FilterCopy | Shaadi Aaj Kal: A Wedding Story | Ft. Vishal Vashishtha and Sonia Rathee
You're my person, forever❤️ 😍
Weddings are fun but what does it feel like to postpone your own wedding at the last minute due to the pandemic? Check out our new video and tell us what you loved the most!
Enjoy watching :)
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Pranjali Dubey
Aditya Chandiok

Executive Producer
Aakash Arora

Assistant Director
Manish Kharage

Visual Superviser (Dop)
Swagatam Chakraborty

Visual Execution
Deepakshi Mishra
Sonia Rathee

Sripriya Yegneswaran

Vishal Vashishtha
Sonia Rathee
Paromita Chatterjee
Ajay Mehra

Vrinda Arora

Parmjeet Singh

Color Grading
Vaibhav Lonkar

Sound Design
Harshvardhan Singh

Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu

Prime Vision Media Services

Pocket Aces Talent Team

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

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    • Prachi Randive .
      Prachi Randive .

      So sweet your all videos are just amazing


      Bohot achchha laga video. We are also planned same. 😊

    • Vivek kumar
      Vivek kumar


    • Tehzeeb Subhani
      Tehzeeb Subhani

      Video mast laga

    • ajay malura
      ajay malura

  • Sumonu_Love

    Aab Sidharth Shukla and Broken But Beautiful k fans ye video v dhund lega.... Welcome here

  • Ashmeeta Das
    Ashmeeta Das

    Who's here after Broken But Beautiful S3 teaser? 😂😂

  • Saikhom Amarjit Singh
    Saikhom Amarjit Singh

    Who is here after broken but beautiful season 3 announcement Like here


    Kon kon yaha Sidharth Shukla ko janta h

  • Ankita Roy
    Ankita Roy

    Love this ❤️😘

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad



    After#immj2 😄😄

  • Harsha Nagaraj
    Harsha Nagaraj

    I've noticed a pattern with FilerCopy videos. The main cast is usually fair and attractive with a good physique and in general attractive. The supporting cast (like the friends in this video) are usually a little less "attractive" by conventional definition and literally the stereotype of average people living average lives. Is this done on purpose so people focus on the main characters? Why can't the couple be less attractive and the friends be eye candy? Would that lead to fewer views? I'm genuinely curious.

  • *a RaNdOm Gurl*
    *a RaNdOm Gurl*

    Ohh that's Kabir!

  • Khan Sahab_me
    Khan Sahab_me

    Just got married at 11 july during lock down ♥️ simple wedding

  • ra bu
    ra bu

    Still on my own 🤫🐈

  • Meme Raven
    Meme Raven

    How come they became Brother-Sister in new video..?? Online Shopping wala video me..!!

  • Manasvi Pai
    Manasvi Pai

    Who remembers vishal as sagar from ganga serial or after since watching Ishq mein marjawan 2??!😀

  • Aquil Ahmad
    Aquil Ahmad

    Bakwaas and boring 😎

  • Himanshu Mahajan
    Himanshu Mahajan

    She was looking like shenaaz in thumbnail..

  • anica khalid
    anica khalid

    It was too much worst duration when our marriage cancelled because of lockdown 😭😭😭😭

  • Jinal Pandya
    Jinal Pandya


  • izma hiba
    izma hiba

    *Heyyyyy Baldev* 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Anusha Aejaz 10A
    Anusha Aejaz 10A

    It took a pandemic for brown people to understand that weddings can happen simply..

  • Rupali Sawant
    Rupali Sawant

    Wa gulchar wa 🤣👍🤣

  • Vikas Saini
    Vikas Saini

    Ek video me tum log bhai behen thy

  • Swati Sinha
    Swati Sinha

    Kabir is so cute

  • Priyanka K
    Priyanka K

    Doesn't she look like Rhea Chakraboraty!?

  • ZHUMAN 99
    ZHUMAN 99

    Can we all agree that Sonia is the cutest ? 😍😍😍

  • Shweta Singh
    Shweta Singh

    vishal vashishtha is so freaking cute❤️❤️

    • Krishna


    • Krishna


    • Krishna

      Kaise ho aap

    • Krishna


  • zairah rabbani
    zairah rabbani

    It looks like that girl is out of India

  • Engineer Reviews
    Engineer Reviews


  • aniket chakraborty
    aniket chakraborty

    Pehle couple fir shadi filter copy kafi tej ho rahe ho ha 😂

  • nitin gupta
    nitin gupta


  • Vibhu Gautam
    Vibhu Gautam

    iPhone me android chala rhi hai ladki.. ohh bhai maaro mujhe maaro🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Mishti mishti
    Mishti mishti

    I'm here for Kabir😍

  • Sishir Bindu
    Sishir Bindu

    Such a cute video...perfect expressions💝💝

  • Archana Vijaykumar
    Archana Vijaykumar

    Unlike the scenario in this video my wedding in October got preponed to July due to some issues. We cut down the list of 1000 people to below 50, cancelled our reception and honeymoon trip, I selected my wedding saree via whatsapp call but everything was still special. It was bitter sweet for sure but like sonia said we told each other that after all it's us for the long run. Marriage though still stressful became a more private and intimate affair 😊

  • Parazo Diaz
    Parazo Diaz

    Is she Ankur Rathee's Sister???

  • NEUTREON Studios
    NEUTREON Studios

    That Vishal guy gives vibes like aamir khan

  • Satyam Sony
    Satyam Sony

    Kaun se laptop se ittni achhi quality m video call hoti hai yar

  • Rajendra gaikwad
    Rajendra gaikwad

    Sachi me Dil wale dulniya le Jaye ge.

  • singing_rockstar 🎸⭐️
    singing_rockstar 🎸⭐️

    Mujhe toh kota sunte hi kota factory ki yaad aati hai

  • Priyanka's Views
    Priyanka's Views


  • Digvijay Jagdale
    Digvijay Jagdale

    Sonia is photocopy Disha Patni. I got confused, seriously!!!

  • Bhoomika Gupta
    Bhoomika Gupta Pls iss link pr Jake Mera channel subscribe kr do Ek ek video banane me Kam se Kam 2-3 ghante lg jate hai

  • Guhan Shanmugam
    Guhan Shanmugam

    Sonia looks like Warrina Hussain ..!! Doesn't she..??

  • nisha gupte
    nisha gupte

    50 kaat overacting ke!

  • Sangeeta Vivek Tripathi
    Sangeeta Vivek Tripathi

    Nyc concept... And video 👌👌👍👍😁😍

  • Love Kush
    Love Kush

    This is so cute...Especially the guy💕💕💕

  • Biswajit Karmakar
    Biswajit Karmakar

    Your video is best 😇,love you from kolkata

  • Young Anshuman
    Young Anshuman

    At least mujhe toh bula loh yaar shaadi main... 😂

  • vaibhav

    Sonia - looks like Ravina Tandon...

  • kumar ll
    kumar ll

    This people are come wedding to eat and take some selfies, cheap people in function.

  • Sadiya Iftikhar
    Sadiya Iftikhar

    Gareebon ki narigis fakhri... Rockstar zyada dekhli isne 🧐

  • Jalees

    anyone else noticed this that she looks a lot like nargis fakhri..

  • Jyoti Date
    Jyoti Date

    Very nice video

  • Lila Lohita
    Lila Lohita

    This girl is ankur rathee's sister, the one from four more shots please


    The girl is looking like Nargis Fakhri ❤️

  • Anisha Hazarika
    Anisha Hazarika

    This is so cute 💙 The couple who got married in this quarantine, congratulations.. wish you a happy married life.... & The ones who had to postpone, don't lose hope... Good days will come soon 💫

  • Manisha Saini
    Manisha Saini

    Amazing it is 👍

  • pragya shukla
    pragya shukla

    Vishal Vashishtha ❤

  • Neha Pallavi
    Neha Pallavi

    Girl is SOoo Cute 🙂

  • Mukesh Barnwal
    Mukesh Barnwal

    Katrina Kaif + Nargis Fakhri = Sonia Rathee 😄

  • Shreemita Sengupta
    Shreemita Sengupta Agar apko india ki haunted jageh ki piche ki story janni hai, to meri iss video ko zarur dekhe... I'm new in INlabel.. Isliye aplogo ki support ki bohot zyada zarurat hai mujhe.. Thank you❤️

  • Enoch Raj
    Enoch Raj

    Jst show my comment in your reaction video

  • Rajaram jarande
    Rajaram jarande

    missing the fun i would have in the weddings during summers.............. cant forget the delicious food and the never ending gossips

  • Sreesh Attre
    Sreesh Attre


  • Pushpa Chandan
    Pushpa Chandan

    Best video in filter copy

  • Srinidhi Bheesette
    Srinidhi Bheesette

    Filter copy looks like a company full of fair people.

  • Saloni Singh
    Saloni Singh

    Haha loved it ,❤😁

    • Krishna


    • Krishna


    • Krishna


    • Krishna


  • Pallavi Fit
    Pallavi Fit

    Bach gayi yar shaadi barbadi hai

  • barunava banerjee
    barunava banerjee

    Hey Filtercopy ...... it’s Riddhita Banerjee . I want to suggest for a video ... can u pls make a video based on space astronomy aspirants ? please please please !! I really want to see a video .... I hope u think about making one video on it ... 🥺🥺🥺

  • Friendly Supporter
    Friendly Supporter

    she looks like a combination of Nargis Fakhri and Sagarika Ghatge

  • Chirag Vaghela
    Chirag Vaghela

    this girl is so cute

  • Manish Sihag
    Manish Sihag

    Hey , Coming to the point I want to know that whose video call app are you using for your videos. Plezz reply

  • nikita gokani
    nikita gokani

    Sonia looks like Anushka of I me or main

  • Shirin Kachwalla
    Shirin Kachwalla

    Vishal has the best acting skills bcz he is amazing in a serial called Gangaa my fav💛

  • Kumar Harshit
    Kumar Harshit

    I think this girl is a mixture of kriti sanon and tapsee pannu.......🌛🌜🤓🤓😇

  • Paresh Gig
    Paresh Gig

    Two new faces both look 👀 promising lead pair best of luck to you guys

  • Tuba sayyed
    Tuba sayyed

    Every thing is gonna be alright soon InshaAllah ♥️

  • Priya Goyal
    Priya Goyal

    Change your channel name from 'Filtercopy' to "Filter-Dating". There are a lot of things to make a video on. Pr nhi Inhe to bs ye sab krna. I really miss your old videos yrr!!! atleast hr video kuch alag subject ke sath hoti thi.


    did anyone knew that vishal is the character named baldev of 'veera'??

    • Maryam Nissar
      Maryam Nissar

      Baldev Balwant Singh!😍😍😎😎

  • divya jain
    divya jain


  • Tanushree Mukherjee
    Tanushree Mukherjee


  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi

    Ladke ke 50 rupee kaato overacting k..

  • Rathan Tejas.D
    Rathan Tejas.D

    This is the worst filter copy I ever watched.

  • Manasi shelar
    Manasi shelar

    aaj kal filtercopy bhot bore kar rahi hain😒😒

  • Rajatava Chanda
    Rajatava Chanda


  • Poonam Sharma
    Poonam Sharma

    His voice is like Ranbir Kapoor

  • Snigdha Anand
    Snigdha Anand

    Who else remembers him from vir ki aradas Veera?

    • Flora K
      Flora K

      He is now recently doing Ishq mein marjawan season 2

  • Vinay Nandanpawar
    Vinay Nandanpawar

    Why I felt it was my story 😭😂😂

  • Ayesha Mohsin
    Ayesha Mohsin

    I'm glad that people will realise now that marriage is between 2 people and not the over excessive things that takes place during marriage ceremonies. My sister got married recently with only 50people and it was a blissful.

  • Devanshi kapoor
    Devanshi kapoor

    Which app is used for video call? The clarity seems amazinngggg!😂 Also, the video is really cute.



  • Ragi Shah
    Ragi Shah

    Which app is there for video call?

  • 194_Yamani Meghna
    194_Yamani Meghna

    This is cringy!

  • лил Ид, а в океан
    лил Ид, а в океан

    Vishal is the most handsome thing ever

  • abhishek shetty
    abhishek shetty

    Make an episode with raghav juyal

  • RHK

    Actually it made me cry 😢 in the end. But it's a good one.

  • Bindu Jose
    Bindu Jose

    Why does FilterCopy always pre-@ssume that everyone is either committed or married? Don't Single people have life 🥺?

  • Play Mode
    Play Mode

    Tuti nahi postpone hui hai remains constant 😝

  • Potterhead Forever
    Potterhead Forever

    In the thumbnail this 👧 girl exactly looked like my social science teacher.......

  • Advait Dhabalia
    Advait Dhabalia

    Nice video

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