FilterCopy | When Your Dad Discovers Your Boyfriend | Ft. Rohan Khurana and Raviza Chauhan
Daughter: Dad, I have a boyfriend
Dad: *loads shotgun*
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

Pranjali Dubey
Shaani Singh

Esther Darlong

Jude Texeira
Raviza Chauhan
Rohan Khurana

Swagatam Chakraborty

Ayaz Merchant

Assistant Director
Keenan Burroughs

Executive Producer
Richa Jaisinghani

Design & Animation
Aghil Prasannan

Colour Grading
Ishani Roy

Sound Design
Harshvardhan Singh

Clout-pocket Aces Talent Management

Casting Associate
Gunjan Saini

Video Operations
Amulya Prabhu

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    • prince gupta
      prince gupta

      Live in mein rehne se Pehle kyu nahi bataya

    • Abhinav Dave
      Abhinav Dave

      This live in relationship concept has it's existence only in the metropolitan areas of India which have less than 10% of total population.It's youth is even less than 5% & less than 2% would be in live-in. And you are asking the whole country whether it has happened to us or not. Live in relationship is totally "vaahiyat" & completely different from our Indian culture. Stop making such फूहड़ videos and stop influencing our youth by making such shit.

    • Chaman Singh
      Chaman Singh


    • Sohan Roy
      Sohan Roy

      It's an expectation.... 😂😅😅😅

  • Srija Sarcar
    Srija Sarcar


  • Tarun Goyal
    Tarun Goyal

    I dont get the fact how this was thought...i cant even think such imagination in dreams🙄🙄


    Kash sabke parents aise hote

  • thaduka Padma
    thaduka Padma

    That dialogue is opposite mom will no everything mom directly say to father bcoz in reality it's a big Issue


    Kash real life main aisa hota

  • Perfection Zone
    Perfection Zone

    Itne young Papa ❤️

  • Rachit Srivastava
    Rachit Srivastava

    Are ye to ladka hai 😂😂 nhi bhai bhoot h 🤣

  • Aastha vyahut
    Aastha vyahut

    1:23 Imagination 😂

  • Anchal kumari
    Anchal kumari

    realty bhoot dur h issy

  • Ragav deepak
    Ragav deepak

    While blackmailing he is like a small boy 😂🤣


    Main bhi Lucknow se hi hun😎

  • Suresh Babu Sri
    Suresh Babu Sri

    F..d up girls.

  • Yatharth_ Jain
    Yatharth_ Jain

    worst acting of dad


    Tu chup baith 😂

  • Himanshu BBA-LLB 17
    Himanshu BBA-LLB 17

    Impossible in india😂😂

  • 내 앞에서 꺼져, 이 시금치야.
    내 앞에서 꺼져, 이 시금치야.

    Hah, I'm gonna control what I have to say but I'm guessing you didn't put the right title. I'll make the correction for you- "When Your *Indian* Dad Discovers Your Boyfriend."

  • _.Lucky17._

    In real life : dad learns about bf Dad shouts : She has a boyfriend! Mom comes and throws chappal through the video call. Proceed to investigate you Don't try at home, ghar ko aake peetenge

  • Abishek Aravind
    Abishek Aravind

    Seriously.... 😂😂 In India .... Indian dads be like am I a joke to you.?

  • Tanvir Ahmed
    Tanvir Ahmed

    Loved it 😂❤

  • Sidharth B
    Sidharth B

    The title should have been "Hyderabadi Dad discovers your boyfriend" lol.


    GIRLS have fear from mother And, BOYS have fear from father

  • Shivani Bawriya
    Shivani Bawriya

    I like her father character,,, 😆😆😆😆 amazing..

  • Amogh Jha
    Amogh Jha

    Best theme video on this topic and scenes 😂

  • Aditya Aj
    Aditya Aj

    If the boy a girl likes is neat and decent in req aspects,..its a good thing for both..otherwise disaster

  • Dance Fusion
    Dance Fusion

    The father looks like the old Ramayana serial which came in lockdown.. ..😀

  • Werewolf Gaming
    Werewolf Gaming

    Most fucking fack story It is impossible in real life that ur parents are so chilled (not only in India but entire world) and if they are then there are in relationship or u don't matter to them L To girl, To get more information give it a try 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rk 7
    Rk 7

    Aise kis universe me hota hai???????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yaha toh nhi hota🤣🤣

  • Projjwal Ray-6
    Projjwal Ray-6


  • Aayushi mehta
    Aayushi mehta

    Mere papa hote to agle din hi ghar pahuc kar dono ko jaan se mar dete...even in lockdown. Ok, not only mine every indian dad.

  • Sumanth Ganapathi Basavapatna
    Sumanth Ganapathi Basavapatna

    the subtitles said "I'll treat you to Tunde Kabab too!" but I'm dumb, so I read "I'll feed you to Tunde Kabab too!"

  • Sumanth Ganapathi Basavapatna
    Sumanth Ganapathi Basavapatna

    "Ji sir, ji uncle" XDXDXDXD

  • Sumanth Ganapathi Basavapatna
    Sumanth Ganapathi Basavapatna

    Indian parents when we say ONE THING in defense of ourselves: mAa-BaAp sE bAdI hO gAyI hAi........ ?

  • Sumanth Ganapathi Basavapatna
    Sumanth Ganapathi Basavapatna

    0:21 That made even me cringe with an 'OOF', and I'm the last person to find something in common with FC.

  • Chaitali Gaikwad
    Chaitali Gaikwad

    Father's speaking style is soo...cute 😍🥰

  • RUD RA
    RUD RA

    Maa baap ke role k liye sirf madrasi milte hai kya?

  • Fiza Kazi
    Fiza Kazi

    Teri toh yeh kya chlra ek min mai.ghr waps aa ruk hum hi aate hai waha aese daliloge rehte Indian parents k ish situation mai

  • Anjali Dhiman
    Anjali Dhiman

    If this will happen in real life by god kayamat aa jaygi

  • Rohit Banerjee
    Rohit Banerjee

    I don't know which world these people are living in.... Its too ideal and cliche to be true...

  • Amazing Aadmi
    Amazing Aadmi

    Love the ending ❤️

  • Rushi Kukade
    Rushi Kukade

    The ending was very sweet 😻

  • Aishwarya Aparajita
    Aishwarya Aparajita

    Happens in only parallel universe 😂

  • vikram Das
    vikram Das

    Indian parents have no idea what their kids do when out of station,its too late when they have the idea.

  • Athul Krishna
    Athul Krishna

    Wow nice fantasy thriller...

  • akanksha nayak
    akanksha nayak

    Filtercopy is in next level of hallucination.. 🤣

  • Sshhobi

    😂When you watch the video and realise that... Kya chutiya baap h wo🤣😂

  • Abhirami Anilkumar
    Abhirami Anilkumar

    Any singles watching this?🤔😂😂🤣

  • Shankar Kurup
    Shankar Kurup

    F o Dont copy us culture....

  • komal varshney
    komal varshney

    *Dads in parallel world*

  • Sadiq Siddiqui
    Sadiq Siddiqui

    I don't wanna hurt you,but..... kya besharmi h..... sharam nhi aati papa aisi baaten krte h.....

  • im officialST
    im officialST

    Why u make so short video

  • Inayatullah. 07
    Inayatullah. 07

    Phli baar koi youtube pe . Es trah ka achchha content dekhne ko mila.. Bhht hi lajawab... 😘😘

  • PAradOx

    8 million sub but still recommend by ads😂


  • Aparna Chauhan
    Aparna Chauhan

    Bakwasss...very unrealistic

  • Prajwal Sharma
    Prajwal Sharma

    Papa in the video looks like Prakash Padukone🙂

  • Akshat Sharma
    Akshat Sharma

    Yeh pure video Mai dad kaaha hai?? Offo it's too thriller for me!!

  • xhinmoy_12

    Dislike maro yaaro kinta juth dikhate he ye log woh bhi ad de deke

  • Khushi Kulkarni
    Khushi Kulkarni

    Hahaha!!!! What a cool dad.😍 I wish I to had this type dad 😆😅

  • Para gamer
    Para gamer

    Girls cheat their fathers.

  • Shraavan Sreekumar
    Shraavan Sreekumar

    I used to love filtercopy cuz they used to make videos on topics that happen with everyone, but nowadays they are fantasizing these topics into a utopian universe kind of thing where everything is cool and chill, which doesn't happen.

  • Sanjeev Kumar jha
    Sanjeev Kumar jha


  • SHIVANGHI Sharma
    SHIVANGHI Sharma

    Too chesssy.. Conversation between dad and boyfriend

  • Pratima Mohanty
    Pratima Mohanty

    Such a sweet father 😄!!

  • Sharjil Morningstar
    Sharjil Morningstar

    wtf mate. seriously...boooo !

  • Manasi Pratihar
    Manasi Pratihar

    When dad finds it na bhaiya chappal bhi udke nai ayenge..khud aake pit ke jayenge wo

  • akash kumar
    akash kumar

    😂😂😂😂 is this video from india .

  • Niladri Sarkar
    Niladri Sarkar

    Apni ye strawberry ki dunia na kahin aur dikhana 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kushagra Sharma
    Kushagra Sharma

    Fun k saath realith bhi rakha kro yrr,kuch bhiii

  • news vlog
    news vlog

    Bihar me agar aisa ho to Pele jate beta

  • Vinnie Agarwal
    Vinnie Agarwal

    Indian parents are completely correct at their place. Because these guys just keep on fucking the girls all the time based on their innumerable desires all during the day n night. As a parent, I just can't tolerate this with my daughter.

  • koustav choudhury
    koustav choudhury

    Actor who is playing the dad's character is very poor and lame.

  • Ananya Bhagat
    Ananya Bhagat

    Sorry,,, boyfriend who?love what? I've a fucking chem exam tomorrow!

  • Ananya Bhagat
    Ananya Bhagat

    Do not try this stunt.

  • Deepu Singh
    Deepu Singh

    Uncle ne caste to puchi he nahi, uncle indian hai na pkka ???😅😂

  • Avneet Sahota
    Avneet Sahota

    Aisa bhi hota hai kya 😂😂😂😂😂😂90%cant relate

  • keerti Patel
    keerti Patel

    Bhaisaab esse baap kaha milte haii

  • Shantanu Patil
    Shantanu Patil

    Papa is hot🔥... Would love to live in with him..😉

  • FU CHI
    FU CHI

    Buy cheapest winter Collection here

  • 二ララ八ルシュ

    Humko ghar se bhagna par jaiga aise me 😑

  • Rangaiah raju raju
    Rangaiah raju raju

    🕉✝☪🔱 ⚜శ్రీ తిరుమల తిరుపతి శ్రీ వెంకటేశ్వర స్వామి దివ్య ఆశీస్సులతో సంపూర్ణమైన [జ్యోతిష్యం చెప్పబడును] 📲☎9618133998📱☎ [] [మీకు ఎటువంటి] [సమస్యలు] [ఉన్నా గురువుగారిని ] సంప్రదించండి] [విద్యా] [ఉద్యోగ] [విదేశీ] [రాజకీయ] [వ్యాపారం] [సమస్యలు] [ప్రేమ పెళ్లి] [సమస్యలు] [కోర్టు] [కుటుంబం సమస్యలు] [ఆరోగ్య ] [సంతాన] [ సమస్యలు] [మనశ్శాంతి] [లక్ష్మి శాంతి] [భార్య భర్తల [మధ్య {అనుమానాలు] [ప్రేమించుకున్న వారి మధ్య ☎📲9618133998📱☎ [గొడవలు] [ఎన్ని సంబంధాలు చూసినా పెళ్లి [కోరకపోవడం] [నమ్మిన వాళ్లు మోసం చేయడం] [శ్రీ {వశీకరణ [పురుషుడు వశీకరణ] [నరదిష్టి] [నాగదోషం] [చెడు] [ప్రయోగం] [మీకు ఎటువంటి] [సమస్యలు] [ ఉన్నా] [11] [రోజుల్లోనే] [పూర్తిగా] [పరిష్కారం] [చేయబడును] [ఈ గురువు గారిని ] [సంప్రదించండి] 📲☎{9618133998}📱☎

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  • Ragav deepak
    Ragav deepak

    Disclaimer: stunts performed by proffetionals, do not try it at home

  • 16-277 Khurshid Khan
    16-277 Khurshid Khan

    This kind of shits social media platform showing to us. Like it is okay for a father to know that her daughter living far from him and she is so called liveinrelationship. And some so called left liberals say it is modernisation. Seriously brother/sister. Is this your modernisation. An appeal to social media plz show the real stories and dark secrets of livin . Dear sisters don't fall for this trap called livin relationship

  • Nirjhar Laskar
    Nirjhar Laskar

    I thought at first the girl is kangana ranaut

  • miltonmoll


  • sushma sharma
    sushma sharma

    Her dad is so calm, is he an Indian father, coz most of the fathers from here are not that calm, omg. 😂

  • Binita Biswas
    Binita Biswas

    LOL 😂 😂

  • Vaish

    Caution: we are not responsible if you are thrown out of your house.

  • Vaish

    This can't be possible in India, at least not now.

  • Ishwar Singh
    Ishwar Singh


  • Ayushman Acharya
    Ayushman Acharya

    Like Arnab Goswami and Kangana Ranaut 😂

  • king of hell gaming
    king of hell gaming


  • Ashwini Ranjan
    Ashwini Ranjan

    Bs ek baat bata do koi sala LUMIA 540 aaj v kon use kar rha hai 😂😂😂..papa hai ..lekin itna v purana nahi hai bey.. mere 540 me WhatsApp tak nahi chalta sala yahaan Video call kiya ja rha hai se km Samsung J2 hi utha lete kahin se 😂😂

  • Sierra julliet Bravo
    Sierra julliet Bravo

    Mana naam filter copy hai . But aur kitna filter karoge yar ? . Filter kar kar now Baap ko v filter karke beti ka namard dost bana diya. 😝🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Ranboi Animations
    Ranboi Animations

    So unrealistic!

  • Sierra julliet Bravo
    Sierra julliet Bravo

    Haat sale aisa baap kiska hota hai . Rehne se atcha na rehna thik hai . Sale aise itna piyar se kon baap aise baat karega boyfriend ko pakdne k baad . Sale asliyat toh ye hota hai ek baap ka dill nikla jata hai jab unhe pata chalta hai that unki beti living relationship main hai . Ye chutiyapa maat dikhao . Dikhana hi hai toh Asli baap kia hota hai ye dikha . Ye notanki nehi . Ye sirf tere sapne mai hota hoga sayad 😝 .

  • Rishabh Singh
    Rishabh Singh

    Ye chod bhangara Bahut hota hai Char paise dekh k bahut londiya fas jaati hai 😂😂😂😂⚡⚡ Jab g aaye ragad do

  • yash srivastav
    yash srivastav


  • Aardraja Manoj
    Aardraja Manoj

    Even if i tell my dad i have a boyfriend, he won't believe me. . . . . . Well wait, i really don't :(