FilterCopy | Monsoon Lover V/S Monsoon Hater | Ft. Alisha Chopra and Kritika Bharadwaj
“Rainy days. Good books and a cup of hot coffee.” ☕️🌧
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

Aashish Thanawala

Pallavi Kedia

Alisha Chopra
Kritika Bharadwaj

Swagatam Chakraborty

Visual Execution
Alisha Chopra
Gunveet Dang
Karan Nagpal
Kritika Bharadwaj

Ayaz Merchant

Assistant Director
Yash Shah

Executive Producer
Anant Kaushik

Design And Animation
Aghil Prasannan

Color Grading
Ishani Roy

Sound Design
Harshvardhan Singh

Clout-pocket Aces Talent Management

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

Video Operations
Amulya Prabhu
Raunak Ramteke

Antara Anand

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  • FilterCopy

    Hey guys! Tell us what you love and hate the most about monsoon season🌧❤️ Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • Priya Patel
      Priya Patel

      I don't like mude in monsoon season but I love monsoon

    • Raghunath R
      Raghunath R

      I love rain and hate rain Filter Copy: Ok.

    • Dr. Besse Ann George
      Dr. Besse Ann George

      मैं एक मानसून Hater हूं! कारण: मैं बीमार हो जाएगा, जब मैं अध्ययन किताब गीला हो जाएगा और मैं गीली चीजों से नफरत है ।

    • Anjali shinde
      Anjali shinde

      I am a monsoon hater.

    • Prof Monjurul
      Prof Monjurul

      I am a moonsoon lover

  • 7-D 42 Swanandi Sarpotdar
    7-D 42 Swanandi Sarpotdar

    I m for sure a monsoon hater idk why no offence 😂

  • Indra Pardhan
    Indra Pardhan

    Yaar shame conditions

  • Aashi Bhimjiyani
    Aashi Bhimjiyani

    The monsoon lover is from mismatched right ????

  • Sadaf Rasheed
    Sadaf Rasheed

    Who us Monsoon lover? Comment down here !

  • Tanish Yadav
    Tanish Yadav

    I m monsoon hater

  • Anaaya Rege official
    Anaaya Rege official

    Alisha is cute

  • Evil Guy
    Evil Guy

    I'm the both person...

  • Amiya Gogoi
    Amiya Gogoi

    I also love monsoon season because I can get wet in the rain woo 🙃


    hat kache chaval hai kya pagal

  • Sanika Karulkar
    Sanika Karulkar

    I'm somewhere in between both

  • Srushti ghadge
    Srushti ghadge

    I am monsoon hater 🙄🙄

  • Saumyaa Nawnage
    Saumyaa Nawnage

    Who is here after mismatched??? If yes then like If no then comment


    Am I the only one who hate monsoon 😔😔😔👍👍👍👍😚😚🥳🥳😝😝😈😈🍔

  • Snow Queen
    Snow Queen

    Monsoon hater is the reality And Monsoon lover is the expectation

  • Pranav Phiske
    Pranav Phiske

    The worst thing about rain is if you her drenched in rain then you will have cough and cold for more then 3 days and I AM SICK OF THIS😭😭

  • Mahendra Dwivedi
    Mahendra Dwivedi

    Bed mein kapde dry karna is very relatable...😌😌

  • Dr Subhadraa Bhooyaan
    Dr Subhadraa Bhooyaan

    Monsoon lover😊

    • Dr Subhadraa Bhooyaan
      Dr Subhadraa Bhooyaan

      Hit like for monsoon lover

  • Vedanshi Shrivastava
    Vedanshi Shrivastava

    Is nobody going to talk about beautiful scene from her window😍😍

  • Ovee Deshmukh
    Ovee Deshmukh

    I am a monsoon hater 😥😥

  • Rekha Kitawat
    Rekha Kitawat

    Actully monsoon lovers in expectation and monsoon haters is reality

  • James Vt
    James Vt

    That girl looks like sanjhana sanghi from dil bechara nah?

  • •Lavender_ Cherry•
    •Lavender_ Cherry•

    I go out in the speed of light when I see dark clouds and hear thundering , I really want also get wet In rain but corona ;-;

  • A P
    A P

    I don't like monsoon go out and everywhere is mud and raining every minute

  • Tejaswini Agale
    Tejaswini Agale

    I am both..... In home - kya mast barish hai Travelling- Yaar ye barish kyu hoti hai😒

  • deepak behera
    deepak behera

    Alisha chropa like a sajana sagghi

  • Humna Habib
    Humna Habib

    Am monsoon lover

  • Puspendu Ghosh
    Puspendu Ghosh

    I just hate the monsoon

  • Fathima N k
    Fathima N k

    Even though I'm not a rain lover but 0:40 exactly remainds me lol 😂😂

  • Shanjida Tisha
    Shanjida Tisha

    I looove WINTER💛💛💛💛

  • Shanjida Tisha
    Shanjida Tisha

    I don’t hate monsoon but I don’t love monsoon

  • Poorva Bangali
    Poorva Bangali

    i am a monsoon lover ❤☺️🙈

  • Aditri Chakraborty
    Aditri Chakraborty

    Hater - like Who likes it- comment I am definitely the hater 😑

  • lyrical world
    lyrical world

    thats so me(monsoon lovers) and my bestfriend(monsoon haters)😂😂😂

  • Vijay Kumari
    Vijay Kumari

    Jab barish ki bund mitti ma milti he to ara wah kya khushbuh atti he how love give like who not love comment

  • Sonal Patel
    Sonal Patel

    I am monsoon lover

  • Indranee Bakshi
    Indranee Bakshi

    I am monsoon lover 🤣

  • Karri Dhiraj
    Karri Dhiraj

    umm i am missing ray

  • Tasneem Quettawala
    Tasneem Quettawala

    The who was monsoon lover was sooo pretty♥️ gurllll be slaying her bangs

  • AsTe

    I just realized she's Simran from Mismatched!

  • Bina Nayak
    Bina Nayak

    I am the monsoon lover bcoz my birthday is in monsoon 24 July 2012 is my birth date

  • Tanvee Sharma
    Tanvee Sharma

    I hate rainy season because there are insects Weather is cold 🤧 Clothes get wet

  • Vaidehi Sood
    Vaidehi Sood

    I hate rain

  • Prachi Kumari
    Prachi Kumari

    I am a monsoon lover ❤️ yup

  • Vaidehi Viney
    Vaidehi Viney

    I am monsoon lover rain lover 😍

  • Shifali Surdwal
    Shifali Surdwal


  • Ik Onkar Edu Point
    Ik Onkar Edu Point

    Me..monsoon lover!

  • Zahrah Arshad
    Zahrah Arshad

    I am a moonsoon lover

  • zaman sm
    zaman sm

    Sometime I hate monsoon and sometime love it 👌

  • Bashanta Neupane
    Bashanta Neupane

    I am monsoon hater

  • Umadevi T
    Umadevi T

    Yes even I love the smell which comes before rain starts

  • Miss Pal
    Miss Pal

    I am a monsoon lover

  • Soha Aurangzeb
    Soha Aurangzeb

    This should be living with parents vs living alone

  • Ritika Yadav
    Ritika Yadav

    Hit a like if you are a monsoon ❤ lover😍😍😍

  • Rohit Pol
    Rohit Pol

    Why that monsoon hater is doing extra acting...? Look at that monsoon lover she's just so natural

  • adri

    iam the moonsooner hater

  • Arjun Bhat
    Arjun Bhat

    Pretty sure everybody hates letting their washed, dried clothes get wet in the rain, whether you love the rains or not.

  • rimi and sameer
    rimi and sameer

    I am the hater

  • Pratheeksha M
    Pratheeksha M

    I am a rain lover


    Sometimes there is expectations and reality too👍😊☺️ who agrees hit like or comment

  • Mansukh Patel
    Mansukh Patel

    1:20 how come she is video calling with off mobile

    • Aditi Aparajita
      Aditi Aparajita

      She was not video calling.. She was regretting of taking her phone in rain... The rain made her phone switch off .....

  • Nikita

    Who is after mismatched after thinking that they have seen this girl before!!!!😅😅😅😅

  • Delajung Dhon
    Delajung Dhon

    Moonsoon lover girl from mismatched

  • Arna Banerjee
    Arna Banerjee

    I am a lover of rain.

  • Dangerous Assasinator
    Dangerous Assasinator

    When rains falls on soil,it smells veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good.

    • Nikhil Joon
      Nikhil Joon



    Is she in that web series mismatched?

    • Vanya Shroff
      Vanya Shroff


  • Avinanda Chatterjee
    Avinanda Chatterjee

    Kritika Bharadwaj's acting in mismatched was something to look at, it was so awesome

  • Shivani Kumari
    Shivani Kumari

    The title should be bad VS good side of monsoon

  • yukta lahiri
    yukta lahiri

    alisha is looking just like sanjana sanghi

  • Manu Yash
    Manu Yash

    This can also called as expectation and reality ❤

  • Vandana Jain
    Vandana Jain

    It was a surface disinfectant!😂😂

  • Iqbal Ahmed
    Iqbal Ahmed

    I m always monsoon lover


    I am both😂😂

  • sarah walker
    sarah walker

    I am monsoon lover

  • Ashutosh kumar
    Ashutosh kumar

    Monsoon Hater hit like 👇


    Fun fact : door stuck on monsoon is due to imbibition ❤️😂😂

  • Kashish Dhavale
    Kashish Dhavale

    Isn't she simran in mismatched web series on Netflix?

  • Shreyash Jha
    Shreyash Jha

    1:22 did anyone notice, that her phone was off.

  • Pracheta Bhattacharjee
    Pracheta Bhattacharjee

    As long as I am in indoors, I love it! But if I have to step out..... I HATE RAIN! The Last Part was so Beautiful 😊

  • Celeste Swamy
    Celeste Swamy

    Did anyone notice her spraying savlon disinfectant to get rid of the stink of wet clothes😂😂😂😂

  • Maliha Muzammil
    Maliha Muzammil


  • Mahmuda Nasima
    Mahmuda Nasima

    I am definitely monsoon hater .

  • Deva Shri A
    Deva Shri A

    I am monsoon hater 😂

  • 04 Diya Mehta
    04 Diya Mehta

    Who loves monsoon and who hates monsoon season ? Well, I really love rainy days but I also do take necessary precautions to not get wet and have a fever and in this 2020 , u really must need to do it man !

  • Sana Afzal
    Sana Afzal

    I am the monsoon lover and my family too.

  • Arnav Kaushik
    Arnav Kaushik

    Yuck! I hate the smell of wet soil eewwww

  • Adnnan khan
    Adnnan khan

    I am moonsoon hater

  • Siddhika Dubey
    Siddhika Dubey

    Monsoon lover is me!!!!.. same situation all time

  • Kumari Dipali
    Kumari Dipali

    I am monsoon lover

  • Shambhvi Pandey
    Shambhvi Pandey

    So you mean monsoon lovers don't have clothes in their balcony...

  • Rifa Tashfia
    Rifa Tashfia

    Moonsoon At home:feel lazy evn to get out of the bed Outdoor:feel refreshed

  • kukuthecow Moo
    kukuthecow Moo

    I'm both 😎 but I love rain

  • Ashish rawat
    Ashish rawat

    "good" for beautiful girls 💕 "good" for beautiful girls 💕 "good" for beautiful girls 💕


    How is this so accurate 😂😂😂😂

  • Rachanakshatri Kp
    Rachanakshatri Kp

    I too love rainy season

  • Fateha Rahman
    Fateha Rahman

    I am the 2nd one🤣🤣

  • Nandini Singla
    Nandini Singla

    i love rains, i was born in august on the day it was raining so heavily , and for as long as i can remember, it always rains super heavily either on my birthday or the day after. and we lamost always have school that day. so all of us just go outside and play in the rain, even tho we get into trouble later as we r not allowed to go out in rain. and i never catch a cold during rainy season even tho im always outside

  • Uma Vijay
    Uma Vijay

    I like monsoon very much but the mud i dont like it

  • Duheeta

    I was a monsoon lover earlier and now I'm a hater

  • Anjali Patel
    Anjali Patel

    I hate the rain when my shoes get dirty because of cow dung

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