FilterCopy | My Love Hate Relationship With My Sister | Ft. Apoorva Arora and Alisha Chopra
Sister = Best Friend + Worst Enemy
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

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Apoorva Arora
Alisha Chopra

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  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us what you love and hate the most about your sibling😜 Ready to discover your second home? ️🏠❤️ Explore Stanza Living residences and pre-book here:

    • Shravani Thale
      Shravani Thale

    • Shravani Thale
      Shravani Thale


    • Aashi Jangid
      Aashi Jangid

      What I love about my elder sister is that she understands me everytime and whenever I make plans with my friends n mom says no for that plan..I have her to make mom's no to a yes..and I hate a thing about her is she never listens to me fully n starts reacting about it...and the reaction is just "SHUT UR MOUTH"!!!But after all she is my youuu😂😂❤

    • XTreme GameRS
      XTreme GameRS

      Bhot mast laga.

    • Seema Ehsan
      Seema Ehsan

  • Gaming Techie
    Gaming Techie

    Is it just me or everyone has a baby maasi🤣🤣

  • void String
    void String

    BC ye stanza living se bakwas koi jagah nhi h iss duniya m. Stanza living se badhiya to aadmi footpath p rhle.

  • kirti

    I love alisha Apoorva and ehsaas😍

  • gulab anand
    gulab anand

    Alisha Chopra

  • Smokïn Demon
    Smokïn Demon


  • Sania Ahmed
    Sania Ahmed

    Apoorva looks so cute in nose ring😍

  • Nihal Mathew
    Nihal Mathew

    Alisha exactly looks like my friend 😊😁

  • shatayu Patil
    shatayu Patil

    Fact:- You will never realise this they both are shooting at there home,and are not together.....😯

    • Vedika jain
      Vedika jain

      Too late, we already understood lmao

  • shatayu Patil
    shatayu Patil

    Do you know what my neighborhood aunty's name is also baby aunty......😄😃😀

    • shatayu Patil
      shatayu Patil

      @Vedika jain yes baby! I know it's a little weird name but.....I don't know why there name is like that😅

    • Vedika jain
      Vedika jain

      Baby aunty?

  • Ritu Gautam
    Ritu Gautam

    The other girl could not match the level of Apoorva!

  • Naomi playz
    Naomi playz

    That white girl appo/appovra looks like Disha Patni

  • Anshu Yadav
    Anshu Yadav


  • Juairia Noor
    Juairia Noor

    Maybe Apoorva and Alisha are siblings


    English is such an underated exam😂

  • shubh chander vasudeva
    shubh chander vasudeva

    Apoorva is love❤️

  • ARYAN S patel
    ARYAN S patel

    jahvi kapoor spotted

  • ch omeshwar
    ch omeshwar

    Filter copy is the best!!

  • Gulnar Ali
    Gulnar Ali


  • Khushi Mukhi
    Khushi Mukhi

    1:22 password: 2020sucks 😆🤣

  • Deeksha Nayak
    Deeksha Nayak

    Apooooo looked soo nice

  • Mariyam Banu.
    Mariyam Banu.

    Good 🌃🌉 night

  • Priyanka

    Filtercopyyy uyirrr❤️✨💯

  • liza jain
    liza jain

    Last was so Relatetable 😂

  • Navya's Show
    Navya's Show

    Password: 2020sucks 😂

  • Ayushi Thakur
    Ayushi Thakur

    I never felt that they were in their separate houses. Excellent editing has been done by filtercopy!!


    Iklauti aulad 😂

  • sagar mundwal
    sagar mundwal

    Meri Massi ka naam v baby hi hai lol😝😝

  • Piyusha Awasthi Pandey
    Piyusha Awasthi Pandey

    That is me of course actually truue


    Choclate wala scenes apne apne ghar se shoot Kiya na🤣🤣🤣😂😂❤❤❤❤

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    Dr CHO-CHA

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  • anushree datta
    anushree datta

    So when did you realise that they were not shooting together?.?.?.?.?

  • Biaka Noor
    Biaka Noor

    Dafa ho jao tum log 🤣🤣

  • Kimaya Sethi
    Kimaya Sethi

    I hate ALISHA CHOPRA 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Brishti Sil
    Brishti Sil

    The password 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nikita Singh
    Nikita Singh

    Relatable AF!

  • Esther George
    Esther George

    Alisha: Yaar yeh credit card vale log kitna irritate karte hai na Appo: Abe paagal hai kya, de vapas🤣🤣🤣 ROFL

  • aiman zunairah
    aiman zunairah

    Nice password '2020 sucks' 😂

  • abhilasha mishra
    abhilasha mishra

    That last scene when Mom scolds was amazing ... Bilkul real life ki tarah 😂

  • amritha akshari
    amritha akshari

    Apoo u acted in 2 sandalwood films right?

  • krishna patil
    krishna patil

    apporva is mine fav charcter ..she looks so cute


    apoo is like LISA of BLACKPINK

  • syam pranav
    syam pranav

    It's clearly seen that it's taken from two different place

  • Vijay Laxmi Soni
    Vijay Laxmi Soni


  • Mythili Warrier
    Mythili Warrier

    Filter copy is so good that I didn't realize they were in different homes

  • Kousiki Dutta
    Kousiki Dutta

    Phir se yeh ad

  • Credent professional Studies C.A. Institute
    Credent professional Studies C.A. Institute

    Maturity is when you realise that the both of them are shooting at different places Hatsoff to the editor 😂

  • Our Cooking Videos
    Our Cooking Videos

    Lockdown life of a girl.

  • Annie Majumdar
    Annie Majumdar

    Kuch motivational video banaofaltu time paisa barbad

  • YasmeeN _yn
    YasmeeN _yn

    Siblings,,,, jab koi kaam niklwana ho...एक हजारों में मेरी बहना है। 😍 - Siblings war & ceasefire...मै तेरी दुश्मन दुश्मन तू मेरा 👿. Nd last me mummy ki surgical strike....कहानी घर घर की_2.🙄😂

  • Anusha Thapa
    Anusha Thapa


  • Bhumika Kohar
    Bhumika Kohar

    me and my sister are too like that


    I wish I could have a sister

  • Gaurav Thakur
    Gaurav Thakur

    Bhai ye chasme vali jo ldki hi bhut hi awesome hi ...

  • mussolffc

    Add a little more hate and it will be accurate af 😂

  • Shafi Pathan
    Shafi Pathan

    Hey apoorva you look good in bangs 👧

  • Mr Pai
    Mr Pai

    Isn't #apoorva the actor in kannada movie #mugulunage

  • Yashima Rajpal
    Yashima Rajpal

    Can you tell which editing software you have used.. please

  • Vidushi srivastava
    Vidushi srivastava

    Nice video


    Apoorva acted in the movie 🍿 muglunagay

  • An_explorer !!
    An_explorer !!

    Apooo is coming to Bangalore 😍 yaay wanna meet u please!!!

  • geeta vishwanath
    geeta vishwanath

    I am watching this and tomorrow is my English exam😂

  • Daarya H
    Daarya H

    yes the Netflix password is 2020 SUCKS VERY TRUE VERY TRUE WHO HATES 2020 LIKE THIS COMMENT

  • Hijab Bakhat
    Hijab Bakhat

    Amazing ❤ please reply


    5% of people who are watching this comments, I wish their parents still Alive for more than 100 years 👍 God bless u and u r family

  • Dhara Mishra
    Dhara Mishra

    Appu is not with them ......she did from her home ......anyone noticed it ??

  • Jovina Jemy James EPIIS
    Jovina Jemy James EPIIS

    Sending lot's of love from singapore🥰🥰🥰

  • rjboro99

    May be dno apne apne ghr me rehkar hi shooting karre h

  • Gavya Singh
    Gavya Singh

    Apporva I have seen you in disko Singh

  • Keerath Sethi
    Keerath Sethi

    Alisha looks exactly like Janhvi Kapoor.. Dont you agree?

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    Earn money

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    Hey guys! Idk that much but I think so that this is made in 2 august 2020 so is that made in two different houses I didn't saw both of them together in one camera! Not even once! I realized it later. Who got to know this??! Guyzz then like. Dont cheat! Filter copy when you are reacting the next time please answer this question too! hehehe

  • 11 Yashvi
    11 Yashvi

    Apoorva is so cute

  • Abhinav Gupta
    Abhinav Gupta

    Has anyone noticed, why mother is with only one daughter everytime ;).. why she is not seen with appu?

  • simran v
    simran v

    Password : so trueeeee

  • Maheshwari Banoth
    Maheshwari Banoth

    Hi apoorva madam...... U look so beautiful

  • Shavika Goel
    Shavika Goel

    Most beautiful apoorvaa has ever looked

  • Emerald Salvatore
    Emerald Salvatore

    It was almost relatable except the part where they both read each other's minds wrong. Me and my sister can literally carry out an entire conversation without actually having to talk 😂♥️

  • Sushil Singh
    Sushil Singh

    The netflix password being 2020sucks was the best part throughout the video i never realised that they are in different homes but yeah at end I got to know it.

  • Mahnoor Tariq
    Mahnoor Tariq

    Apo looks so cute in bangs♥️

  • Aruna Kumari
    Aruna Kumari

    They both are acting like they live in a same house in Lockdown too... Realistic acting,... Great job filtercopy👍👍👍

  • Vanshika Srivastava 'sweet pyrus'
    Vanshika Srivastava 'sweet pyrus'

    When sanjana sanghi and shradha kapoor are sisters! 😂

  • shilpee chauhan
    shilpee chauhan

    Stanza living 🤣🤣 Worst service

  • Simone

    Let's not forget fighting over the tv remote🤣🤣

  • Alisha Yadav
    Alisha Yadav

    I'm also alisha ❤️

  • Huda Patel
    Huda Patel

    Why did they never sit next to her maybe she is somewhere else

  • #Get Inspried
    #Get Inspried

    My favourite filtercopy one is Apoorva and one thing is I am from karnatka she is also ❤️😭

  • Binal Patel
    Binal Patel

    Every season me koi Brad ka endorsement Hota he

  • Asia Anjum
    Asia Anjum

    Hello 👋

  • Asia Anjum
    Asia Anjum

    Hy 😊

  • Pranav Agrawal
    Pranav Agrawal

    Filtercopy is so lucky they have beautiful girls like apoorva with them!!! I watch the videos only for apoorva ma'am...Whenever I see her I forget about the video.

  • kimseok jin
    kimseok jin

    The fact that they are shooting in their home not facing each other is soo ............... unbelievable

  • nahal 06
    nahal 06

    apooo is that one woman i have been searching for....... the one who got the same looks as my shivani..........

  • Dharmashree Neel
    Dharmashree Neel

    Apoo has a ukulele

  • aisha r
    aisha r


  • Naman Singla
    Naman Singla

    Who noticed that Apoorva was wearing bb merchandise

  • Saniya Shaikh
    Saniya Shaikh

    Didn't even realize that they are in different rooms...jst perfect 🥰


    Whenever I see apoorva I remember shraddha kapoor.

  • Bhavya Bhat
    Bhavya Bhat

    Is it only me or Alisha Chopra actually looks like Sanjana Sanghi🤔

  • ishu