FilterCopy | Things We All Do On Instagram | Ft. Aayushi, Gunjan, Keenan and Manish
Yaar meri story abhi tak kisi ne dekhi kyu nahi 😩
Do you also spend most of your time on Instragram? if yes, then this video is for you.
Enjoy watching :)
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Preksha Khanna

Shashank Varma

Assistant Director
Yash Shah

Visual Superviser (Dop)
Ishani Roy

Visual Execution
Aayushi Shelat
Aalekha Shah
Anuj Chhabra
Gunjan Saini
Keenan Burroughs
Manish Kharage
Vidushi Gaur

Sripriya Yegneswaran

Executive Producer
Shagun Kazania

Aayushi Shelat
Gunjan Saini
Keenan Burroughs
Manish Kharage
Pulkit Kochar
Shagun Kazania
Vidushi Gaur

Vo Artist
Vijaya Khanna

Vrinda Arora

Manoj Omre

Color Grading
Aniruddha Patankar

Sound Design
Harshvardhan Singh

Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu

Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. (Studio)

Pocket Aces Talent Team

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us what do you do on instagram all day? Follow us on Tik Tok ➡️ Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • Pehr Pala
      Pehr Pala

      Thnks for d heart 💝💝💝

    • Rakshita Singh
      Rakshita Singh

      Btw .. I don't Use Instagram ..! 😂

    • Sajal Goyal
      Sajal Goyal


    • Sushant Arora
      Sushant Arora

      The most ugliest characters i have ever seen in #filtercopy. Guys, please dont spoil your image by making videos with such cheap actors!

    • Amazing

      Dear filtercopy... These actors are not bad but they are not "original". It's just annoying. We are fan of old actors like Ayush, Barkha, Veer, Ayesha and all other old actors...

  • Ginger Cat
    Ginger Cat

    I feel like Manish looks like BBS (beastboyshub)

  • Maitheli Pari
    Maitheli Pari

    I don't use instagram 😢😢😢🙄

  • Aditi Jain
    Aditi Jain

    That song at the end ...It really motivated me dude !!

  • `,Winter Thingś,
    `,Winter Thingś,

    Gaana konsa tha bhai ??😅😅

  • D Srikanth Pai
    D Srikanth Pai

    manish looks very ugly i hate him

  • Pravati Patro
    Pravati Patro

    What was the song at last do anyone know the name pls say me?

  • Syed Suheb Ebrahim
    Syed Suheb Ebrahim

    Relatable 💯%....💓💕💝

  • Tie Breaker
    Tie Breaker

    Haa malum hai chal baap ko mt sikha

  • Amogh Jha
    Amogh Jha

    All Indians are same 😂 just they don't understand that whatever they do isn't different.

  • Suvarna Pathak
    Suvarna Pathak

    Can u tell me which song did u kept in the last scene?

  • Alice Nagar
    Alice Nagar

    Last Song - 😂😂😂

  • Sumita Saha
    Sumita Saha

    Actually, this is why we should not compare our life behind the scenes with these instagram peoples' a single minute slice of life. No one knows what they are going through and how much different it is from what they show us.

  • Rupa Das
    Rupa Das

    This simply portrays how fickle humans are.. those who do this spend a reel life

  • Medhansh ahuja
    Medhansh ahuja

    Which song is this yaar. Saala I can't find the name

  • Vanshika Vats
    Vanshika Vats

    It's all fake out there on social media!

  • Diksha Chahar
    Diksha Chahar

    Filter copy is the most relatable ❤❤

  • Miss Solid
    Miss Solid

    I fucking hate Instagram.

  • love india
    love india


  • Harsh Poddar
    Harsh Poddar

    Outro song : Pressure by candelion and le june

  • Park Ana
    Park Ana

    This video hit me like a truck..

  • Disha Mal.
    Disha Mal.


  • Sandy

    Kon2 insta use ni karta fir v yhana h👇😂

  • Apeksha Asati
    Apeksha Asati

    I already saw this

  • Shubhanshi Singh
    Shubhanshi Singh

    According to me......Instagram is one of the most big addiction to me....😫😕 If someone posts a picture,video,etc....etc...I am not able to stop myself from seeing it that very moment...🙆🏻‍♀️

  • Irah Khan
    Irah Khan

    Only people who dont have Insta can like this comment.

  • Mridushri Bharadwaz
    Mridushri Bharadwaz

    What is the song that play in last? Loved it and so true

  • Rajib Gon
    Rajib Gon

    2:56 perfect background music 🎶 👌

  • Fairy land
    Fairy land

    One word for social media- Fake :) Happiest person in this world who is not using Social media.

  • Naveen Malik
    Naveen Malik

    Moral of the video:- everything is fake on social media no one perfect 🤣🤣🤣

  • Raman Chawla
    Raman Chawla

    This gives a messages that no one's life is perfect

  • Najlin Begum
    Najlin Begum

    Which song is this in the last part?

  • Najlin Begum
    Najlin Begum

    Soo truee...😂😭

  • Zeeshan Ahamad
    Zeeshan Ahamad

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song at the ending of the video Please 🙏

  • Arya Kamat
    Arya Kamat

    Every single thing is soooooo true😂😂😂 Never does any video be so damm relatable🤭😅

  • ABnisha

    Oh @abnis_ha this is mine acct on Instagram it will located at the first only

  • Isha Roy 10a
    Isha Roy 10a

    Filtercopy has started creating irritating videos.....what happened

  • Sun shine star
    Sun shine star

    Jo diktha hey woh asal mein hithe nahi hai

  • Lavanya basera 6042 - 12A
    Lavanya basera 6042 - 12A

    Instagram is so fake that people have started living a fake life, pity....

  • Hardesh Kailash
    Hardesh Kailash

    East and West Filtercopy is the best

  • Swarna Bharathi
    Swarna Bharathi

    Its so true...

  • Bhavya Gupta
    Bhavya Gupta

    The song stands so true over

  • Aanya Amit Jain
    Aanya Amit Jain

    Gujan -2000000 Shagun-600000

  • Vibhuthi Duggal
    Vibhuthi Duggal

    2:34 this girl looks like neha dhupia to me😂

  • Kratika Vaishnave
    Kratika Vaishnave

    Sab ek jaise h 😂😂

  • akshata pendse
    akshata pendse

    Not true though. Nothing matches. But loved the vid. Funny.

  • 8 ball thrillers #
    8 ball thrillers #

    *who knows gunjan*

  • 8 ball thrillers #
    8 ball thrillers #


  • 8 ball thrillers #
    8 ball thrillers #


  • shaik khashifa
    shaik khashifa

    Mast videos banate ho yaar tum log

  • GirliNation

    "Besan ke chile par shehed Nahi dalte bhai.. kharaab ho jaayega

  • Nishat Anaira
    Nishat Anaira

    There was SO much more potential with the idea, but I don't think the video did justice to the idea tbh

  • Ayushi Got jams
    Ayushi Got jams

    My name is also Ayushi


    Trying to be someone I'm not-💯 SAD REALITY......AMAZING CONTENT THO❤️💯

  • Falak Golwala
    Falak Golwala

    Poll and the pancakes one were the best Who agrees like

  • Blackpink is the Best
    Blackpink is the Best

    1:11 shinchan lol lmao 😂

  • Hajara Abdul raheem
    Hajara Abdul raheem

    Don't believe the Instagram world .. it is hub of effects, edits and changes ..

  • Lalit Jadhav
    Lalit Jadhav

    Am I the only one who felt this complete video unrelatable😑


    Everytime Never Surprise to Your lover nahi to ye ho jayega ,,,,,


    Everytime Never Surprise to Your lover nahi to ye ho jayega ,,,,,

  • RIDHI *
    RIDHI *

    This is true

  • Owen Gomes
    Owen Gomes

    whts the name of the song in the ending????

  • barsha malla
    barsha malla

    This video is so true, most of the things are fake in social media. So, I stopped using it

  • puja badhe
    puja badhe

    The concept is very nice. One thing I realized by this that we always want to live others life but we forget that we are also other for someone

  • Laiba Asif
    Laiba Asif

    3rd wala mera ex ha....zaleel kehta ha ke change karoga...chance doo change nhi hota aur man uss ke posts dekho... Wo itna sorted aur contended lagta ha😁😁

  • fun with yashika
    fun with yashika

    1:08 his voice feels like that babies voice in thoughts babies have

  • Animesh solunke
    Animesh solunke

    Even i post so like deep impress other😜

  • Amaya s
    Amaya s

    Please make a video about EIA 2020. because many of us don't know what it is and it is important for Indians to know that. And if you do that future will thank Filtercopy for doing that.

  • nitin gupta
    nitin gupta

    Very nice........

  • Bankat Rathore
    Bankat Rathore


  • Ammu

    I had an insta acc till a few days ago but I deleted it bcoz its too distracting ...... I'm just a school student and I thing it's not the right tym for this and I told my frnd and she also agreed with mee and now we both deleted acc and are happy now.Almost all things are fake in it. NEVER BELIEVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU SEE IN SOCIAL MEDIA

  • kunja bihari sahani
    kunja bihari sahani

    Iam not using insta because a boy has harassed me so

  • Taying Yahin
    Taying Yahin

    Basically ,everybody is fake on insta😂

  • Sanjana R
    Sanjana R

    What's the song which came at the end?????

  • Anushri Pandey
    Anushri Pandey

    Sach mein kitna creative content vo bhi lockdown

  • Rachna Bhardwaj
    Rachna Bhardwaj

    1:39 That moment when you realise that it was the *Nerd* girl from their Latest video😊😊

  • Pallavi Kamboj
    Pallavi Kamboj


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Reality behind what we see

  • ParkTech

    This is disturbing to watch.

  • Agniv Ghar
    Agniv Ghar

    Today we can't think a day without mobile (except me)

  • S. Rahmani
    S. Rahmani

    LOL! And here I'm who has never used Instagram.

  • Aditi Jha
    Aditi Jha

    Kashhh I would have directed this video If I would have directed this one toh ye alag hi level pe hota 😂🤣🤣😂💯

  • Shubham Pandya
    Shubham Pandya

    *laughing catharticaly...kyuki sab chutiye hai.

  • Jhanvi Mehta
    Jhanvi Mehta

    Just tired of this new faces, who else wants Barkha, Aayush, Apoorva, Rohan and all again😭

  • Birendra Yadav
    Birendra Yadav

    I literally love this 1 who acted as shinchan.. literally nailed it man!♥️😍

  • Sakshi Kumari
    Sakshi Kumari

    So true...this app is all about showing off😂 but the truth is nowadays everyone likes to show off💯😬

  • Anshuman Singh
    Anshuman Singh

    2:38 WTF any one noticed ??


    Per mere phone Mai to insta hi nahi hai

  • 12FMMA04 Apramit Ray
    12FMMA04 Apramit Ray

    I miss the previous actors of filtercopy.

  • Miss Rock
    Miss Rock

    Big boss me kaise jaye #prakhareducation

  • Harshita Koirala
    Harshita Koirala

    Waiiiittttt there arent any pancake in india wait whaaaaaatttttttt omgggggg how the heck are you guys even alive??

  • Poonam Anand
    Poonam Anand

    What is the name of the song in the last????

  • Zoya Sehar
    Zoya Sehar

    Which song is this?in the end?

  • sumitra bhandari
    sumitra bhandari

    Thank god that I am not on Instagram then


    I don't know why...but sometimes ahsaas makes me laugh and makes me feel happy all the time...I love you are so cute

  • Beena Gupta
    Beena Gupta

    Lucky to not be on social media...

  • a hakeem mabof
    a hakeem mabof


  • Urshat Ayesha Noor Tayeba
    Urshat Ayesha Noor Tayeba

    I really hate using Instagram.. Everything is fake here and people shares their stupid thoughts,stupid stories,like posting for Short out..just f**k Only brainless people do this type of work. Whenever i use Instagram, it just ruin my i have stopped using it!!!!!

  • Afrin khanom
    Afrin khanom

    2:13 that girls voice is like Sonaksi sinha

  • Ajay chowdary
    Ajay chowdary

    I'm 20 n I don't hv instagram acc but yet watching this video ...don't knw why !

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