FilterCopy | When Your Sibling Is An Overachiever | Ft. Revathi Pillai and Abhinav Verma
Life would be a bore without you by my side
There are some days where we love our siblings and other days they make us go all crazy. Do check out our new video and tell us what you loved the most 😍

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Sripriya Yegneswaran

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Abhinav Verma
Revathi Pillai
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Kartik Krishnan

Vaibhav Lonkar

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Ayaz Merchant

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  • Mr Nexstar
    Mr Nexstar

    When she was saying "pau pau pau" and he corrected I was like no way this is true 🤔 So i googled lyrics And turns out my whole childhood is a big lie 😵

  • si c95
    si c95

    I am 25 and I did not knew Xerox is a company... What the hell 😂🤣

  • muskaan singhal
    muskaan singhal

    who searched the lyrics 'pump up the jam' after watching this

  • Diya Dahal
    Diya Dahal

    I can totaly relate🤣😓❤️

  • Anistra Music
    Anistra Music

    Agar sirf Ghar ka furniture choose karne se NID milti to aadhe interior designers aaj private colleges me nhi padh rhe hote, chutiyo Sharam Karo, sirf itna karne se NID nhi milti reasoning Aur sketching bhi hoti hai. #filtercopydoesntknow Bhadwe kahike

  • Anistra Music
    Anistra Music

    Le everyone : talking abt the kendi pump up the jam and xerox Le me being a design aspirant : ye bhadwa abhinav Verma kya bol rha hai. "Nid to bewakoof hai ki Tera application accept kar liya" gadhede nid application to sabka accept Karti hai. In chutiyo ko Pta to kuch nhi hai aa jate hai bolne. Kya karu mai Mar Jau, meri koi feeling nhi hai?? Hum to pagal hai jo NID dat, mains, studio test aur portfolio ki taiyaari kar rhe hai

  • Scarlet Fox
    Scarlet Fox

    Very True

  • Archana Joshi
    Archana Joshi

    Can't say anything... Is was relatable..😖

  • Daniel

    NID Ka form toh aise Bhar rahe As if Inke Baap Ka NID Ahmedabad Admission Bhi mil gya . Bas Inki Mummy nhi Maan rhi. Wo màanjati toh yar Bas ye NID SE graduate Aur waha Milan ma Job 100k usd Ka lol. 😂😂

  • Ashutosh Anand
    Ashutosh Anand

    So Xerox is a company name, and it's not "Gendi Po Po Po" 😱😱

  • Neelmadhav Mehta
    Neelmadhav Mehta

    revati is so cuteee

  • Amarjit Kaur
    Amarjit Kaur

    However , my siblings are not overachiever !!! I am an overachiever for them !!! 😂😅😇

  • Archisha Ghosh
    Archisha Ghosh

    Google meet

  • Aditi Anand
    Aditi Anand

    2:29 actually we don't use " the " with name 😂😂


    Mujhe laga pubg ka overachiever

  • Mohith Jagalmohanan
    Mohith Jagalmohanan

    So cute

  • nayan j das
    nayan j das

    Both look like each others male nd female version...

  • Riya RR
    Riya RR


  • nsa

    here were still waiting for nid registration, u guys alreadyy got it?? 🤣🤣

  • Bansaree Vataliya
    Bansaree Vataliya

    I wish i had a bro

  • Prachuryya Baruah
    Prachuryya Baruah

    Kaun kaun sirf larki ka photo dekh KE aaye Hain😂😂

  • Isha Desai
    Isha Desai

    It's almost like a expectations vs reality

  • Shivangi sharma
    Shivangi sharma

    I think I am overachiever in front of my siblings 😂😂😎

  • VOOTZ Smith
    VOOTZ Smith




  • Utkarsh Garg
    Utkarsh Garg

    Me a overachiever but in pubg😭😭😭🙄

  • it's me _disha
    it's me _disha

    Disha here🖐😁

  • Asylum Music
    Asylum Music

    Pubg overachiever

  • Diksha Dethe
    Diksha Dethe

    NGL I'm kind of like the brother....and I have a younger sibling....and our parents keep comparing us so I sometimes mess up by myself so they won't do that....and that drawing part is sooooo relatable my lil bro drew Jerry and I drew like a really pretty gown also sewed it for my sister's barbie as a gift 😂😂

  • Taimoor Khan
    Taimoor Khan

    Yarrrrrrrr mera same case h with my elder brother. This boy is perfect and I m exactly opposite to him

  • kadiri nikitha
    kadiri nikitha

    If u have a over achieving sibling also the the caring and love is the same

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    Aima Noor Art Gallery And Craft and DIY ideas

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  • Aakriti Jain
    Aakriti Jain

    Ca both groups me top kon karta h bhai Now me being a ca student crying In the corner.......

    • Kirti Gupta
      Kirti Gupta

      😂yar tum v

  • Arjun Bhalla
    Arjun Bhalla

    Abhinav Verma looks like a real harry potter alive

  • Sanvi Gupta
    Sanvi Gupta

    1:24 this always happens with me because of my elder sister is very popular in school

    • Kirti Gupta
      Kirti Gupta

      Mere v 😑 uske vjh se sunnavpadata

  • Supriya Ranjan
    Supriya Ranjan

    Atleast this brother is listening 😭😭😭 no body listens me at home 😭😭

  • Kushal Walinjkar
    Kushal Walinjkar

    Fyi , nid doesn't have an application . You have to give nid exam and then if u clear u go to phase 2 and then there is interview and all its not so simple u have to apply months in advance so anyone reading take it into consideration !


    This is just like me and my brother


  • Abaan Ahmed
    Abaan Ahmed

    And I want that *OVERACHEIEVER* in pubg😂😂!!!!!Who else agree????

  • Harsh Kiyawat
    Harsh Kiyawat

    Me CA too

  • Supernova D
    Supernova D

    Dishu is my name too .

  • miss_pancholiya

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  • Reva Nimgaonkar
    Reva Nimgaonkar

    He sounds like Ranbir Kapoor

  • Urvashi Choudhary
    Urvashi Choudhary

    Ase suporting bhai konse world me milte h??

  • Shailja Rao
    Shailja Rao

    My name is dishu too-

  • Mumpy Purkayastha
    Mumpy Purkayastha

    Xerox is a company name!!!!!!😂😂😂😮😯😲

  • Jhanak Sharma
    Jhanak Sharma

    Atleast u hv a sibling 😭🙄

  • Binita Devi
    Binita Devi

    She is really very lucky , if my elder sister is liked him

  • Ayan Sinha
    Ayan Sinha

    "Not Better than CA" Now feeling proud on myself

  • Deepali malhotra
    Deepali malhotra

    Not I am confused that should I go for NID or Amity University

  • Neha mondal
    Neha mondal

    And what about the relative comparison which make you always feel like useless piece of shit and never good enough to be the best at anything.....I love my big sister more than anything she is just like my second mom....but the comparison I get every single day make me feel like I shouldn't have existed 😶

  • siddhant kandoi
    siddhant kandoi

    Well this was a fun portrayal! It's not the reality though with most of people but a really fun script and acting skills. Keep it up!!

  • Muskan Mulani
    Muskan Mulani

    Me and my bro same bond

  • Gaurav Sarda
    Gaurav Sarda

    Revathi Pillai is the best.

  • Dawa Thongchi
    Dawa Thongchi

    I never knew laptop webcam can be that good lol

  • Amith Vardhan
    Amith Vardhan

    In my school days, my sister and I were like best friends. But now, due to very high career expectations imposed on me by my parents and other relatives, my sister and I became bitter enemies. Now, I look like an overachiever to my sister, although I'm not. We do nothing other than fight (As I became my mom's favourite).


    Ok I also felt that struggle correcting people (not only my bro) That "Xerox" Is a damn company's name.. #beenthere

  • Manveen Kaur
    Manveen Kaur

    Among me and my brother none of us is an overachiever 🤣

  • Monal


  • Riyajoddin Shaikh
    Riyajoddin Shaikh

    Ye to kota factory wali hai na 😍

  • Tamanna Gupta
    Tamanna Gupta

    It sucks a lot sometimes when you get underestimated bcoz of your overachiever sibling..!!

  • Akshatha .R. Kamath
    Akshatha .R. Kamath

    This same story repeats in almost every house including my home. Where I am the elder siblings good at every except sports and my junior sis good at it 🤣. Fabulous video

  • Plaksha Srivastava
    Plaksha Srivastava

    Elder brothers are the best ❤️❤️

  • Sreelakshmi

    1:16 definitely it's me!!😂

  • Reshma Haresh
    Reshma Haresh

    They look like siblings in real life. They resemble each other.

  • Multi-Skilled-Tuber

    I think everyone should go and see the meaning of xerox in google

  • Ram Singh
    Ram Singh


  • Ajay Mishra
    Ajay Mishra

    This video is the reality of my life... Irony is my brother is also doing CA !!!

  • Mallav Upreti
    Mallav Upreti

    I was here for revathi 😅

  • Simba Nagpal
    Simba Nagpal

    Ca se better kuch nahi hai.

  • Ashutosh sinha
    Ashutosh sinha

    She is cute

  • Ashish rawat
    Ashish rawat

    "good" for beautiful girls 💕

  • Ashish rawat
    Ashish rawat

    "good" for beautiful girls 💕 "good" for beautiful girls 💕 "good" for beautiful girls 💕 "good" for beautiful girls 💕

  • Sudhindra Ambati
    Sudhindra Ambati

    This is story of every house where there are two children

  • Ashish rawat
    Ashish rawat

    "good" for beautiful girls 💕 "good" for beautiful girls 💕

  • Venkatramana bhat
    Venkatramana bhat

    Even I have an elder sis like this 😁 I don't know how can she do this

  • Ritik Chaudhry
    Ritik Chaudhry

    Part 2

  • Ashu Bhatnagar
    Ashu Bhatnagar

    How many single child are they that only me !

  • M Panda
    M Panda

    It is totally true in my case.I am also neglected in my family .also far larger than this .so sad

  • Mansi Gupta
    Mansi Gupta

    Naye video

  • Vasavi Chavan
    Vasavi Chavan

    This is so relatable

  • Nihar rajan Rout
    Nihar rajan Rout

    Yaar , life with a poet par bhi banao na , hum poets bhi badi interesting prajati hein

  • Harsh Palani
    Harsh Palani

    EVen I am an overachiever......My brother has to always listen to these taunts/.....that I am an NTSE scholar,,,,,KVPY scholar and SOF scholar😂😂😂😂

  • Ambarish Jain
    Ambarish Jain

    My GK teacher keep praising my brother or use to always compare me " tum kaisi or tumhara bhai kaisa" blki it was genral knowledge or aisi knowledge khi kaam nhi aegi jo baache full bhi laate tha to picha wala segment bhul jaate they ....... Pr unko to nss mughe degrade krna tha

  • Ambarish Jain
    Ambarish Jain

    The same is with me my brother is superbly brilliant ...... And I am not

  • Tit-Bits By Prathameesh
    Tit-Bits By Prathameesh

    this video was uploaded on my birthday and i am also an overachiever

  • Rajkumar It07
    Rajkumar It07

    Btw we got to get some knowledge from this video. Didn't we?

  • Anand T.R.
    Anand T.R.

    Xerox is verb in the Oxford English dictionary which has the same meaning as that of photocopying. The brother is wrong in this case. 😜

  • Harini V
    Harini V

    I love how there is a sentimental part to every Filtercopy video, not just jokes

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    Xerox is a company nice😌😌😌

  • Byun Bacon
    Byun Bacon

    Those wrong pronunciations never happen with me and my sister because none of us knows Korean! She doesn't even care cause I'm always jamming to EXO and SEVENTEEN. By the way, love the video!

  • D u
    D u

    Acha itna open minded ho kya ? Dating ke bare me baatein ? Waah ! Yaha toh bass awkward hote hai 😂

  • Aman Chhetri
    Aman Chhetri

    Esa bada bhai kise nahi chahiye

  • Doctor in Soul
    Doctor in Soul

    Same situation mere saath h I can feel this😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sumana Rauth
    Sumana Rauth

    Love you chhotda bhai sooooo much

  • Arun attree ki Mummy
    Arun attree ki Mummy

    Her acting is so Natural !

  • Munindra Mohanta
    Munindra Mohanta

    NID technically doesn't have interior design!!!


    Great ❤️❣️... Lovely

  • Nidaz

    Well this guy reminds me of my fiance....

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