

    • An International aRMy
      An International aRMy


  • Mech. India
    Mech. India

    Pith pay bangla may likha hua hai 'mal'

  • Aparna Mandal
    Aparna Mandal

    OH MAAL!! 😄😄

  • shruti agrawal
    shruti agrawal

  • Sharadha Devi
    Sharadha Devi

    Singles only 👍👈

  • Sanjeevani Singhal
    Sanjeevani Singhal

    Any sort of product placement..pokerbaazi seriously!

  • FireStrike

    Why does he look like Mo Salah😂😂

  • Anuj Mathur
    Anuj Mathur

    2:04 Pablo Escobar

  • loomdoby

    Zamana Modern ho gaya hai.. Sab live in hai.. Parents aur kids both are least bothered..

  • lokesh gupta
    lokesh gupta

    Pablo Escobar lite

  • Pradeep Rajendran
    Pradeep Rajendran

    Good one filter copy.. great to see Mo Salah in there...:p

  • Chaotic KpopFandom
    Chaotic KpopFandom

    filtercopy destroying the ad industry

  • Maria Preethi Christopher
    Maria Preethi Christopher

    Are they actually dating

  • praanjala nisarga
    praanjala nisarga

    Anyone needs a girlfriend?

    • praanjala nisarga
      praanjala nisarga

      Plz reply guys

  • Himanshi Sharma
    Himanshi Sharma

    If Someone noticed shreya gupto is written in discription 🙄

  • Varsha Kashyap
    Varsha Kashyap

    Y'all ever just platonically fall in love with someone?

    • Shreya Kar
      Shreya Kar

      Yeah yeah ..


    Tanya , jara mera hook laga de please😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Yeah bro these are literally irritating if someone does like this

  • Tech Smash
    Tech Smash


  • Hasan Ali
    Hasan Ali

    Your content quality is on decline for the past, please fix it.

  • Roshni Tiwari
    Roshni Tiwari


  • always the good influencer
    always the good influencer


  • Komal Andhale
    Komal Andhale

    Vijay deorekonda


    Best video I've ever watched in my whole life

  • Chandan Singh
    Chandan Singh

    Yebkon se baap hote hai Jo congratulations dete hai 😂

  • varsha reddy
    varsha reddy

    It's cute when she says it's soo cute naa

  • Leak. 17
    Leak. 17

    Meh toh serious tha

  • kevin lal
    kevin lal

    Single and i'm having exams tomorrow..why am i watching this daamn?!?!

  • Ayush Carnotengine!
    Ayush Carnotengine!


  • Diktrisha Biswas
    Diktrisha Biswas

    4:42 Was it written "maal" in Bengali in her back🙄🙄🙄

  • utsav singh
    utsav singh

    Girlfriend ghar me kase hai, mtlab kuchh bhi leaving me rhne ko marriage hi mante hai

  • Subodh Samaiyar
    Subodh Samaiyar

    Editor's name -😔😔😭😭

  • Ash's Hyper
    Ash's Hyper

    1:30 that uncle looks like Pablo Escobar

  • Preetam Baitharu
    Preetam Baitharu

    After seeing that girl I was like : Kya dumb aurat hai ye !!!😂😂😂

  • Chavan Editing
    Chavan Editing

  • Sagnik Chakraborty
    Sagnik Chakraborty

    bro if youre not gonna show the titles of the books you use in your videos,dont show books in the first place no. i'm tired of pausing and straining my eyes trying to figure out the title !

  • Sejal R.
    Sejal R.

    Filtercopy is getting boring DAY by day

  • Mahreen Ishtiaq
    Mahreen Ishtiaq

    Anyone watch ad bts ad before the vedio

  • Aardra Chaitra
    Aardra Chaitra

    out of all the actors Rohan Khurana is the best!

  • Kratos

    Don't promote poker 🃏

  • Aanchal Saxena
    Aanchal Saxena

    My name is aanchal too..this reminds me about my frnd..she did the same😂😂🤟🏻

  • palak gupta
    palak gupta

    Shreya gupto😂😂

  • kajal gautam
    kajal gautam

    Loved the level of silly but cute weirdness in her...✌️🤓✌️

  • jyotika Pant
    jyotika Pant

    All tops tees of this girl from ajio 😅

  • Salice johnsoM
    Salice johnsoM

    Shreya is sooooooooooo cute! 😍😘

  • Rutvi Vasava
    Rutvi Vasava


  • Jacky

    Channels like yours, are Spoiling Indian Culture 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • Shivesh Mishra
    Shivesh Mishra

    Have a crush on shreya Gupto You are the best

  • Sejal Saini
    Sejal Saini

    He looks like NOAH CENTENIO to me🤨

  • Alex P Kurian
    Alex P Kurian

    Rohan Khurana looking like Muhammed Salah for me 😊❤️..

  • Prem Kumar
    Prem Kumar

    This video should be titled "Dating with Poker App"

  • Shalabh Ranjan
    Shalabh Ranjan

    Filter copy videos are getting shittier after shittier!

  • Renuka Sahu
    Renuka Sahu

    Aa-chal Aa chal But it's aanchal🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Siddhi Agarwal
    Siddhi Agarwal

    I love this challenge

  • Ijjya 0612
    Ijjya 0612

    Missing my man ☹️


    Everytime Never Surprise to Your lover nahi to ye ho jayega ,,,,,,


    Everytime Never Surprise to Your lover nahi to ye ho jayega ,,,,,,

  • Gyanangkur Borah
    Gyanangkur Borah

    Seriously, this guy's Indian MoSalah

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