FilterCopy | Dating In 2000s VS Now | Ft. Kritika Bharadwaj and Kunal Thakur
Our love is the only constant! ❤️
Hey guys! Our new video is about the difference between dating in 2000s vs now. Tell us what do you all think has it changed for the better or worse? Enjoy watching :)
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

Sejal Badala

Pallavi Kedia

Kritika Bharadwaj
Kunal Thakur

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Ayaz Merchant

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  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Tell us what you miss about dating in 2000s and what you love about dating now😁❤️ Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • rameen farhan
      rameen farhan

      @Anushka Sharma Same Girl

    • Aaryan Verma
      Aaryan Verma

      I just ruined 69 comments

    • Ayush Dash
      Ayush Dash

      Plz say me where the t shirt of panda is available.... Which is weared by the boy from starting....... Plz plz🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Mirsab Qureshi
      Mirsab Qureshi

      @Maths Yug u

    • ANshutosh Sharma
      ANshutosh Sharma

      One thing is that 100 msg wala 2011 me aaya tha na ki 2000 me

  • Lakshmi Manoharan
    Lakshmi Manoharan

    Please consider the cat as a main character...the cat seems like wishing the same...

  • Bhavyansh Goswami
    Bhavyansh Goswami

    Mismatched fans know who is Kritika! 😏💕


    In the thumbnail she looked like Dakota Johnson 😂😂

  • ravinder singh
    ravinder singh

    She looks like Dakota johnson

  • naoshin islam
    naoshin islam

    btw lemme tell you one thing, game of throne is actually world's best show (pretend season 8 doesn't exist)

  • EndLess NAMAN
    EndLess NAMAN

    Then - Cute . . Today for most people - Cringe

  • Lutumoni Saikia
    Lutumoni Saikia

    The girl is too cute... Nice pair

  • Lubdhak Mondal
    Lubdhak Mondal

    What's the song at the end ?

  • Yeezy Peezy
    Yeezy Peezy

    The cat looks cute

  • Shreeja Tiwari
    Shreeja Tiwari

    My boy and I started dating in 12th std ! We went to same school, college ! Now he's away on the borders... *you have consumed 100 msgs of the day* I still see this message as we text over msgs coz there's no internet ! Also this video made me feel like we are that 2000 wala couple :P

  • Riya Singh
    Riya Singh

    Some ideas for your next videos: 1) Signs your being racist. 2) Types of people who are on a diet in lockdown. 3) Signs your a psychopath. 4) 14 things people do in winter. 5) 18 types of people who read books.

  • Mohammad Hamza
    Mohammad Hamza

    I saw it after the series of mismatched and loved it it is there on Netflix second thing which are here after watching it drop a like down

  • 내 앞에서 꺼져, 이 시금치야.
    내 앞에서 꺼져, 이 시금치야.

    The girl is so cute and pretty and these two look so good together! 😍

  • Mack Sequeira
    Mack Sequeira

    Honestly 2000s were the best. Miss those days man

  • Aashi Kumare
    Aashi Kumare

    But my story is more like the 2000s one .

  • Shrestha Shukla
    Shrestha Shukla

    Who is here after mismatched 😀😀

  • Gopika Pramod
    Gopika Pramod

    Hey, isn't she the Bully from mismatched if I'm not wrong?

  • Rohit Pol
    Rohit Pol

    Can anyone tell what is name of that girls hairstyle. ..? I find it really cute

  • Riddhi Bhattacharyya
    Riddhi Bhattacharyya

    kunal is so cute :p

  • Aman Kaushal
    Aman Kaushal

    Who else think that she look like the actress in thai drama-my husband in law

  • Chetan Pakhamode
    Chetan Pakhamode

    50 shades of grey

  • Rishabh Jain
    Rishabh Jain

    she's look like tokyo though

  • Medha Mishra
    Medha Mishra

    My focus was solely on the cat

  • shadow Queen
    shadow Queen

    Marrying is the best option. It's a responsibility

  • Florence Banklore
    Florence Banklore

    I think 2000's were better ❤️

  • Geeta Sharma
    Geeta Sharma

    At 3:55 Kunal looks like Andrew Garfield 😂

  • surabhi Kulkarni
    surabhi Kulkarni

    Filter copy always rocking

  • Sayantan Roy
    Sayantan Roy

    Ye smartphones ne to sabko chutiya banake rakha he....

  • Aditya Patil
    Aditya Patil

    Is he Andrew Garfield spiderman

  • mayank maurya
    mayank maurya

    2000s was so goood.


    I am a teenager but i found early 2000's and 1990's a lot more better than now....

  • Roushit Gupta
    Roushit Gupta

    I was born on the year 2000 nd trust me i still crave for old school love maybe someday i will find that too ! 😇❤️

  • Suhani Naik
    Suhani Naik

    Her bangs are cute

  • Debayan Mandal
    Debayan Mandal

    After seeing this, my system to me : Couldn't find the file "love.exe"

  • nayan j das
    nayan j das

    Same as mine.. Loving from no wtsapp era.. 2008..its really beautiful

  • Shubham Rajpara
    Shubham Rajpara

    Zabardast writing! Filtercopy, pls give this Sejal Badala woman extra Diwali bonus.


    can we just appreciate how pretty Krithika Bharadwaj is....... ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rani Sinha
    Rani Sinha

    At least people studied at that old time

  • ITz Me
    ITz Me

    Aree bhai jho bhi howa kaise bhi howa 2000's mein bhi pat gayi or ajj bhi aur hum phir kuwara ;-;

  • Nutty_ Editz
    Nutty_ Editz

    SOMEONE talk about the cat-!

  • wala muhammad
    wala muhammad

    The actor who plays Vivek is kunal thakur and he has known me since I was a baby and we still text on Instagram a little yay u can ask hi. Too he knows meeee

  • Dibyabharati Nayak
    Dibyabharati Nayak

    We r single dude....make some vdo for us😂😂.....#FilterCopy

  • Hrishish Jain
    Hrishish Jain

    What's that song at the end?

  • Fariha Tasnem
    Fariha Tasnem

    2000s was much better!

  • Ankit Sharma
    Ankit Sharma

    Itana fake to kabhi content nahi tha filter copy ka ...

  • Kankana Banik
    Kankana Banik

    2000 was far more better, genuine and pure than today

  • anosha ali shah
    anosha ali shah

    I am the person who is still living the relationship like 2000 in 2020 .. but honestly that's great ..

  • Lil Miss Sara
    Lil Miss Sara

    i feel like i've seen that girl

  • Ranvir Nagpal
    Ranvir Nagpal

    Did hamleys exist in 2000

  • Apoorva SHARMA
    Apoorva SHARMA

    I think today's is more comfortable than 2000s

  • apeksha dargude
    apeksha dargude

    Amit sana and abhijit sawant reference tho!!

  • drprasanna kumar
    drprasanna kumar

    She's like Dakota Johnson

  • rohan singh
    rohan singh

    90 ka environment v laate to achaa hota...

  • Madhumita Roy
    Madhumita Roy

    The girl looked like Dakota Johnson, the actress of fifty shades. Who else noticed that ?? 🤭😉

  • Ayushi Yaduvanshi
    Ayushi Yaduvanshi

    Feels like I'm an old soul in a young body :(

  • Anandha kumar
    Anandha kumar

    I think some of us are still in the 2000"s

  • Deepak Pandey
    Deepak Pandey

    In 2000 100msgs rule was not applicable

  • Anish Mukherjee
    Anish Mukherjee

    How many of you are irritated by life boy advertisement

  • Aditi Gupta
    Aditi Gupta

    The girl look cutee❤️❤️

  • Surya Vaishnavi
    Surya Vaishnavi

    Looks like I was supposed to be born 2 decades ago *sigh* what a perfect fit i would be in the 2000s era!

  • Samiksha Dhote99
    Samiksha Dhote99

    That 2000 love was so better. I want just the same🥺❤️

  • fazzy fizz
    fazzy fizz

    where is ayuuuuuuushh nd aishaaa

  • Shraddhanjali Pradhan
    Shraddhanjali Pradhan

    I just feel bad fr the adorable cat🥺❤.

  • Minnie R
    Minnie R

    I don't know why but I had tear on my when I watched the last scene Marry Me Vs Move in 😦

  • Janhvi Dahake
    Janhvi Dahake

    During 2000 they didn't have 100 msg per day it was 1 ruppes for 1 msg, just gk🤣😂

  • SIDE Lyrics
    SIDE Lyrics

    My channel name is side lyrics .I am not telling you people to subscribe to my channel. Just telling that it is only and only my channel.😁

  • Swagat Padhiary
    Swagat Padhiary

    year 2000:- When males used to be males and females used to be females. year 2020:- When you can't distinguish a male and a female.



  • Pranav Sharma
    Pranav Sharma

    The ways are different but the warmth is same.

  • Aryan Bhapkar
    Aryan Bhapkar

    single logo ke liye nhi hota ye sab....

  • Shalmali Kadlak
    Shalmali Kadlak

    Dyslexia issues

  • Madhavi Madhu
    Madhavi Madhu

    Why don't you do a video on dating a telugu girl??

  • Roman

    She looks similar like dakota Johnson

  • Ashish rawat
    Ashish rawat

    "good" for beautiful girls 💕 "good" for beautiful girls 💕

  • MEniac

    wacthing this for the first time .Its cringe😬

  • Anshuman Rathore
    Anshuman Rathore

    Ye launda zarurat se zyaada maal lagta hai.

  • mtlb kuch bhi
    mtlb kuch bhi

    Gratefully I'm living the 2000s kinda love in present. 🌺🌼

  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram Singh


  • 38. Shlok Jain
    38. Shlok Jain

    4:23 cringe alert!

  • Jyothi's World
    Jyothi's World

    How can violets be blue 😂😂😂

  • Nikita Ramani
    Nikita Ramani

    100 msgs khatam hona was such a painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!

  • Pranith Chiravuri
    Pranith Chiravuri

    This video reminded me of Ed Sheeran's Perfect.

  • Deepthinker Deepthinker
    Deepthinker Deepthinker

    Disclaimer:- the scenes shown in this video are fantacy not applicable for real life

  • Aryan Bhosale
    Aryan Bhosale

    The female actress of NOW looks like dakota Johnson. 😂😁

  • Sharanya Bhattacharya
    Sharanya Bhattacharya

    Why isn't anyone talking about the guy? He looks like sufi from sujathayymsufiyum and he looks - Idk how to put this - brave and kind and nice.

  • Sayak's Been Here
    Sayak's Been Here

    Now this is a freshly brewed content

  • Manish N
    Manish N

    the cat be like tf is happening and give the fking popcorn to me


    Filtercopy has better actors.

  • Abhilasha Choudhary
    Abhilasha Choudhary

    Nostalgia 😍 I started dating in 2010. Kya din the wo. Limited 100 sms, phone pe baat naa kr paana because parents were very strict. Maa phone chhin leti thi kabhi kabhi. Fir uska landline pe call krna. 😂 Those were the days

  • ojasva pratap singh
    ojasva pratap singh

    us: how many dating related videos are you gonna make FilterCopy: Yes

    • Chessaltzia

  • Sakala Guddin
    Sakala Guddin

    there is just one difference The 2000s- used to talk and have fun 2020s- only phone

  • Kai _theViper
    Kai _theViper

    Saala apne ko kan esi gf milegi😢🤣

  • Shruti Sriwastav
    Shruti Sriwastav

    The girl looks and gives Dakota Johnson vibes!

  • James

    Kritika looks like Dakota Johnson 🤩

  • Abhishek Dixit
    Abhishek Dixit


  • Ashwini Verma
    Ashwini Verma

    I didn't know Dakota Johnson had a sister. She is too cute.

  • ian Gåmìng 2005
    ian Gåmìng 2005

    Rip for the cat 🐈

  • Rushi Patel
    Rushi Patel

    Hey! Her Lips,smile & chin part looks like "Ana" from Fifty shades!!!! Does anyone agrees with me?

  • Tanisha Shaikh
    Tanisha Shaikh

    Even if it's compared with a 1000 years ago, Love has never changed the slightest. That's what the video is trying to imply right? Well, Congrats, cause we can totally grasp the message