FilterCopy | Things Singles Are Tired Of Hearing | Ft. Darsheel Safary and Gunit Cour
Single |sin•gle| (adjective) - Too fabulous to settle 😉😌
Are you single and tired of hearing such annoying things? Welcome to the club 🤝
Do check out our new video and share it with all the single people.
Enjoy watching :)
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

Anil Janoti
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Darsheel Safary
Gunit Cour

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  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us what other things do single people go through😁 Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • Awadesh Sharma
      Awadesh Sharma

      Shuru ki ekdam sahi .... Par baad mein to dimag kharab ho gaya ... 😭😭😭😭

    • Josiah James
      Josiah James

      D sounds the same he used to ten yrs ago🤣

    • k r
      k r

      Filtercopy, where on earth is Madhu Gudi???? She is nowhere to be seen. Not even on any other platform. Please please why don't you guys bring her back here??????

    • k r
      k r

      Filtercopy, where on earth is Madhu Gudi???? She is nowhere to be seen. Not even on any other platform. Please please why don't you guys bring her back here??????

    • k r
      k r

      Filtercopy, where on earth is Madhu Gudi???? She is nowhere to be seen. Not even on any other platform. Please please why don't you guys bring her back here??????

  • Prarthana Binoy
    Prarthana Binoy

    No one: People thinking that is that ishaan from tare zameen par. Some people: googling the cast of tare zameen par to see if it is really darsheel.

  • Amit Pal Singh
    Amit Pal Singh

    That cute shit is true 😂😂😂😂... And baby face also.. they forgot that ig

  • Youtuber

    Yes people he is the guy from taare zameen par!!!

  • Bharti

    Being Single is pretty good It's nice sense of irresponsibility...

  • Neeta Rathod
    Neeta Rathod

    He is Ishaan awasthi from taree zameen par

  • Relationship Survivaltips
    Relationship Survivaltips

    Awesome! Checkout my Channel for some Rich Content. Thank You in Advance!

  • Pirate

    welcome to single's annual reunion.

  • Ms Patel
    Ms Patel

    Wow , darsheel safary is our Ishan from taare Zameen par

  • Anshu Singh
    Anshu Singh

    Yeah! Its Eshaan (Darsheel Safary) from "Taare Zameen par" ❤

  • Humaira Binte Sayed
    Humaira Binte Sayed

    Just get married. Problem solved.

  • Shravan Kumar
    Shravan Kumar

    0:21 that guy from holly shit

  • kukuthecow Moo
    kukuthecow Moo

    I'm single Not bec I can't find boys, Not bec I'm ugly I'm single bec I want to, It's my choice, And I love being single

  • Shalmali Kadlak
    Shalmali Kadlak

    Dyslexia issues

  • Story Teller
    Story Teller

    Dude got dyslexia still got a match faster than me.

  • Udit Ghosh
    Udit Ghosh

    Single for life. xD

  • Akash Hela
    Akash Hela

    I am enjoying my life because i am single .

  • Its Miss Bora
    Its Miss Bora

    Single best single best single all the way ! What is fun to see couples fights all day? Hey..Single best......🔥😂 Be proud bro..😎 : Disclaimer : We don't have any problems in Life.🔥😈

  • mahnoor khan
    mahnoor khan

    1:19 omg he is ishaaan awasti from taray zameen par... Kitna bara ho gaya ha. 😯. MashaAllah


    Wow what a idea

  • Juli Narah
    Juli Narah


  • Sambhav Jain
    Sambhav Jain

    I've a dog, and a guitar, still I'm single🙄🙄

  • Teenager Talks
    Teenager Talks

    i always get to hear that i would never get the pain they are suffering due to breakup , but if i would have realy in that situation, i would have acted smart

  • Daniyal Sayeed 10-E
    Daniyal Sayeed 10-E

    So you remembered that singles exists

  • Dr Karev
    Dr Karev

    Ailaa Tare Zameen par!

  • Shatakshi Rajnish
    Shatakshi Rajnish

    Who remembers him Taare Zameen Par😂😇👀👀

  • Ayesha Momin
    Ayesha Momin

    #8millionspcl Good job filter copy..iloveeeayush and anud...they r loveeeee🥺❤❤❤❤🥰

  • Ayesha Momin
    Ayesha Momin

    #8millionspcl Good job filter copy..iloveeeayush and anud...they r loveeeee🥺❤❤❤❤🥰

  • Ayesha Momin
    Ayesha Momin

    #8millionspcl Good job filter copy..iloveeeayush and anud...they r loveeeee🥺❤❤❤❤🥰

  • Ayesha Momin
    Ayesha Momin

    #8millionspcl Good job filter copy..iloveeeayush and anud...they r loveeeee🥺❤❤❤❤🥰

  • 20 AKHIL A I
    20 AKHIL A I

  • Vaishnavi Pandey
    Vaishnavi Pandey

    Plenty of fish 🤣🤣

  • Rachana. M
    Rachana. M

    Any singles who's tired of hearing your friend's break up story.... I'm the only single in my group and everyone else are one side lovers 🥴

  • Rachana. M
    Rachana. M

    1:00 that was 😂😂😂

  • Vishal Dobriyal
    Vishal Dobriyal


  • Dankity Dankdank
    Dankity Dankdank

    Hand gang. Raise your hands.

  • ŠahîĂdoră

    Is that taare zameen par guy??

  • Avni Roy
    Avni Roy

    Single hone se khud ko utni prblm nii.. Jitni duniya ko hoti😑😯 Agree guyz?

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum

    Isn't that Ishaan from Taare Zameen Par

  • Prabal Minotra
    Prabal Minotra

    Yeh Ishaan Nandkishor Awasthi tha?


    Who's have an emotional memory of "BAM BAM BOLE "sach a amazing ☺ movie 🍿 I have. watched in my whole entire life

  • Anmol Gupta
    Anmol Gupta

    Kuch log to itte single hote h ki lene ke naam pr bs chutti h unke paas..... - someone 😂😂😂😂

  • Shiroman Ramsoedh
    Shiroman Ramsoedh

    that single guy looks a little bit like michael jackson

  • Byun Bacon
    Byun Bacon

    I'm single but I'm never tired of hearing these things because never said these things to me! BTW, nice video. Single Gang.

  • Stinger Hornet Gaming
    Stinger Hornet Gaming

    Be single, your hospital bills will cost less😁

  • No Death
    No Death

    Single life is much better, agree?

  • Kush Shandilya
    Kush Shandilya

    😂😂 kya chiz h ye bhai mtlb theem changes

  • Natasha Batra
    Natasha Batra

    Thanks for that last ka 'nahi'. Pata chala singles ke video ke actors ko bhi last me commit krva diye 😂😂

  • Niyor Hazarika
    Niyor Hazarika

    single life happy life

  • Awadesh Sharma
    Awadesh Sharma

    They also got match... And me still calling every girl didi ... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😭😭😭😒

  • Guru Raj
    Guru Raj

    1:02 love from Karnataka

  • ks

    ohh darshil long time good to see you

  • Diptonil Mukherjee
    Diptonil Mukherjee

    FilterCopy team, whether you are reading this comment I don't know but I strongly urge you to make at least one video on your behind the scenes, please. If your videos are sweet, those behind the scenes and bloopers are extra sweet. If you really read it, please reply.

  • Anamika Shom
    Anamika Shom

    I am not single but still came to see this video because of darsheel safary .

  • It's About Everything
    It's About Everything

    Literally 1% people who read this♥️ message 🔥"I pray may your parents live more than 100 years with good health "🖤🥰

  • Pranav Krishna IX - A MGG
    Pranav Krishna IX - A MGG

    Filtercopy you should make some videos based on South Indian topics, Congrats for 8 million!!! How many here are from the South?

  • Anshu Saini AIIMS
    Anshu Saini AIIMS

    I watched most of the filter copy video but didn't subscribed yet.... cause till now I'm thinking this channel is only for couples 😂😂😂 Now I'll rethink about that 🤔

  • Avisek Sharma
    Avisek Sharma

    One of the best low quality/useless video.

  • Abhishek Gupta
    Abhishek Gupta

    This video has a dyslexic child.... Keep it up filtercopy... 🤣🤣

  • Chemistry With Sidra Noreen
    Chemistry With Sidra Noreen

    Oriflame Products 10% off for this month pr koi lena chahta h tou insta pr dm kare @almas_oriflame


    Who is the girl in the purple and red shirt

  • Aman Saini
    Aman Saini

    1:38 hoe ban ne ki 101 tips..

  • Ishita Tripathi
    Ishita Tripathi

    Forced lik hell esp. When its good weather or am outing time.. You know how relax it is to cuddle wid someone.

  • Ranbir juneja
    Ranbir juneja

    This boy is in tarre zamen par

  • SVSS tilak nagar
    SVSS tilak nagar

    People roast filtercopy about how they live on relatable content . Irony is , I never found it relatable!!

  • Happy Person
    Happy Person

    Next video honest filter copy in which thr content will be that they make videos just that other sponsor them 😂😂😂

  • Jagruti Dash
    Jagruti Dash

    Filtercopy is not making good content anymore

  • Vaishnavi Rewanwar
    Vaishnavi Rewanwar

    Parent- your biological clock is tic...tick... Ticking 🤣🤣

  • One Eyed King
    One Eyed King

    This video felt like someone sprinkling salt to injuries 😂

  • Kushal Sheth
    Kushal Sheth

    Dekho inhe ,ye he auns ki boonde.... Khona jaaye ye , taare jameen par...

  • Leeza Pathan
    Leeza Pathan

    Darshil's acting skill is getting worse. It was much better in Taare Zameen pr. We missed him with his natural acting.♡♡

  • Charan S Gowda
    Charan S Gowda

    Every students watching this video, do watch our video because its based on online classes! @5_fM

  • Amrita Kumari
    Amrita Kumari

    Do anyone know that darsheel safary is the kid from taree zameen par

  • Nasrin Akter
    Nasrin Akter

    Darseel safari is so cute 😘😘

  • Kate Lopez
    Kate Lopez

    The ending was amazing 😂

  • Anushree bhowmik
    Anushree bhowmik

    Rly miss ayesha, aporva, druv, banarji, veer, ayush, bharkha, in filtercopy videos... 😒

  • Balaram Khamari
    Balaram Khamari

    Taare Zameen par ka ladka 😊😂😂

  • Anum quazi
    Anum quazi

    Is it just me or he actually looks like Triggered insaan? :)

  • Aetos Dios
    Aetos Dios

    It was at the end of the video when I realized, that is Ishaan from Thare zameen par

  • Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu
    Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu

    I never realised that Darsheel Safary is the same boy from the movie 'Taare Zameen Par'(By the way,I serached it on Google before commenting to make it sure) I loved that movie

  • Isha Agarwal
    Isha Agarwal

    Abhi brkup hua h so i m single

  • Nadeeha Mapa Shoukat
    Nadeeha Mapa Shoukat

    Just realized the girl who is giving advice was the girl from Instagram who uses filter in her Instagram reels acting as a kid😂

  • Ridhi Sharma
    Ridhi Sharma

    Is the 1st boy from film "taare zameen par"🤔🤔🤔 ..............anyone noticed

  • Ojas Gaikwad
    Ojas Gaikwad

    jaise hi dog waala scene aaya mene band kar diya it was so cringe

  • Suresh suri Suri
    Suresh suri Suri

    1.05 Her shirt has a Kannada word

  • Anandhu Arun
    Anandhu Arun

    Oh bhai single logo ko chida na nhi he carryminati bhi single he par vo cool he hence proven - single = cool🔥

  • Poor Editor
    Poor Editor

    Being single is great

  • Ametoj Kaur
    Ametoj Kaur

    Yeah...duhh its true I'm gonna die SINGLE!!😬😅🤣

  • harleen kapoor
    harleen kapoor

    Love filter copy💖💖💖

  • Ayesha Ali
    Ayesha Ali

    Omg is this Ishaan frm tzp???? His voice looks familiar...

  • Symmetrically Weird
    Symmetrically Weird

    Yeah well does that matter. This is the worst video. Bnothing is relatable. I guese people siffer from more real issues than this.

  • Hanz Dj
    Hanz Dj

    Singles hit like 😂


    I have BTS .....full boyfriend material 😀😀❣️🖤🐇

  • Black Listed
    Black Listed

    Fun Fact Single Koi Bhi Rahna Nahi Chahte But Pretend Aisa Karege K Single Rahne Se Inhe Ghanta Farak Nahi Padta 😅

  • Khirad Khirad
    Khirad Khirad

    Single??? Hit like. Maybe we be a match!

  • Satvik Kilambi
    Satvik Kilambi

    The very first line of the video triggered me

  • Aryan Gajjar
    Aryan Gajjar

    Yeh Ladka to TARRRE ZAMIN PARRR wala HAI !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sravani Goteti
    Sravani Goteti

    Who else got that BTS vibe when she said learn to love yourself LY 😅

    • Sravani Goteti
      Sravani Goteti

      @Abhimita Das yeah me too 💜

    • Abhimita Das
      Abhimita Das

      I thought I'm the only one, I saw visions of namjoon in that aunty 🥺🥺

  • Waseem abraham
    Waseem abraham

    One like for darsheel mera bhai ke liye. Love bro you are looking same as my younger bro...

  • Homosapien 420
    Homosapien 420

    okay tested singles faceoff

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