FilterCopy | If We Treated Fair Skin Like Dark Skin | Ft.Revathi Pillai, Shagun Kazania & Satya Naik
At least you have nice features. If you were darker, you could be a model.
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

Sejal Badala

Yash Shah

Abhinav Dhodapkar
Revathi Pillai
Satya Naik
Shagun Kazania

Featured Cast
Aditya Chandiok
Manish Kharage

Vaibhav Lonkar

Visual Execution
Abhinav Dhodapkar
Aditya Chandiok
Manish Kharage
Revathi Pillai
Satya Naik
Shagun Kazania

Mrinalini Mathur

Assistant Director
Pallavi Kedia

Executive Producer
Anant Kaushik

Design And Animation
Ryan Peter D'souza

Color Grading
Vaibhav Lonkar

Sound Design
Harshvardhan Singh


Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

Video Operations
Amulya Prabhu
Raunak Ramteke

Sharmin Vohra

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    • Himesh Tiwari
      Himesh Tiwari

      2 min ka moan un logo ke liye jisne abhi tak ye video nahi dekhe

    • Sambit Basak
      Sambit Basak

      Next video: stuff guys with long hair are tired of hearing

    • Shreeya Kajaria
      Shreeya Kajaria

      This video brings out such an important issue. So proud

    • കുഞ്ഞി പുഴു
      കുഞ്ഞി പുഴു


    • Rudranni Malik
      Rudranni Malik

      Hey it's Scorpio season here. So please make a video on ‘When you date a Scorpio’❤️

  • It's me #2411
    It's me #2411

    This being the content we deserve 🔥🔥

  • Poojitha S
    Poojitha S

    Goshh!! I never had this thought.. interesting

  • Suprabha Raghavendra
    Suprabha Raghavendra

    Where on earth has the tables changed

  • Shital Vyas
    Shital Vyas

    I am fair, and people ask me that what I eat,,? Seriously

  • Tanya Gaikwad
    Tanya Gaikwad

    Wow such a thoughtful video!

  • Puja mulia
    Puja mulia


  • Just Nobody
    Just Nobody

    You know actually it's just the basic ideals fitted into a person's mind from the very beginning. Men are told that your girl should be fair, Women are told that your guy should have a beard and moustache. The society has it's standards and I believe it's not their fault either because this is what they were taught from the start, they learned it from their parents and then pass this wierd mentality down. The saddest part is when those fufa ke mausa ke mama ke chacha ke bhanje/bhanjis and you are compared on the basis of skin tone. I don't think that only the dark skinned people get bullied sometimes the fair skinned also get teased as 'firangi'. It's not anyone's fault because the speaker can never realize how much does it hurts to the the listener. Maybe it's that your words aren't everything the thing that matters is that how do you speak (i.e body language) and to whom are you speaking and that too on the basis of what.

    • Sharad gautam
      Sharad gautam

      And I hate beard & moustache I don't like them on my face

  • Ahana Roy choudhury
    Ahana Roy choudhury

    It doesn't matter if you are dark or fair. Don't bully anyone. Everyone is beautiful.❤

  • pawan paikrao
    pawan paikrao

    Hum iss Gori ladki ko jante kota factory meki ladki hai

  • Umaima Ahmad.
    Umaima Ahmad.

    Well i am use to people calling me karyai aur jara acchi nahi lagti... specially my mum🙄

  • Tanisha Avasthi
    Tanisha Avasthi

    Fair logo ko bhi km ni sunna padta yrr......konse soap se nhate ho, tumhare hair black hote to jyda acche lgte , yrr. Apna colour muje dede and all One more thing mostly fair log harr shade ko respect krte hai Sbse jyda bich vale log bolte hai 😂

  • Roshani Sim
    Roshani Sim

    Here , all girls and boys want to be more whittier😐😐😒😒

  • manisha rout
    manisha rout

    Somewhere in parallel world 🌎 😎

  • Mansi Chhatrshal
    Mansi Chhatrshal

    No indian is black, no indian is white. We all are brown. #brown_beauty #brown_guys

  • rakhi kaushik
    rakhi kaushik

    Actually I love my natural colour which is not fair for sure. But I always feels insecure about my color when people point out it, or keep saying yrr mei kitni kaali ho gai hun na!!! It make me feel inferior coz I am darker than them. They keep bragging about mera bhai toh ekdm gora chitta hh, mei hi todi kaali hun. And this thing make me feel inferior same goes with body figure. If these topics were not discussed like this, I think people with dark tone ko kabi jarurat nahi pdti unke color ke baare mei inferior feel krne ki

  • Abhilash Dahal
    Abhilash Dahal

    Well I am brown by myself (not blackish brown .. but just little bit) and I know the inferior t complex through which I have been .. I tried curing it for my whole life 😂😂 .. I have succeeded like 60 to 70 percentage .. Rest is just natural .. Tips :- don't go out in the daylight ( completely avoid it ) .. Take a bath with dove face bar everyday .. And try to keep up with some face beauty cream or mousturizer after taking bath .. Within 2 years you will have a pretty deasent colour and skin both

    • Purnima Dash
      Purnima Dash

      @Abhilash Dahal ... I know its totally ur choice to go out or not and i respect what does "improving skin tone" mean....doesn't it sound a lil racist its clearly showing that u regard fair skin superior to dark skin .....i know yr comment is not abt "changing skin tone" and yre not forcing anyone to follow it bt dark skin is not a disease that has to be cured...note that..

    • Abhilash Dahal
      Abhilash Dahal

      @Purnima Dash I know day light is important 😅 .. Vitamin D rocks you know 🤘 .. But again its totally up to me what i do and i spoke that for me and me only .. dont wanna implement that on others Just a suggestion on how to improve skin tone .. (As i Did) .. Plus if you wanna get vitamin D With or without the sun then you can go for :- glutone 1000 & Exkor -z .. (premium water solvent tablets) .. Both vitamin c and d are covered .. With beneficial anti - oxidation .. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Purnima Dash
      Purnima Dash

      See, every colour is beautiful....we don't hv to 'cure' anything...instead we shd start accepting ourselves just the way we r.....and btw daylight is essential for our physical as well as mental well being...

  • Spidy M
    Spidy M

    Problem starts when you are the only Dark skinned in your family ! !!!!!! There is no yellowish brown or wheaties colour it's just fair or dark ! Accept it u will be happy !

  • Saumita Majumder
    Saumita Majumder

    Awesome video ❤️♥️👌

  • masudur rahman
    masudur rahman

    No one born as ugly .. We just live in a judgemental society ( BTS RM ) Beauty is in ourselves.... It's not about skin U r fair / dark .. What u r .. Remember Allah has made u .. Nd we all r beautiful .... So there's no need to juge

  • Obama Obama
    Obama Obama

    this👏 is👏 how 👏dark👏 skinned 👏people 👏have👏 to👏 deal👏 with 👏every👏 day👏

  • vi

    i really hated this video tbh ik u meant it in sarcasm but feels kinda insensitive

  • vi

    ik this was supposed to be sarcasm and stuff but idk why this video doesn't sit right with me it gives the same vibes as white people claiming to be oppressed

  • Akshyarika Nial
    Akshyarika Nial

    I born fair I never discriminate ,but I feel like this is also kind of discrimination .

  • Laxmanrao Shinde
    Laxmanrao Shinde

    Best oscar winning video of my entire life. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Pùrpĺë yu editz
    Pùrpĺë yu editz

    Just like kardashians Turned them into indian skin tone The americans and other people love our skin tone Love youself everyone there 💜💜💜

  • Priyanka mishra
    Priyanka mishra

    Gore ko gora rang pasand nahin... Kale ko kala rang pasand nahii.. Are bhai bhagwan dega bhi to kya dega.. Abhi agar tumhe gore se kala bana de fir tum kahoge itna kala kyun banaya...n kale go gora bana do to he/she will say bhagwan maine itna gora banane ke liye thodi kaha tha😆😆 thoda ache se kijiye bhagwan..😂..agar sabki baat bhagwan ese sunte reh to wo bhi yeh duniya chod ke Chale jaenge 😆😆😆Just so Confusing😵😵😵😵... It takes time but jo ho accept tht.. No other choice after all the amount of melanin doesn't define u man..It's a shit only....😉

  • Shree R
    Shree R

    "spot making lotion", "underarms darkening deodorant" 😂

  • Umme Aiman
    Umme Aiman

    It's just abt melanin pigment...😴

  • Dhairya Kharpate
    Dhairya Kharpate

    This can only happen in one nation : Imagination 😂😂😂😂😂

  • haseena khan
    haseena khan

    Please koi to bta do is video ka mean point kya tha matlab kya h iska yrr koi fair hoke kalaa kyu hona chahega 😑😊🙆🙆🙆

  • killing time
    killing time

    Either way, it's scary.

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan

    If she's fair then I'm pale af🤐

  • Cathrin Blessy
    Cathrin Blessy

    I just hate all the "FAIR AND LOVELY" ads... like we can't be "DARK SKINNED AND LOVELY".. and they show like being dark is some kinda sin

  • itsMehSami

    Bruh fair and lovely is straight up annoying. Geez

    • gouri satyan
      gouri satyan

      The only the reason why the country hates Yami Gautam.

  • Paul Faber
    Paul Faber

    Dark people apply skin lightening cream to look white and white skin people apply sun tan lotion to look dark at the beach.

  • D Aynahd
    D Aynahd

    That kannada logo on red t shirt

  • Afsheen

    She is cute 🥰

  • Priya Sharma
    Priya Sharma

    This is when Fair & Lovely changed into Glow & Lovely

  • Kamal Raj
    Kamal Raj

    The best ❤️

  • Akash H Nair
    Akash H Nair

    Isn't this called racism

  • Arian 10
    Arian 10

    Tabhi Kota factory ko black n white banaya 😆😑

  • Ghazala Khan
    Ghazala Khan

    Why everyone is talking about how dark skinned people feel what about fair skinned people they are always told that their skin is nice but they must be bad at heart and all that nonsense that thing hurts

  • Fatiha Islam
    Fatiha Islam

    Yea it's actually very true for brawon and black people and all the time you have to listen "ohh!! You are getting darker,put some fair cream","how you will be marry?","don't put black,purple,red dress bcz it'll make you more darker","last time i saw you more fair .why are you black this time ?which cream r you using??" Bla bla bla

  • Sudha K P
    Sudha K P

    Even if some tries to be fair there is no discrimination or bullying in my society..i never felt i am ugly becouse of dark skin...i think we malayalis values love more than skin colour..❤️😁 We are dravidians and are proud of being it🔥🔥 മലയാളികൾ ആരേലും ഉണ്ടോ 😉

  • Farheena Zeeshan
    Farheena Zeeshan

    marte hum kaali shalwar kameez pr hai lekin rang humein white chahie. a strange world this is.

  • lakamsani rani
    lakamsani rani

    Americans have fair skin and they want tanned skin and we have tanned skin we want fair skin.

  • Sushil Haldar
    Sushil Haldar

    In real no one treats fair skin it's everyone's favourite and fortunately you have dark skin and you are happy with your skin but society obviously treats you indirectly🙂 then you will start to blame yourself for your dark skin

  • Level Intent
    Level Intent

    This helps you see how stupid, sad, and pointless the whole thing really is...

  • Pasin gaming
    Pasin gaming

    Ye din bhi dur nai hai!

  • Royale_Serendipity

    When you have brown skin: O.o

  • You will never know my name
    You will never know my name

    When God made shades, he didn't expect this to happen. That u see the colour not heart

  • Poonam Chandane
    Poonam Chandane

    all colours are beautiful. its the gods given gift. whether its black or white both are beautiful. this video is just following racism.stop it now u all

  • •Lavender_ Cherry•
    •Lavender_ Cherry•

    hope i was like a fair hooman XD

  • Àñvï Shàrmä
    Àñvï Shàrmä

    No matters what your skintone is you are beautiful.............kehene ki baten hai hame pata hai hum kitne ignoreeee hote hain🤣

  • Girija

    I say skin tone doesn't matter if you have that sparkle inside you... you're already beautiful 😊

  • Javeriya syed
    Javeriya syed

    Imagine how dark skin people are humiliated on daily basis.. Seriously our society needs to stop discriminating people on the basis of colour..

  • Hakimah Tanderjawala
    Hakimah Tanderjawala

    Not w black colour it's a brown

  • Noobda gaming
    Noobda gaming

    Black is beautiful and different colour because it is not fake like other colour .it absorbs all colour And tells many imp. lessons

  • Pragati Pawar
    Pragati Pawar

    She's vartika ratawal from Kota factory!!!!🥰❤️

  • Sayli Karkhile
    Sayli Karkhile

    Much needed content hit like if u agree......

  • Priya Sahu
    Priya Sahu

    Why the hell this video isn't in trending ?? Best video i hv ever seen in my entirely life 🖤

  • Gaming Aryan
    Gaming Aryan

    So bad

  • Gaming Aryan
    Gaming Aryan


  • Ruchi

    The lead character is resembling jodha of jodha akbar drama...Paridhi

  • Ruchi

    Nice.pehle jo dark skin.par thi ,wo mai thi yr meri sister par hai.Hum dono ek hi ghar mei ,do rango ki misaal hain🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • ramesh kanaujiya
    ramesh kanaujiya

    Is that the girl from so effin cray??

  • Adyashree Tiwari
    Adyashree Tiwari

    Ye kabhi ni ho skta india me k log gora chod k sawle ko pasand kre😏

  • Prachi 2787
    Prachi 2787

    This is actually depicting what dark people face . I m dark and was bullied plethora of times for being dark . People said u have gud features bt if u were a little fairer u would have looked better. Use fair and lovely 😂😂 . But Idgaf to 'em for I feel skin colour is all bout melanin. People who bully u either don't know bout it or are illiterate so I feel confident. U gotta change ur perception guys . Let's focus more on personality than crapping and mocking people for skin tone . Ur words give u amusement but can be the reason of inferiority complex of so many melanated people like me 🙏🏾

  • Charu Bansal
    Charu Bansal

    Filtercopy ki latest video itni achhi nhi hai.

  • Henna Haria
    Henna Haria

    Even this feels wrong

  • Poornima Suresh
    Poornima Suresh

    2:32 how many of them observed kannada word "ಮೆಮ್" in her T-shirt🤗Any other Kannadigas or kannadathis here🙋


      @Poornima Suresh ohh naanu Mangaluru Udupi, aadre irudu Bengaluralli😃😃

    • Poornima Suresh
      Poornima Suresh

      @AKSHATHA RAO Moodbidri


      Meeee! I was about to comment this and I found ur comment😂😂 Neevu elli irodu?


    i can relate to this sm- like my friends call me names because of having light skin 😂

  • Nesha Ijaz
    Nesha Ijaz

    ye larky gori ha lekin ham pathan bhot gore hoty ha log dor se hi samaj jhate ha😀😁😁😁😍

  • Afsana Sargam st2021
    Afsana Sargam st2021

    Black is everyone's fav colour.until it comes to skin colour.every boy want's girlfriend. & a lot.female is everyone's fav.until it comes to birth child

  • Milisha Deliwala
    Milisha Deliwala

    Something very new and unique 👍

  • Playing among us
    Playing among us

    Hey you are so fair and your skin is so lovely I can watch you for hours without getting bored😃😃😃

  • Playing among us
    Playing among us

    Hey you are so fair and your skin is so lovely I can watch you for hours without getting bored😃😃😃

  • Niveditha Devanathan
    Niveditha Devanathan

    A hundred likes❤️❤️❤️

  • Cyanvaya

    And the comment section would be like: I am dark skinned but I love white skinned people too

  • Gaurav Nandy
    Gaurav Nandy

    I very dark skinned, accha laga dekh kar

  • A-18 Abhinav Nikas
    A-18 Abhinav Nikas

    Fair hona hard hain kala hona hain toh sirf dhoop msin jago chahe kitne bhi gore ho

  • Twinkle Tittle
    Twinkle Tittle

    Western people want tanned skin Eastern people want white skin?

  • Ritul Sharma
    Ritul Sharma

    Superb 👌 video filter copy 💯 Can I plz get a heart from you

  • Drishti Gupta
    Drishti Gupta

    Tysm for this video❤

  • Nethu

    *A dark skinned baby is also subjected to this- 'oh what bad luck, she/he did not get her white skinned parents "colour"...even during pregnancy- "eat kesari and drink milk- your baby will be fair'*

  • Nethu

    *The way I can relate to the total opposite not by my family but by people I dont know shows how fucked up the mindset is in the society*

  • Utima Devi
    Utima Devi

    I don't think that aisa kbhi hoga

  • randall corwardley
    randall corwardley

    This is not reality when we see it directly we south indian face a lot of colour problem.

  • Rj Sj
    Rj Sj

    That ananya pandey scene was hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Amrita agrawal
    Amrita agrawal

    How can she compare struggle with Ananya pandey ...😂😂😂

  • Mariamma Samuel
    Mariamma Samuel

    Have u guys ever noticed that all actresses are white when actors can be fair and dark.

  • Akankshya patra
    Akankshya patra

    Loved it 🤣🤣

  • Tanusha

    One of the best satire videos I have ever watched ! Genuinely. ❤

    • Deepak Mahadik
      Deepak Mahadik

      आप तो बहोत गोरी है

  • Bhakti Dhongade
    Bhakti Dhongade

    "acting me bohot struggle hota hai.... Ananya Pandey ko hi dekh le..." I laughed for straight 15 minutes on this 😂😂😂😂 ...if you get what I mean...

    • Sangamithra Sankar
      Sangamithra Sankar


    • Shilpi Nishad
      Shilpi Nishad

      Ya...ya they fake their struggle...maybe they wanna say how was the struggle when you don't have to struggle for project because they are star kids

    • Aadya

      everyone would laugh at that stupit strggler

    • Shrisha Shinde
      Shrisha Shinde


  • Samiksha Dhote99
    Samiksha Dhote99

    filter copy has it's own STRAWBERRY DUNIYA. This is far away from reality!

  • Shivangi Saha
    Shivangi Saha

    Anaya Pandey's struggle....worth hearing🤣🤣

  • RUD RA
    RUD RA

    This did not serve the purpose. Even if this was a reality no one would feel victimised for being called fair

  • Nups Jha
    Nups Jha

    I love the advertisement of ezee hug before this video.......and video is awesome...😍

  • Anika Jain
    Anika Jain

    How DARE filtercopy make a video like this

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