FilterCopy | Savage Dad Vs Savage Son | Ft. Rohan Shah and Darshan Jariwala
Baap toh akhir baap hota hai 😎
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

Jackie Thakkar

Shaani Singh

Darshan Jariwala
Rohan Shah

Vaibhav Lonkar

Visual Execution
Gaurav Kapadia

Mukti Mohan

Shubhika Sharma

Assistant Director
Manish Kharage

Executive Producer
Aakash Arora

Design & Animation
Aghil Prasannan
Ryan Peter D’souza

Color Grading
Vaibhav Lonkar

Sound Design

Clout-pocket Aces Talent Management

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

Brand Solutions
Kuntal Bhoir
Vishwanath Shetty
Karishma Nandi
Priyanka Padode Sheth

Video Operations
Amulya Prabhu
Raunak Ramteke

Antara Anand

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  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Which savage burn did you enjoy the most?😍🔥 Serious Men is now streaming only on Netflix. Use this link to watch now

    • Dhanashree Mahakal
      Dhanashree Mahakal

      Osm Video❤️

    • Nikhat Tarannum
      Nikhat Tarannum

      @IT'S VARAD which video

    • Isha Porwal
      Isha Porwal

      Bahut sai!! I really like yr dance rohan!!



    • Trupti Sawardekar
      Trupti Sawardekar


  • Mr_Cubic_Explosion

    papa iphone ka naya model ara hai ... uses macbook air

  • Musical piano Songs
    Musical piano Songs

    Why Rohan shah is so ugly and cute

  • Percy Jackson
    Percy Jackson

    Filter copy is getting worse and worse every day

  • jairam the artist
    jairam the artist

    I like the part where both of them one by one put there black goggles on

  • Ravi Srivastava
    Ravi Srivastava

    0:52 Just thanks

  • Sapna Hemani
    Sapna Hemani

    This is how suga will be in future as a dad 🤣💜

  • Ivan Oommen
    Ivan Oommen

    rohan shah and darshan jariwala were in different places the entire video. Thats why they were never seen together.

  • Minaz Pathan
    Minaz Pathan

    Savage beti and simple mom = seedhe thappad video khtm 😂😂

  • Shachi Singh
    Shachi Singh


  • Ambuj Tiwari
    Ambuj Tiwari

    bhai....baap ha8 apna stud launda😂😂

  • Amarpal Bhatia
    Amarpal Bhatia

    Yeh shakal kaisi hai Rohan ki bakwaas

  • Unknown Badhon
    Unknown Badhon

    This guy is super handsome.🙂

  • nil

    Maze ka tha

  • Anula Borse
    Anula Borse

    Rohan's smile is like the singer and song-writer Lauv's smile!! So cute!!

  • Shafayat Hossain Chowdhury
    Shafayat Hossain Chowdhury

    Jordadians first idea stolen

  • Zubair Khan
    Zubair Khan

    Bhai real mei itna nahi hota😂😂😂

  • Amruta Masal
    Amruta Masal

    Schrodingers was golden🎊🎉😂😂😎

  • Shanaya Zane
    Shanaya Zane

    Am I the only one who can relate to this? I mean m a girl....but my relationship with my dad is jst this❤️

  • Wyanet Lopes
    Wyanet Lopes

    Bhai definitely chachu pe gaye hai Woooooooo

  • *_MR.STARK_* Tony
    *_MR.STARK_* Tony

    3:02 reminds me of terminator

  • My LovE My PeT
    My LovE My PeT

    Are ghar mein maa nhi hain kya?

  • Dinara Arefin Promi
    Dinara Arefin Promi

    3:31 😂 Rohan's DANCE😂😂 Died LAUGHING 😆

  • Hendrick Joshua
    Hendrick Joshua

    But the uncle is The best

  • •Lavender_ Cherry•
    •Lavender_ Cherry•

    And the winner is......

  • Bilal Altaf
    Bilal Altaf

    I want this bgm beat😤

  • Harshdeep Singh
    Harshdeep Singh

    Dad was more savage

  • Kesar Kiran
    Kesar Kiran

    dad seemed more savage

  • D3xTRIX

    if i do these to my father he will say - nalaik bab se mu lagta he

  • sayma sumaya
    sayma sumaya

    Darshan uncle looked soooo cute in the video 😇😇😇😇

  • New Media
    New Media

    Who expected a savage mom scene at the end? 😏

  • Sabbir Ahmed
    Sabbir Ahmed

    I need that colour full keybord

  • Sabbir Ahmed
    Sabbir Ahmed

    Ap colourfull keyboard kahasy leaaa

  • Dharam Laishram
    Dharam Laishram

    Music name

  • Archna Gupta
    Archna Gupta


  • hello hi
    hello hi

    wait u should have just asked the new iphone as a Christmas gift. u would have got it

  • Anchal &prajwal barik
    Anchal &prajwal barik

    1:53 dance was the best

  • Tanishka Sharma
    Tanishka Sharma

    “Aukat mein rahe” in the end got me😂😂😭

  • Aura BeasT
    Aura BeasT

    Even though they are shooting at different places it looks like they are shooting together at one place

  • Haider Ali
    Haider Ali

    Who loved rohan ka dance 😂😂

  • I really don't Understand my self
    I really don't Understand my self

    Hilarious yrr!

  • Kesina jaipuriya
    Kesina jaipuriya

    Drugs do


    Please make a video on Savage Mom vs. Savage Daughter

  • GR TrEx
    GR TrEx

    That one in which father said tere dost hi nahi hai...many people felt that

  • Jui Nadekar
    Jui Nadekar

    Rohan Shah is looking like amrish puri 🥰❣️

  • Kabita Mehta
    Kabita Mehta

    Love savage dad entry

  • Anuska Sethi
    Anuska Sethi

    So savage 😅😂

  • Harshita

    Any indian blink and armies here ? Can't be only me 💜💜💜💜💜💨

    • Melinda Thomas
      Melinda Thomas

      @Harshita Nah i am fine

    • Harshita

      @Melinda Thomas 💜💜 Must try bts tooo

    • Melinda Thomas
      Melinda Thomas

      Me blink i love blackpink

  • Broton Gaming
    Broton Gaming

    He looks like tom holand so much

  • Monoranjan Deka
    Monoranjan Deka

    I just loved Rohan Shah's acting 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Seema Dixit
    Seema Dixit


  • Swayam Koregave
    Swayam Koregave

    The dance is more funnier than the jokes

  • Manas Joysar
    Manas Joysar

    Which is that song when there is a savage moment can anyone tell me

  • Turin Teron
    Turin Teron


  • Mohd Sharib
    Mohd Sharib

    There's difference between being savage and badtameezi

  • Kreetika Chhabra
    Kreetika Chhabra

    disclaimer: this type of dads don't exist😁

  • Troublemaker 101
    Troublemaker 101

    It’s better to live average. Being above it, is a lot of pressure. Might as well not.

  • Sumanta B
    Sumanta B

  • PEACE is love
    PEACE is love

    Rohan looks like , Korean!

  • Nutan Jain
    Nutan Jain

    4:51 ohhhh bhaiiiiii 😂😂😂

  • Eshaal Azam
    Eshaal Azam

    Editing 😌😎

  • Tousif Hasnat
    Tousif Hasnat

    Arnab Lol

  • Aaftab Saiyed
    Aaftab Saiyed

    Bc he literally said bhai chachu pe gaya hai agar hum ye bol de to bc sutai kutai pitai dhulai har tarah ki char pai ban jate

  • Pratima Agnani
    Pratima Agnani

    The way uncle ji dances😂😂😂

  • Arya Deore
    Arya Deore

    exactly waiting for this.

  • Cizer S
    Cizer S

    I can't stop my laughs 😄😂🤣😝

  • Athif Khan
    Athif Khan

    Filtercopy nicely trolled Arnab in between 😂😂😂

  • Words Of Imagination
    Words Of Imagination

    That baksh do was copied from arnab's dialogue


    When u get to know they shooting from different places 😂😂

  • Super NEVAN 1
    Super NEVAN 1

    This kid is mare savager then his dad

  • Swati Singh
    Swati Singh

    If I would have said this to my father then....🥿🥿😶😶🩸🩸🏥 💉🩹⚰️

  • hippy sunshine
    hippy sunshine

    That was epic baksh do baksh do 😂🤣🤣

  • Khalid Rafiq
    Khalid Rafiq

    0:53 Did he just explain Shrodinger theory in such a simple way

  • Ron Savio
    Ron Savio

    Whoa, filter copy content at an ALL TIME LOW!

  • Ojas Apratim
    Ojas Apratim

    Schrödinger's room 😂

  • Aryan Sikka
    Aryan Sikka


  • Toraihādo

    My 4 year old nephew can make better roasts that these dudes.

  • Apocalypse Gaming
    Apocalypse Gaming

    Jordindians is wayyyyy better

  • Arjun S
    Arjun S


  • Aparna Mohanakumar
    Aparna Mohanakumar

    Their dance after saying savage dialogues are hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ar. Abhijit Gaulkar
    Ar. Abhijit Gaulkar

    Excuse me, was this video supposed to be funny??

  • Anjana Mahesh
    Anjana Mahesh

    The dad was way more savage!!

  • Saurabh Pathare
    Saurabh Pathare

    Faltu video

  • shinebrighttogether

    4:50 i was remembed of k dramas than tis🤣🤣🤣

  • Jadhav

    When uh realise..his dad is more savage than himself..!!

  • Rishi Shroff
    Rishi Shroff

    2:24 if i will tell this line to my father next day i will find myself outside the house

  • Malabika Roy [10 C]
    Malabika Roy [10 C]

    Pls savage mother versus savage daughter 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • APG

    The child shown in 1:18 is my cousin brother am so happy for him

  • Moneybho

    4:46 hacked movie repeat ho gaya 😂😂

  • Irfan ahmed Mohammed
    Irfan ahmed Mohammed

    Me and my dad exactly like this .... LOVE U DAD PROUD TO BE YOUR SON.🥰😍



  • Rajeshree Sawant
    Rajeshree Sawant


  • The Alright Squad
    The Alright Squad

    Watch latest amazing video :

  • Sefali Roy
    Sefali Roy

    Nope 🙅nope🙅 nope🙅 it can't happen in indian homes dad will get angry and mom will slap with weapon (chappal) before completing the sentence

  • Khoula Shahid
    Khoula Shahid

    The son got a chance to show all his stunts in this video 🤣🤣😎😎

  • shruti

    *WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THE LAPTOP'S KEYBOARD??!! Damn it's so pretty;-;*

  • Waniya Shakeel
    Waniya Shakeel

    this is the most funny and my favourite video released on filter copy

  • KMT

    3:15 pay your editors money..

  • Yash Kapoor
    Yash Kapoor

    4:24 Everyone named Yash be like:what

  • Sripranav A
    Sripranav A

    Anyone Notice that they are using Google meet and there are 5 people including these 2 (Lekha and Yashu) called Shani singh,Vaibhav Lonkar and Manish Kharage ... 0:05

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