FilterCopy | Signs You're Ready To Say I Love You | Ft. Manish, Nikhil and Sakshi
You’re all my heart ever talks about ❤️
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    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us about the first time you said 'I Love You' to someone ❤️ Enjoy watching ;) Follow us on Instagram ➡️

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      Om Joshi

      Plzz share its climax of this video Which is awaited thing for me

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      Nami Nandu

      Which book?

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      Rumman Khan

      ❤from Bangladesh

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      It's Ankit

      @Neeta Agarwal ???

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    So sweet ❤😊

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    Attendance who watch this after 4 weeks

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    Love Yourself

    Next video topic :things happen when we say i love you......

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    Welcome to the cringe fest!

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    Shiv Mittal

    2:36 That meme made me laugh 😂😂😂

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    Smt Dhvlshnkh

    I'm not ready... becos abhi itni relation me bonding nhi hui... phir bhi shayad...

  • Pranathi Raghavendra
    Pranathi Raghavendra

    The editor of this video is Sushant Singh... Omg can't believe 💔😫

  • shoban babu yanagandula
    shoban babu yanagandula

    Hey bro I want any video of one sided and rejected love story...

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    Arshjeet Singh

    Jo real life mein hota hai..kabhi vo bhi dikha diya kro bhai. .meherbaani hogi aapki

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    King Khan

    Hit like i will pray God for you not to remain single 😅😅😅

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    Arkadeep Basu

    Itna normie sa meme bheja, fir alag se call krke bola ki dekh ...eww. SIMP 100

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    shravya madhyastha

    Ig all the people watching here are single becuz couple are also otherwise busy only ......

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    Shilpa Prajapati

    She looks like young Indira Gandhi...😅

  • Code Lyoko Fan 10
    Code Lyoko Fan 10

    The only comment section where i don't have to read to know what its gonna be about😂 Hint for the 1st timers: "Singles don't exist"

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    Hema Srinivasan

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    dash singh

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    Dubsmashers Of india

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    saish dhurve

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    santosh san

    Itni bakwas ladki ko tu love karta hai 🤢🤢🤢🤢

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    Lakhan Rathod

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  • achuadhi

    Caution : parents , exams and other things exist in real world .. 😂

  • Lesten D'souza
    Lesten D'souza

    Everything mentioned in the video happened. I proposed and got friend zoned.

  • Se7en He1en
    Se7en He1en

    Btw!! She looks like his mom☺️ But although she is cute👀💙

  • Ninja Boy
    Ninja Boy

    4:00 , it had me laughing stupidly at 4:30 am😂

    • Ninja Boy
      Ninja Boy

      5:22 😂😂

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    Hemangi Saini

    1:38 😂 best part 😂


    Sakshi has better Jawline than me🥺

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    sulagana biswas

    Seriously wish I could go back to those carefree days of young love. Aunty here who loves filtercopy!!!!

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    Sakshi Dubey

    Disliked for personal reasons 😭😭

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    Sobhit J V

    hindi gaali? wah beta, bohot tez ho rahe ho xD

  • __WiCK__ GAMING_
    __WiCK__ GAMING_

    The boyy was beast boy lite

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    M the1gamer

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    Kunika Sharma


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    Avinash khanm

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  • BLazeSeGaTa YT
    BLazeSeGaTa YT

    Every singles were harmed in this vidoe🔥

  • BLazeSeGaTa YT
    BLazeSeGaTa YT

    Every singles were harmed in this vidoe🔥

  • BLazeSeGaTa YT
    BLazeSeGaTa YT

    Every singles were harmed in this vidoe🔥

  • BLazeSeGaTa YT
    BLazeSeGaTa YT

    Every singles were harmed in this vidoe🔥

  • Debmalya Adhikari
    Debmalya Adhikari

    yaar..sahi nahi hua..apneko aise kaun expose karta hai be!😂😂this was totally my story 😂😂😂

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    Asmita Chatterjee

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    Shiv Kumar

    4:00 was hell good😂😂😂

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    Ginny Weasley

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      Aarohi Swami

      Yeah I am also 🤔 thinking that

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    Rajyada Mishra

    In This Video's Title, Why is The Name Sakshi In The Last? She and Manish are the main...Is Her Name At The Last Only Because She Is a Girl???😔

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    amal c kumar

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    Shivam Sharma

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    Kaveri Shingade

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    Vaibhav Sharma

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    Hasti Shah

    The ending is so cute😁😁

  • Debarun Kumer
    Debarun Kumer

    How dope would it be if at the end, a random guy would have come up to him to collect the book. And she would text him saying, "Hi bhaiya, my bf will come to collect the book since I am busy at the moment."

  • Incresta Barista
    Incresta Barista

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    nidhi rohilla,241

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    Srusti Srusti

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