FilterCopy | Struggles Of House Cleaning | Ft. Manish Kharage
House cleaning ain't no joke 🧹😓
Got some time to clean your home? Here is a fun videos on struggles to keep your house clean. Enjoy watching :)
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Anil Janoti

Shashank Varma
Co Director
Manish Kharage

Sripriya Yegneswaran

Executive Producer
Richa Jaisinghani

Manish Kharage

Ayaz Merchant

Meenakshi Kharage

Manoj Omre

Color Grading
Ajinkya Pandit

Sound Design
Harshvardhan Singh

Video Operations
Raunak Ramteke
Amulya Prabhu

Pooja Pillai

Pocket Aces Talent Team

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

Special Thanks
Neeti Bambardekar

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    • Satyam Yadav
      Satyam Yadav


    • Sirhanaj khatun
      Sirhanaj khatun

      @Shweta DD iiii

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      Virendra Kumaroo9

      nqm n n llld

    • Savanth Tekmal
      Savanth Tekmal

      Tiktok is banned.... How are you using it?

    • Aneesh Parasnis
      Aneesh Parasnis

      Tik tok ban ho gayi link nikalo😂

  • Rajesh Gour
    Rajesh Gour

    By it was quiet nice video😚😚✌

  • Rajesh Gour
    Rajesh Gour

    The vim liquid bottle was having enough liquid and he said that it is over 😄😆😆😆😆😅😅🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

  • Neha Parshi
    Neha Parshi

    Who all got to know that katccha means boxers 😂😂

  • Neha Parshi
    Neha Parshi

    Hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Blooming And shining
    Blooming And shining

    My room is look like a Rainforest😊

  • dipti Bhatia
    dipti Bhatia

    I think manish kharenge is beast boy

  • Lady bug
    Lady bug

    I love to wash dishes...😍😍😍

  • It's About Everything
    It's About Everything

    Literally 1% people who read this♥️ message 🔥"I pray may your parents live more than 100 years with good health "🖤🥰

  • susriya konduru
    susriya konduru

    story of my life ..........

  • Hrithik Rai
    Hrithik Rai

    dilwane puchne da cha song whisle version 😂😂😂

  • Prachi A
    Prachi A

    The worst feeling while sweeping is When you try to collect all into that thing in which we collect always some dust will be on the floor

  • Veeksha Sh
    Veeksha Sh

    I love Manish.. his acting omgg!! He really looks like Sushant Singh Rajput

  • Maanya Wahal
    Maanya Wahal

    i think he should improve his acting skills

  • Poorvanshi sharma
    Poorvanshi sharma

    4:15 he is whistling the universal sad tune " ooooooooo aaaaa"

  • Poorvanshi sharma
    Poorvanshi sharma

    4:40 are koi or bhi hai ghar me ,

  • Home Utilities
    Home Utilities

    nice one. view this time and energy saving duster

  • Addy

    can't be more accurate....

  • Monika Goyal
    Monika Goyal

    The end was expected🤣🤣🤣

  • Mahitha Ganni
    Mahitha Ganni

    3.53 bgm was awesome😂😂

  • MK sinha
    MK sinha

    Manish kharage looks like beastboyshub

  • nitin gupta
    nitin gupta


  • meher alifa
    meher alifa

    It's like one of the Mr Bean episode... he cleans his house when it is very dirty..... after a lot of hard work he clean his room but at the end he ruined everything.... and his cleaning is never done 😂😂

  • Zeba Ateequllah
    Zeba Ateequllah

    Just when you are done with the dusting and have to slide it in the dustpan... Dust: Noooope Me: .... Dust: hehe Me: You go behind the closet. Byee

  • Zeba Ateequllah
    Zeba Ateequllah

    1:18 That is sooo relatable😂

  • 11_B_02 Anisha Dash
    11_B_02 Anisha Dash

    The tune he was whistling 😂😂😂😂

  • Bala Pranav
    Bala Pranav

    The struggle of removing the tiny specks of dust 🤣🤣🤣

  • Deranna Shetty
    Deranna Shetty

    Manish Kharage look like a mythpat

  • Riddhi Gudhka
    Riddhi Gudhka

    Cleaning house is a great remedy to get de-stressed

  • Guhika Saha
    Guhika Saha

    thank you so much filtercopy for making our quarantinelife you guys alot ❤😊😊

  • Guhika Saha
    Guhika Saha

    house cleaning is a mess itself 😂

  • Akhilesh Shukla
    Akhilesh Shukla


  • Jaanvi Singh
    Jaanvi Singh

    Iss bande ko meine kalke episode mein *SAAVDHAN INDIA* mein dekha tha 😅😅

  • mahima garg
    mahima garg


  • gagan yadav
    gagan yadav


  • Taruvar Sharma
    Taruvar Sharma

    I think you have nimbus 2000 but you have to buy black bold broom stick

  • Deepika Das
    Deepika Das

    This chuthiya people getting views by placing ads. Cheaters

  • Silk

    1:20 so relatable 😂😂😂

  • Sentonisher

    Stop posting ads and instead level up your content.

  • superior gaming
    superior gaming

    His voice like mythpat

  • vedant gulhane
    vedant gulhane

    You look like bist boy shub

  • Hitanshi Jain
    Hitanshi Jain

    1:43 *Different methods of cleaning the floor* 😂😂

  • Shishu Pal Singh
    Shishu Pal Singh


  • Fav

    Yeh safai sala sach mein khatm nahi hoti

  • Janvi Gandhi
    Janvi Gandhi

    When he said that sarita didi Roz yeh pain sehen Karti hai .....unki pagaar badhaani padegi ......I felt that !!

  • hiyoh buddy
    hiyoh buddy

    After washing the toilet in those clothes.. he slept in it.. lol🤣🤣

  • Nandita Mishra
    Nandita Mishra

    Please make a video on every marvel fan ever

  • Saarim Siddiquie
    Saarim Siddiquie

    When he made the reverse sweep notice the sound that the broom makes

  • Kst Mich
    Kst Mich

    once you start cleaning, the works never ends..

  • Mezy Kkr
    Mezy Kkr

    At the beginning when he throws the broom it just make a beat


    Plz can I play fortnite with you

  • Anushrita

    manish is such a good actor plz make more videos with him pura natural acting

  • 38. Shlok Jain
    38. Shlok Jain

    He is the worst actor filter copy ever had!

  • Satya Tripathi
    Satya Tripathi

    I have the same type of hanger


    So relatable

  • The Vein on Taehyung's NecK
    The Vein on Taehyung's NecK

    I am jealous of this guy now because he just cleaned his entire home on pretext of shooting a filtercopy video.

  • Samar

    Savita Didi 🤣

  • Mari Lyn
    Mari Lyn

    When you should make mess for a video and then clean it again 😂😂

  • Samriddhi Saxena IX F roll no 34
    Samriddhi Saxena IX F roll no 34

    Why is he washing clean utensils 😂

  • Aaron Roy
    Aaron Roy

    00:38 perfect rhythm

  • Shyam Pandey
    Shyam Pandey

    Over acting

  • Riya Pandit
    Riya Pandit

    3:18 I died laughing!! 😂😂👌👌 The whole video is very hilarious and very relatable!! 😂😂👌👌

  • Palash Vaishya
    Palash Vaishya

    The struggle in house cleaning is that first you have to make the house dirty for video😂😂

    • Tobias 123
      Tobias 123

      Dont worry that happens automatically

  • Supipiku Minusinha
    Supipiku Minusinha

    Ye safai kahe khatam nhi hoti hain yaar..... Damn relatable....😂😂😂😂😂

  • sitaa guptaa
    sitaa guptaa

    That Harry Potter ka broomstick waala part was hilarious!!

  • Fasak

    So relatable!

  • Anusha Nayak
    Anusha Nayak

    okay lol why does he look like vicky kaushal


    Think how our mother and sisters do it..... We should give them respect for their work and also help them to make a small smile on their face

  • Radhika Mendiratta
    Radhika Mendiratta

    I can’t believe that FilterCopy has more subs than Cimorelli.. I like both but it’s unbelievable! ❤️❤️

  • Safrin Navas
    Safrin Navas

    Reality 😂

  • sujatha vaitheeswaran
    sujatha vaitheeswaran

    Cleaning a house is little irritating 😣😣


    Why everyone's maid is Savita Didi 🤣😅🤔

  • Sabina Pandit
    Sabina Pandit

    Housecleaning never ends 😏😏

  • Tech Bros
    Tech Bros

    4:18 only legends know that's slayy point tune😂😂

  • ankita sharma
    ankita sharma

    Made me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Savanth Tekmal
    Savanth Tekmal

    👆Tiktok is banned.... How is filtercopy using it? 👆

  • 20UCS102_ Ajeetha
    20UCS102_ Ajeetha

    I saw my xerox in this video 😁

  • Sujata Mahadik
    Sujata Mahadik

    Towel toh self cleaning hi hota hai naa 🤣🤣🤣......that one was awesome n self....thinking motivation 😂😂😂

  • directioner _
    directioner _

    i love that "kahe " at the end "safai kahe khtm nhi hoti hai yaar" 😂

  • Sansthita Saha
    Sansthita Saha

    Harry Potter scene was the best. Wait a min, is Manish a wizard?

  • Laraib Nisar
    Laraib Nisar

    This is the mosy fumny video

  • The Flash
    The Flash

    Sound like Mythpat he is youtuber

  • P N
    P N

    Wow Assam ka gomocha wow

  • Anju Robin
    Anju Robin

    Very relatable

  • Chika Fujiwara
    Chika Fujiwara

    Atlast i thought it was all a dream. 😂😂

  • Rupsa Chanda
    Rupsa Chanda

    🤣🤣🤣🤣so funny

  • Razia Tabassum
    Razia Tabassum

    Kya pochha lagaya 👌 Mast ekdum ☺meri tarah

  • Hemanth Kumar
    Hemanth Kumar

    Clothes drying stand which u've used was very nice bro. It's very useful during rains and while staying in hostels too. I'm gonna buy one. 😁

  • Ruchi Pallapothu
    Ruchi Pallapothu

    00:45 was the flying shot taken..

  • Shovon Biswas
    Shovon Biswas


  • Anwesha Gogoi
    Anwesha Gogoi

    Manish aru u From Assam... I saw that Gamusa on your bed

  • Zoya Khan
    Zoya Khan

    Everyone, let's take a moment and appreciate that he really did clean his house for making this video!!! 👏👏👏😂

    • Girraj Sharma
      Girraj Sharma

      Zoya Khan hhb

  • Nida Nidhi
    Nida Nidhi

    So he went to bed without taking a bath after cleaning the toilet? Ugghhh

    • Nida Nidhi
      Nida Nidhi

      @Rare Videos Collection but it was a day for cleanliness😌

  • Tanishka Agrawal
    Tanishka Agrawal

    Who keeps lifebuoy handwash in the kitchen 😂

  • Anushka Kulkarni
    Anushka Kulkarni

    Subtitles at 0:25. They had to specify it's comical, thank god! Otherwise I'd have thought it's tragic bgm 😝😝

  • Deekshith Ram
    Deekshith Ram

    aww... manish is so cute!!

  • Aayushi Jha
    Aayushi Jha

    Who else remembered the song by his whistling?? 🤣

  • Faraz s kitchen
    Faraz s kitchen

    Filter copy is going to reach 1 crore guys❤️😍🤗!!Congrats guys 🦋⭐️🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎀

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    Aashutosh Kumar


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    Husna Shaikh

    You cannot abuse BTS like this on instagram ok